Swaran Ghar 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun and Swaran’s hit and miss

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The Episode starts with Swaran getting ready. Kiran sees Aarav ready and says you look good. Ajit takes Dhillo with him. A guy says I have booked the cab for you. Swaran says teach that to me also. Bebe gives him parathas. She gives tiffin to Swaran and says give my love to Aarav, go safe. Rajeshwari asks why did you think of going to school. Arjun says I have to go, principal called me there, he still calls me Goldie. She says you can give business tips to him. He says I have to give tips to students for a bright future. She thinks he is mad after a woman. Swaran sits in the cab. The driver asks for OTP. She recalls the guy’s word and says I won’t give any OTP. He says I can’t take you. She gets down the cab. She hires an auto. She asks will you ask for OTP. He says no. She leaves.

At the school, Aarav meets Ajit and asks where is Swaran. Ajit says she will come, you have come as a soldier. Aarav says Jai hind. He greets Dhillo. He asks the time. Ajit says Swaran will come in 5 mins. Swaran asks driver to drive fast, she can’t miss the kid’s function. Teacher says Aarav, as promised, I have an extra pass for you. He thanks her. Jai asks Ajit to come. Ajit says Swaran didn’t come till now. Swaran asks how much time more. Driver says 20 mins.

She calls Kiran. Nimmo asks Kiran to disconnect the call. Kiran asks how can I, think of Aarav, he will feel bad. Nimmo says we will buy him a chocolate. Swaran comes to the school. Guard asks for pass. She says I don’t have it. Guard says sorry, we can’t permit you inside. Swaran says let me go in. Guard doesn’t allow. Aarav says I have to give the pass to Swaran. Teacher says give it to guard uncle. Nimmo says give it to me, I will give it to Swaran. Aarav thanks her. Jai asks Ajit to come fast. Swaran worries. Ajit calls her. The man asks them to come fast, show will begin. Nimmo tears the pass and says I will see how Swaran comes here. Ajit says I will just come. Swaran calls Kiran. Ajit sees Swaran at the gate. He asks her to come in. She says they aren’t allowing me without a past. Arjun gets ready. He sees the kerchief. He says today I will know where you live.

Vikram calls Bebe and says please don’t disconnect, sorry, forgive me, I want to meet you, tell me. Bebe says you are talking with much love, you want to snatch someone from Swaran, she has nothing to give you. She hangs up the call. Arjun calls Vikram. He leaves an audio message and asks for Swaran’s address. Vikram sees Shorvori and Neelu. Shorvori asks Neelu to give the lantern for Bebe’s Dhaba. Neelu leaves. He says Neelima will know about mum and Bebe. He follows Neelu. Ajit argues with the guards. Swaran asks him not to argue. Guard says I m just doing my duty. Ajit gives his pass. She says no, Dhillo’s program is also there, you go. He says you have to see Aarav’s program. She says its fine, I will see the video, you make the video, I have to show it to Bebe also, go. Guard asks Swaran to get inside the gate and stand. Swaran prays. Ajit sees Dhillo’s program. Swaran is standing out. Ajit thinks to go out and give his pass to Swaran now. Dhillo stops him. He says flag hoisting is left. Ajit asks him to go on the stage. He sits back. Arjun is on the way. He calls Rajeshwari and says I m on the way to school. He thinks I found you by difficulty, I just remembered your eyes and earrings, I hope I will meet you soon. Swaran cries standing outside the school. Wind blows. She gets troubled. Her earring falls down. Arjun reaches there. The dupatta gets over her face. Arjun says sorry, are you fine. She says yes, I m fine. He hears her voice. He goes. He gets a welcome by the principal. He says I will always be Goldie for you. Swaran thinks to request the principal, maybe he allows her. Teacher says prepare fast, just one min is left. Aarav says I don’t remember the prayer, just call Swaran and make me talk to her. Swaran goes towards the principal. Arjun turns.

Precap: Arjun thanks Swaran for saving his life twice. Arjun walks in with Swaran in Swaran Ghar in limelight.

Update Credit to: Amena

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