Mere Sai 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Kalavati decides to stay in Shirdi

Mere Sai 15th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulkarni walks in and insults Kalavati. Sai says to Kulkarni that Kalavati is not your slave, she wants to live by her will and doesn’t want to do something that will ruin her reputation. Kulkarni says then why dance for free and if she dances I will throw so many bottles at her that she won’t be able to stand, Kulkarni’s men throw glass bottles in Kalavati’s leg. Kulkarni starts laughing. Sai says Kalavati wants to do something good and even God supports artist and Kalavati don’t be scared start your performance. Kalavati asks Kamla to start playing tabla. Kalavati closes her eyes and begins her performance. Kulkarni asks his men to throw glass bottles. Sai looks at glads pieces and converts them to flower patels. Kulkarni says I won’t let this fakir win and asks his men to keep throwing bottles, they get converted to flower patels.

Villagers like Kalavati’s performance. Kulkarni sees god idol in flowers and asks his men to stop throwing bottles. Kalavati and villagers shocked to see the idol. Sai walks to Kulkarni and says this is no black magic of mine and her art had so much pure energy Goddess Saraswati came to bless her and I know you understand classical singing and you understand this art form and how can you insult goddess Saraswati when you are a devotee too. Kulkarni leaves with his men.

Everyone applauds for Kalavati, Kalavati thinks today her husband will be in peace. Kalavati in tears takes Sai’s blessings, Sai says from today onwards no one will force you to dance. Piliya walks in laughing and says she will dance on my wish and has to do as I say because she is in my debt and if she denies, she will be handed over to police. Kalavati says these papers are fake. Police says no they aren’t and as per them you have to work for him or pay him back or we will have to arrest you. Sai says these papers are blank. Piliya says come check again if you want. Inspector opens file and sees papers are blank. Piliya in shock and says how is this possible, I had tricked her husband so that he becomes my slave and his wife and daughter serve me all my life. Everyone shocked to hear the truth. Inspector arrests Piliya.

Sai asks Inspector to let Kalavati go as Piliya tried to take advantage of an innocent women. Inspector arrests Piliya and hands papers to Sai and leaves.

Sai says Kalavati your husband’s papers are here, Piliya lied that you are still in debt, your debt was long cleared. Kalavati sees file and shocked to see the papers aren’t blank. Kalavati thanks Sai. Sai says to everyone, now you all know her truth and no one wants to do such work, there is always a hidden reason, and before knowing the truth we shouldn’t judge anyone, you all judged Kalavati but not people who got her and the reason to get here was to divert you all from inflation but you all wanted loans to see her show, and few got busy in trying to stop Kalavati. Patil apologies to Kalavati, Supervisor says Kalavati I am sorry, I tried to look at you with bad intentions please forgive me and all others. Everyone apologies to Kalavati. Kalavati forgives everyone.
Baizmaa asks Kalavati to stay in Shirdi and Shirdi will be proud to have an artist like her. Kamla says Aai lets stay here, I have friends here and Sai Baba too. Prahlad and friends insist Kalavati to stay. Kalavati agrees to stay. Prahlad says Kamla look our prays worked.

Malchapati asks Kalavati why was she collecting money. Baizmaa says whatever may be reason, we know it would be or good initiative and everyone donates money.

Pre cap: Suraj angry and sees nightmare, his brother asks was it same nightmare, Suraj says yes. His brother says enough now move on how long will you be angry.
Sai tells Baizmaa and Tatya that Suraj’s anger needs to be channelized in right way or else he will be destroyed in his own anger.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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