Mere Sai 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Mystery boy saves Champa, Kamla makes a plan

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Mere Sai 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the boy looking at the laddoos and smiling. He eats the laddoss. Kamla comes there and scolds him for eating the laddoo. She says I won’t let thief stay in my house and tries to push him out. Her husband comes there. Kamla complains that she catch him red handed while he is stealing the laddoos. The boy looks at the laddoos and it becomes full plate. Her husband scolds her and says all laddoos are here in the plate. Kamla is shocked and thinks how did this happen. She thinks Champa might have kept the laddoo to prove me wrong. She asks boy to tell if he has stolen laddoo or not. Boy nods no. Kamla asks him to open his mouth. Boy opens his mouth. She sees brahmand/universe in his mouth and gets shocked. She moves back to the wall. Kamla’s husband checks his mouth, but nothing is

there. Champa asks what happened? Kamla’s husband says she is shocked as her accusations are proved wrong. Bhairu says you have accused a boy wrongly. Kamla says I have seen. Her husband scolds her and says you are imagining things. He warns her. kamla goes to room and recalls seeing the universe. She thinks yashoda maiyya saw brahmand darshan in God Krishna’s mouth. She says it is a miracle and recalls Bhairu telling that they took Sai’s advice. She thinks I will ask him why is he doing this with me. She comes to meet Sai and says I thought you are our well wisher, but you just care about Champa as she is of Shirdi and we are outsiders.

Sai says I don’t differentiate among People. She says she has no control in her house. She says when I got mukti from Champa, you sent her back and that kid. She says people will think that we have adopted the boy. Sai says I thought you love kids. She says you went to vaid, astrologer and tantrik for the baby. She says when God sent a kid to you then why you are refusing the baby. Sai says everything is moh maya and real life is that in which the human enjoy every moment. He asks her to sit and look in the fire. She sees her family happy with the boy in the fire. Sai says this boy is strengthening this family and asks her to leave her stubbornness and says if you want then your future will be like this. She sees pampering the boy in the fire and says she don’t want to see the wrong future. She says you made my family blind, but I will not be blind and will not let you control my life. Sai says people will give you rights if you accept their happiness.

She comes home and sees the same thing happening. She thinks so this is truth and tells her sister that Sai is doing this as Champa is deserted woman. She says I have to do something. Saraswati says I can help you and tell something. Champa and Bhairu bring clothes for the boy. Boy likes it, but pretends to be upset. Kamla thinks where is Saraswati. The boy asks why didn’t you bring toys. Bhairu asks what did you want? Boy says doll. Champa thinks of the doll which she took from Sai and runs from there. She comes near the tree and cries thinking the doll is missing. She tells that the doll is missing and she is careless. Saraswati tells Kamla that her plan is solid and asks her to send Bhairu and Champa out and let the boy stay at home. Champa, Bhairu and the boy come to Sai. She tells that she lost the doll. Sai says you have taken care of this boy and says this is your destiny. She asks her to look at the dupatta and says it flied and came to him, and he used it to give protection from sunrays. He says that doll must have some motive and went. Champa says you said right and says she lost the doll and found this real doll. The boy says he wants doll from Sai. Sai says I will check and takes out flute from his bag. The boy comes home. Kamla’s husband says he is looking as Shri Krishna. Champa asks him to eat. Boy asks them to give him one food bite each. He asks Kamla to feed him as well. Saraswati signs Kamla. Kamla makes him eat and says she is very strict. She asks Bhairu and Champa to go out and bring toys. Bhairu agrees.

Precap: A man comes and claims boy as his son. Boy plays flute. Sai appears infront of them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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