Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala to go OFF AIR; Producer CONFIRMS!!

Star Plus’ show Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala has been one of the most rumored show lately. Sometimes the rumors are abuzz that the show is going off air, then it’s lead Mohit Mallik quitting was the headline but then it was later denied too. The leap was also in pipeline, creating lots of dilemma in the minds of the fans too.

Now comes the news that the show is really going off air and the last date for the show to air is 7th of February. Producer Nilanjana also confirmed the news in her Instagram post. The show recently underwent a time slot change as well to accommodate Yehh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka.

As per the reports Mahesh Bhatt and Gurudev Bhalla’s new show will be replacing it on the channel. Will you miss Kullfi and Sikander’s adorable camaraderie on screen? Hit the comment section below and let us know.

  1. no will not miss them. serial has run its course and its time it went off air.


  3. Bhawani Athreyan

    Show ko happy ending dijiye sikander kulfi aur Amyra ko mila do sikander ko wapas le aao aur usse lovely ki jamkar pitaai karni chahiye . Sikander apne pure parivaar ke saath khush rehte hur dikhane chahiye . Yeh sab dikha do. Hum khush ho jayenge

  4. Always kulfi is suffering. Don’t like to watch anymore ???

    1. I agree with your point.Its really disgusting.

  5. Will miss the show

  6. No, its dragging on and getting boring with Loveleen & company hatching evil ploys, it’s about time there’s a happy ending with Sikander and Kulfi reunited!

  7. Since lovely came back with her evil plots I have lost interest, it could have gone the way to let कुल्फी ans सिकंदर together make it big and kick lovely out, if amyra want to go she can go look for her real father, it’s gone foolish now

  8. Verma4

    Hopefully Chalu unites with SSK because she was always with Kulfi in thick and thin. Dhina dhin dha.

  9. Samira Hussain

    Will miss Kulfis character

  10. Have a happy ending with Shikender and Kullfi only.Lovleen and also amira should be sent off.Amira is not Sikenders daughter so let them go and suffer.Amira is a selfish child like her mother…so please show that cruelty is not good or an answer.Show people bad and cruel people should be punished…no more forgiveness..

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