RadhaKrishn 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Balram’s Wedding Invitation

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Mahadev and all gods salute Dwarka city. Ganesh says everyone gifted something for Dwarka, what should he gift. Krishna says without his pooja, Dwarka cannot be inaugurated. Ganesh does pooja. Indradev says this place is more beautiful than devlok and it should be present even if devlok vanishes. Mahadev says he wants to bless this place with his protection. Krishna says this place is built with love and until love is present, it will float up. Mahadev says as he wishes, but it will not be destroyed and will immerse back to the place it belongs to. Balram says he will surely marry in Dwarka as this is the most beautiful place he ever saw, why Krishna has arranged his wedding in Mathura and not here. Krishna says he will answer later. Balram reminds Krishna’s promise to inform him the secret after Dwarka is built. Krishna says he promised but didn’t tell him he will inform immediately; he wants to keep Dwarka a secret. Balram says he will inform Revati though. Krishna taunts him.

Sishupal taunts Jarasand that Balram alone defeated Jarasand’s whole army, nobody will respect Jarasand now. Jarasand shouts nobody respect Sishupal though. Messenger informs Jarasand that Krishna has arranged Balram and Revathi’s wedding in Mathura. Sishupal says he wants to marry Rukmini right now. Jarasand hugs him and says even a fool sometimes gives good idea and says Krishna gets busy with Balram’s wedding, he will spread news about Sishupal and Rukmini’s wedding and then attack Krishna and kill him.

Ayan walks to Radha and orders her to serve him food. Revathi comes to meet Radha. Ayan greets her. Revathi asks if he will not serve his guest. He says why not. She asks to get her Yamuna’s water. Ayan leaves. Revathi informs that Balram told that Krishna build the divine land she dreamt about and her wedding is on the way. Radha thinks Krishna already turned his dream into reality. Revathi gifts her jewelry and clothes and asks her to attend her wedding wearing it, but shouldn’t look more beautiful than her. Radha laughs.

Balram shows his wedding invitation to Krishna. Krishna reads invitation and asks why he inscribed plough instead of some symbol of love. Balram says it is his favorite weapon. Krishna reads a snippet on top praising Vishnu. Balram says it is his respect for Narayan and will not be change.d Krishna agrees. Balram asks him to get ready to travel to Barsana and Vrindavan as he wants to give first invitation to Yashoda maiya, Krishna can meet even Radha there. Messenger informs that they got Rukmini and Sishupal’s wedding invitation. Krishna reminisces Rukmini’s letter via Radha seeking Krishna’s help.

Radha checks Revathi’s gifted jewelry and thinks she will wear it during Balram’s wedding. Kutila walks in and insists her to lend the jewelery to her as she needs to attend someone’s wedding. Radha says even she has to attend wedding, so she got a gift from her friend and cannot insult her by not wearing it. Kutila says they didn’t get any invitation. Radha says they will soon. Kutila says she gets what she wants and nobody can deny her, else they will repent. Radha thinks she would have given jewelry anyways, but now she has to think how to attend Revathi and Balram’s wedding without invitation, hope it comes soon. She then reminisces Revathi’s letter and thinks Krishna should go to help her. Krishna thinks she found a way.

Precap: Radha gets ready and thinks she will attending Revathi’s wedding this way. Krishna hopes she doesn’t attend. Sishupal forces Rukmini for wedding, Rukmini says she loves Krishna and will marry only him, she is sure Krishna will come to rescue her. Sishupal drags her along.

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