Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: The gods test nandi.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ravana saying the gods then decided and went to take the test of nandi ji.
Indra dev, goes with varun dev, vayu dev, agni dev and yamdev and bhumi dev. Indra dev tells bhumi dev to be the deer and yamdev to be the hunter, indra dev will be king and the other gods his soldiers. They all get set for the test. Bhumi dev as the deer runs, deer runs and nandi spots it and then the deer falls down near the tree. Nandi goes and sees, he says what happened to you? He looks the deer has been hurt on its leg. Then nandi walks ahead to go to his ashram, but yamdev comes there in the disguise of a hunter and says have you seen a deer run by? Nandi thinks if I lie to him, I will go against dharma but if I tell him he will kill the deer, I have to save the deer. Nandi says no sir,

I haven’t seen any deer. Nandi goes back to the deer and says you are safe here, I will look after you.
Yamraj comes disguised and says so after all you were lying to me. Nandi gets up and says I am sorry sir, but I don’t want the deer to be hurt and get killed. Yamraj says I am a khastriya hunter, it is my job to hunt so you don’t come in the way. Indra dev disguises as king and comes with other gods as his soldiers. Indra dev says to hunter, that did you hunt the deer I told you to? Yamraj says I almost did maharaj but this kid, he lied to me about not seeing the deer, but I will bring it for you now. Yamraj is going towards the deer, but nandi stops him and says please don’t hurt the deer, it has done nothing to you, please let it live. Yamraj says kid, don’t come in my way otherwise I will have to take extreme measures to put you aside, let me take my bounty, it is my dharma to hunt.
Lord Vishnu tells parvati and everyone else, this test will prove whether nandi is worthy of being mahadev’s disciple and being his vahan.
Nandi gets in between and says I shall not get aside whatever it takes, I shall protect this deer. Devraj thinks, our test is going exactly as I thought. Yamraj says you are challenging me kid, I will throw you aside. Yamraj removes his rope and he rotates it and holds nandi’s leg in the rope. Nandi stands with stern with his strength. Yamraj says I will throw you aside now. Vayu dev says this kid doesn’t know what yamraj can do. Yamraj as the hunter pulls nandi but fails to move him by even an inch. Nandi is too strong and yamdev tries again and again but fails. Everyone is shocked, so indra dev tells his soldiers(the disguised gods) to help yamraj and move nandi aside. The gods try with yamraj but fail again.
Indra dev steps in as the king in disguise and tries his best with the gods and yamraj to move nandi aside by pulling him using the rope but they all fail. Nandi is very strong and his strength proves that he can be the vahan of mahadev, nandi keeps praying to mahadev saying his mantra this whole time and this proves nandi can be mahadev’s disciple. The test is completed and is a success. The gods, yamraj and bhumi devi reveal themselves and nandi is surprised to see the gods. He understands it was a test and he thanks the gods for their darshan. Indra dev questions nandi of his intelligence by asking him about all 33 crore gods, nandi gives the answer and proves his intelligence too.
Lord Vishnu says it has been proven nandi is worthy of being mahadev’s disciple and his vahan but it hasn’t been proved whether nandi will be mahadev’s friend.

Precap: Nandi prays to mahadev and meditates. As mahadev has gone in exile, sitting alone in the graveyard, he turns gray with beard and long hair. Mahadev hears the prayers of nandi.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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