Mere Sai 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Dattu Desires To Meet His Biologic Parents

Mere Sai 15th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulkarni goes to meet Shastri, but his aide stops him saying Shastri is busy meditating. Kulkarni says it is very important. Shastri opens yes and says when his aide is not letting him in, he should come some other time. Kulkarni says he is meditating here while Sai is busy proving his prediction wrong and has kept Dattu in his home. Shastri says sun can rise in opposite direction, but not his prediction. Kulkarni thinks he has to get Dattu out of Dwarkamayi at any cost.

Sai puts stone in a pot cooks khichdi with children’s help while Dattu watches from a distance. Sai says with a bit of salt and chilli, khichdi will taste perfect. Prahlad gets chlli and salt from home. All children enjoy the smell of khichdi. Sai says they all saw magical stone’s magic, let us enjoy khichdi now.

Uma serving food to family reminisces feeding Dattu from her hands and when Balchandra asks Dattu to have food from his hand, he telling that his hunger will only calm down if Aayi feeds him. Keshav serves food to all kids. Sai says this stone didn’t add its taste, but it made all children eager and excited to know if magical stone works or not. Dattu reminisces Uma feeding him. Uma cries reminiscing Dattu throwing away sheera and says if she had not insisted him to accompany her to work, he wouldn’t have left home.

Keshav tells Sai that he knows the feeling of staying away from son’s love and knows what Dattu’s parents must be feeling, he hopes Dattu reunites with his parents soon. Dattu asks Sai why his parents abandoned him. Sai says sometimes what he thinks may not be true, may be there were not capable to taking care of him, so they abandoned him. Dattu asks if he can meet his parents. Sai says yes and showing him a flower plant says whenever it grows a first flower, he will let Dattu meet his parents. Dattu excitedly asks is it possible. Sai says yes and asks him to start taking care of the plant from next morning itself. Early morning, Sai wakes up Dattu while he is still asleep and says Laxmi will inform him about the chores. Dattu says he had to take care of only flower plant. Sai says it is part of that. Dattu agrees.

Precap: Villagers run behind a man throwing stones on him.
Man runs into Dwarkmayi. Sai asks what did he do. Villagers say he is cursed and should be killed.

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