Mere Sai 15th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai treats leprosy diseased person

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Mere Sai 15th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamla scolding him and Champa for bringing the boy home. Bhairu says they brought Boy home so that he can stay with them and talks about humanity. He says we talked to Sai and took this decision. Kamla tells that the boy can’t stay here. The boy tells her that if she is worried that she is old and have to run behind him. Kamla asks him not to call her Aaji. Her husband comes and asks where is her humanity? He tells that the boy’s parents must be worried and they shall search his parents. He says there is no question after Sai asked us to keep this boy. She says why Sai didn’t take him to Dwarka maai. He asks why her thinking is so narrow. He takes the boy inside the house.

The villagers see a person sitting under the tree. They go near the man and tell that bad smell

is coming from him. A villager lady about the infected disease. Villager man tells that they shall throw the man out of the village. Rano ji hears the people talking and sees the man sitting hiding his face. He runs from there. The villager man moves the cloth from the infected person’s head and sees his wound. Others are shocked too. The man asks other man to hit him and the infected man will run away. Rano ji brings Sai there. Om Sai plays. The man is about to hit the infected person, but couldn’t hit him.

Kamla’s sister provokes her against Champa and says she is very clever to use Sai’s name and taking everyone on her side. She asks her to be careful else she has to search ground for herself in her own house. Sai comes near the villagers and asks what happened? The man says I can’t move my hands. Sai says you can get infected with this disease also. He sits near the infected man and says I will not hurt you. He asks him to give his hand. Rano ji says Sai will help me. The infected man asks didn’t you feel hatred for me. Rano ji recalls Sai taking him to Dwarka Maai. Sai says I just know loving people. The infected man cries and tells that he heard someone calling him human for the first time after he got leprosy. He asks Sai not to touch him else he will get affected too. Sai says nothing will happen to me and touches him. He helps him stand up and remove the blanket from his body. He asks when did you remove this blanket from your body last and asks if he remembers. He says this land, sun and the nature heal us. He asks the man to come with him. Rano ji and Sai take him to Dwarka maai.

Champa brings clothes and shows to Bhairu, saying Bhama kaki gave Uddham’s old clothes for the boy. Boy says he wants to play more and refuses to bath. Champa runs behind and hugs him. Kamla gets irked and thinks Champa is wasting time on someone else son. Champa gives bath to the boy. Kamla looks at him. She finds birth mark on his leg. Champa is about to slip and fall down, but the boy holds her with his divine powers. He asks her to be careful and calls her Aai. Champa gets emotional. Kamla thinks how can a little boy save Champa? Boy says you are like my Aai and if you don’t want me to call you Aai, then I will not call you. Champa hugs him. Bhairu smiles. Kamla thinks the boy is strange to stay here and calling stranger woman as his Aai.

The affected person has some water and asks Rano ji about the place. He says he feels peaceful here. Rano ji says this is my Sai’s Dwarka Maai. Sai makes some food and says you might be hungry. The man eats the food fast. Sai serves him more. The man drinks water and finishes all food. He folds his hand. Sai plays…..

Champa offers to do work. Kamla says she has strength and can do her work. Bhairu and the boy play with each other. The neighbor comes there and asks Kamla if Bhairu thought that he will not become father and that’s why brought the boy. Kamla gets worried.

Sai asks the man to wash his hands and pours water on him. Sai looks at sun. The sun rays falls on the water. Sai makes the man wash his hand and face. All his wounds gets healed and vanishes. Sai puts water on his body. The infected man becomes fine. He asks Sai why did he drenched him and says I have no other clothes. He then looks at himself and finds his disease gone. He asks if I am seeing a dream and folds his hand in gratitude. Rano ji witnesses everything and is happy and surprised. Sai holds the man’s hand. The man cries and tells that his family kicked him out when he got this disease and he was forced to leave his village. He says I even begged for my hunger, and says I thought I will die, but you came as an angel and made me fine. He says I want to do something for you. Sai asks him to do good karma and says for doing good karma, you need to be a good human. He blesses him.

Precap: Kamla tells her husband that the boy has eaten all the laddoos. She asks him to open his mouth. Boy opens his mouth. Kamla is shocked to see earth in his mouth.

Update Credit to: MA

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