Kumkum Bhagya 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Aaliya hires goons to kill Sid

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The Episode starts with Prachi coming to Ranbir’s car and sits. He asks if she really wanted to do this. He says he don’t want. Prachi asks him to support her for her peace. Shahana and Aryan sit in the car. Shahana says everyone trust you. Prachi says except Rhea. Ranbir says let her do what she wants. Prachi says Rhea is collecting proofs against us, someone is helping her. She says this DNA test is very important and tells Ranbir that she is grateful to him for trusting her. She says I will not bear if anyone points finger at our baby. Shahana and Aryan say even me. Ranbir asks where did you go? Aryan says I had gone to sort out Mili and her boyfriend’s fight. Ranbir says Mili is your girlfriend. Aryan says she is not marriage type girlfriend and says she is just for masti. Shahana says I felt that how you can have any girlfriend. Aryan asks what do you mean? Shahana says you will feel bad. Aryan asks what do you mean? Ranbir and Prachi smiles. Rhea thinks I shouldn’t have dragged the matter, everything will be in Prachi’s favor now if DNA test happens. Pallavi calls Mahua and asks her to go to market and buy fresh fruits. Mahua goes. Pallavi asks Rhea if Sid’s story was right.

Rhea says you didn’t ask me in night and supported Prachi. Aaliya hears and asks Pallavi to trust Rhea. Pallavi says what do you think and says there shall be reason for trust. She asks Rhea why she doesn’t do whatever she ask, and then you complain that nobody talks in your favor. Dida hears them and sneezes accidentally. Everyone sees Dida. Pallavi asks do you need anything. Dida says tea. Pallavi says Mahua went out, I will bring tea. She asks Aaliya and Rhea to be careful and says the air is going to the opposite direction. Dida hears them.

Ranbir and Prachi along with Shahana and Aryan reach the hospital. Shahana and Aryan fight with each other. Ranbir says we are already late. Prachi slips and get the sprain in her foot. Ranbir lifts her and says whenever you fall, I will lift you. Shahana gets teary eyes and gets emotional. Aryan asks why is she crying? Shahana says they have gone through a tough times. Aryan says all is well, if ends well. Shahana slips. Aryan says I will help you and lifts her. He says you are very heavy. Shahana says make me get down. He drops her down and asks her not to beat him. He runs. Shahana says I will not leave Aryan.

Vikram talks to someone. Dida is standing outside the room and recalls Pallavi and Aaliya’s conversation. Vikram asks why are you sad? Dida says nothing. He says your face is sad, you are always energetic in morning. Dida says I am fine. He asks her to say. Dida says I heard Pallavi talking to Aaliya and Rhea, and says I am doubtful if she is with Prachi or not. Vikram says it is our heart fear and asks her to trust Pallavi. He says she gets easily manipulated. Dida says Rhea is manipulating her. Vikram says don’t worry, Pallavi will stick to her words and asks her to trust him.

Prachi comes out of doctor’s cabin and says test is done. Ranbir says lets leave. He holds her hand. Shahana and Aryan smile. Aryan is about to call Ranbir. Shahana keeps hand on his mouth and says let them get lost in love. She says we shall wait in car.

Aaliya comes to meet the goons and thinks to get respect from Rhea once the work is done. She asks where is jeeta? She says she is Aaliya. Jeeta asks if you have brought the envelope. Aaliya gives the envelope and shows Sid’s pic, says he is coming from International flight and asks him to kill him, and making his death look like an accident. Jeeta says it will be done.

Aryan and Shahana argue standing outside the car. She asks how did Mili meet you? He says she saw what you couldn’t see, I am hot and handsome. Shahana says all guys are hot and handsome, and says she ignores it. He says I am different. Shahana asks him to look in the mirror and says you will see 2-3 guys who are handsome. Aryan says when I leave from here, then you will cry. Ranbir calls Aryan. Shahana stamps on his feet. Ranbir says he is not picking the call. Prachi says Shahana might be fighting with him. Shahana says she hit him as he pulled her closer. Aryan says car was going and that’s why he pulled her closer. Shahana asks what about that SRK’s dialogue. Aryan says he is not interested in her. She calls him chipku. They start fighting. Prachi and Ranbir come there and try to stop their fight. Aryan says she called me chipku and not handsome. Shahana says he said that I am not attractive. Ranbir and Prachi say Aryan is handsome and Shahana is beautiful. They end their fight and sit in the car. Prachi asks how did this fight started? Shahana says he pulled me closer. Ranbir says oh, lets go.

Vikram tells Dida that he wants to lie his head on her lap. Dida asks what happened to you. Vikram says he is worried, and tells that why Pallavi changed suddenly as Prachi is pregnant. He says she loves Ranbir’s baby, now Rhea doubted about her pregnancy. Dida says no need to doubt Prachi, Ranbir is the father of baby. Vikram says you are thinking wrong. Pallavi comes there and asks what happened? Dida asks what is happening, why did you ask Rhea if Sid is baby’s father. She says you blessed Prachi and did her godh bharayi, when you have to ask Rhea, then why did you trust Prachi at first place. She questions her double standards.

Precap: Pallavi tells Dida that if Prachi is lying then I will not support her. She says whatever happens with her, will be her karma. Aaliya talks to goon and asks to send Sid’s pic, and says you will get all the money. Shaina hears and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

    1. New bts where Ranbir bring tea for Prachi. They are in clothes of Sid’s bts

    2. So nothing is dream.

  1. I wonder what Pallavi’s karma will? She is beyond disgusting and heartless… along with her beastie and so called ‘bahu’. Pallavi should get everything she despises, and loses everything she wants. I wish she ends up with no status, saas, bahu (Prachi), son, husband, or grandchild since she can never appreciate and take things for granted. It would be poetic justice if Ranbir does her last rites, and Vikram takes a new wife. In sometime, I want the society to know Rhea is her ‘bahu’, for the truth to be exposed publicly, so everyone knows the type of bahu she selected

    1. this happen in dream

  2. Mysterious Person

    From where Alia finds all the hitmen, gundas and goons this quickly😂 I won’t even get a plumber or electrician in such pace🤣

    1. It’s her background. Aliyah and her brother Abhi and Purab, their friend grew up in poverty. it is from that time in her life she knew criminals from her own street days. She still wants everybody else’s wealth and earnings. She hasn’t changed a bit from her street days. Even oif she is capable of working, crime always pays better and faster in her eyes. Also she became connected to many assassins through Nikhil and the tuna-fish in their endless efforts to murder Pragya and eventually also Abhi. Let’s face it… the rehabilitation of criminals doesn’t work that often and certainly not in the case of someone who likes being a criminal.

  3. Let’s prepare for the return of the most horrible track , character assassination..all will believe in rhea..parnbir will be at loggerheads again..the same same notanki..I am just fed up..how low they can go to safeguard their beloved rhea

    1. Ranbir will trust prachi I think that’s why he was searching her. Dida will never suspect prachi that is for sure. Pallavi vikram is not in our good books, they are not even considered.
      But ranbir dida sahana is with prachi so assassination will not make situations much disgusting.
      Hope pranbir and arhana join hands to expose rhea and expose fake idiot pallavi.

    2. Shreya but the problem is that in kkb only rhea and aliya have brain , not pranbir, sahana..the only other person with little senses I have recently scene was Stanley..but he had also disappeared..even if ranbir believe prachi how can she stay in kkb after fake DNA report and sid’s lie

    3. But it is not possible.
      As in kkb only aliya and rhea have brain, not anyone else..the only other person with brain was Stanley but he also disappeared..so it will be complicated that pranbir and aryan , sahana will think with some logic

    4. But I agree next 2 weeks are gonna be horrible as you mentioned. Prachi will be treated bad and thrown out.
      In you tube they are saying ranbir will be in unconscious state at that time Prachi’s is thrown out then ranbir goes to search her. Then prachi is kidnapped. I don’t know this is true or not.

    5. Srishti. Exactly because of their support of Pracha and Pranbir, they not only downgraded Riya’s character, they themselves sank to the very bottom! Now I’m just wondering if there is a chapel of baseness? Can their obsession lead to even worse suffering than the destruction of Riya’s character and the pairs of Abhigia and SidRiya?

  4. Well, how much can you? You go to read the notes of a madman in the hope of reading something about Sid, and here again there are only these useless Pranbeers. I understand that the script is written exclusively for them, and the return of Sid will not change anything, but they could at least decide to return him without delaying his appearance.

  5. I’m wondering why in the promo Shaina hears Aliya talking? I do not hope that the obsession of the creators of Prachi will allow them to give the character of Riya at least 1% of what she deserves, but I still want to dream that the attempt to kill Sid will not cause delight in Riya, as Aliya counts on that))) VA, however, it’s all the same , I no longer believe that the mind will return to the creators. The only thing I look forward to is the appearance of Sid in the hope that he will be shown at least next to Riya, just to look at what a couple could have been if the creators were adequate people, and not fanatics obsessed with either Prachi or the actress who performed it.

  6. Bring Stanley back for Shahana and keep Aryan with Mili. I really don’t care what Milyan’s relationship status is just keep them a couple. Stanley was 1000x better than Aryan sorry. Whenever Arhana are together they don’t think of themselves but only interrupt every Pranbir scene there is. It’s like they can’t breathe without Pranbir. At least Stanley was so mature. He respected the fact they are a married couple and never interrupted them. He would only leave them alone or watch from afar without interrupting. Meanwhile, those two chipkos don’t understand what a married couple is. Stanley would reprimand Shahana and keep her away from them. And Aryan would be busy with Mili. I don’t know why they forcing Arhanas plain, boring love story on us? They had their chance two years ago and they ruined it. They didnt even have a falling in love phase and all of a sudden they caught feelings out of the blue like whaaaaat?

    1. I miss Zeeshan more now. When he was in the show he was like everyone’s most comfort character and never was this chipku since the new Aryan came. Obviously the actor isn’t to blame. But as the actor changed so did the character too 🙂

  7. Fiddausy Kurfee

    We get pranbir scene today,we should prepare for the worse in the next epi,this is KKB logic

    1. Pranbir’s rain scene though after a long time 😍

  8. I want Purab to come back and take that Aliya.. I am fed up of her.. don’t know when she will become good.. If she can love her brother’s daughter Rhea than what is her problem with Prachi

  9. The new episode is worth watching guys. Lots of Pranbir moments. They romanced in the rain, it was literally the cutest and so romantic too. Then Ranbir dried her hair and all at home. Chemistry was really peaking 🔥🔥🔥

    1. After this episode I feel like we should hype Pranbir even more. Krishdha did so amazing it all felt so real you can see how hard they are trying too. And I also feel Ranbir will trust Prachi. Despite all the hungama that’ll happen we’ll continue seeing good Pranbir scenes I hope even whilst negativity still lurks around. Just because of the track doesn’t mean we can’t hype the couple. We’ve been getting good scenes and the hype has died down now we need to up our game. Forget the show don’t hype it just think of Pranbir seperately.

  10. I loved premiere episode. Most was Pranbir and we had a long rain romance scene too. Just a few bits of Rhea and Alia that’s all. But obviously I skipped that. Just watch pranbir scenes guys 🌧😍

    1. It was amazing but the bgm ruined it. They didn’t even play a song actually it was that Pranbir theme instrumental music like soulful type. Not accurate for a rain scene 🤧

  11. It’s becoming boring as the situation never gets resolved, it’s like a vicious circle. I wish kumkum bhagya could be like kundali bhagya. there is a huge change. Rhea always has to come up with something, and where in the world would Prachi just agree to whatever rhea suggests yet knowing that rhea and bujji will always come up with an antagonist. please show us something sensible to make the show more interesting.

  12. I haven’t seen the episode yet but if it’s like what y’all saying then we need to brace ourselves for what comes next. You know what that means right. I’m wondering if they gave such a romantic scene and an episode focused on them that means something big will happen? Rain scenes are usually pretty big especially for a couple like Pranbir who barely get romantic scenes unfortunately. The last time they gave a rain romance, seperation followed soon right after. The was the last proper romantic scene we got. But I won’t make any conclusions now I’m gonna watch the upcoming episodes then judge.

  13. the premium episode <3
    dont know what ugliness they have in store for the upcoming episodes, but for now i will keep watching this one episode on loop.

  14. So that’s what the rain bts was of lol. It wasn’t Arhana rain scene (thankfully), Prachi running away and the gang searching for her etc. Thank god. No one expected it’ll be Pranbir rain romance. I feel it’s all getting too rushed though. I mean they haven’t properly reunited we deserve to see a proper reunion. I fear all this rushing and with Arhana too there’s a leap coming. Anyway I’ll enjoy the episodes especially this one it’ll be on loop

  15. Thank you for writing about the next episode. I will not even waste time reading the description where there is nothing but ugly scenes of Pranbir. But how pissed off the creators are… They messed up the whole series with Pranbirs, is it really difficult at least now not to stretch the number of episodes with their ugly scenes and finally show Sid? Or did they understand that adequate viewers can return as soon as they find out about his return and will endure these freaks in order to finally see Sid?

    1. Why are you still watching it then knowing the leads are Pranbir? Abhigya left last year, but it seems one obsessive fan of next generation still can’t get over it. You speak how disgusting they are yet you still watch their scenes like I don’t understand? Don’t give justifications of hope for Sidrhea shit or your faves magically arisen from coma cos that’ll be BS. Just admit it you’re an obsessed fan already, no one will judge you dw <3

    2. Another thing don’t your faves have other projects they are currently in? Why don’t you watch them instead like the rest of your fandom? Shabir is also in a show on the same channel do you watch him? I would love to know your opinion on that new pairing too seeing as you call Pranbir mom-son relationship. Let KKB actual fans worry about this show. You keep giving your opinion and input who you apparently “hate” 24/7 will give me the impression that you’re also a fan!😁

    3. Hina. Why should I recognize Pranbir as the main characters? Unlike the creators and their fanatics, I’m not so obsessed with deciding that bringing main characters into the comm, and even their absence, can change the main characters. Abhigia were, are and BWOOD are the only main protagonists of the series! And no obsession can change this! What makes you think I’m watching something as disgusting as the Pranbir scenes? I don’t even remember the last time I watched anything from this mental hospital… It seems after the creators decided that Ria’s pregnancy would somehow interfere with their favorites, and came up with an excuse for idiots with a fake pregnancy, I didn’t watch anything… Why didn’t I look there, I didn’t even read the madman’s notes … But I’m still aware of the news from the psychiatric hospital, because they are published a little even where the original KKB has not been forgotten, and from them I learned that they were going to return Sid. No I don’t believe the makers anymore and I’m not going to be fooled by false hopes anymore that they will remember they are filming KKB and not Bhagya Prachi, I’m more interested in how far they can go in their obsession? Will they finally spoil the character of Sid, or will they leave him the only normal character in the series? And I would just like to see him with Riya in the same frame, just imagine what a couple would be like if the creators wrote the script for KKB, and not for Prachi’s character, or even personally for Mugdha Chaphekar.

    4. Hina. The problem is that Shabir’s new partner is no better than Mugdha. Same stupid game as hers. But at least she’s the right age for the role. I don’t like looking at her. I’m not obsessed with Shabir having only one partner, I also watched his previous works, and everywhere in KKB I saw chemistry between him and his partner, but RadhaMohan is an exception … I like Shabir and I would like to enjoy him work, but after watching a few episodes, I realized that I would suffer in the same way as in the case of KKB after a 20-year leap, when for the sake of certain interesting scenes I have to endure too much those who are not interesting to me, and perhaps it was even worse than with KKB , since there was a couple in KKB, and only one hero in RadhaMohan. I decided that I had enough suffering. It’s better to watch something that I’ve seen more than once and enjoy the original KKB than to catch something new and interesting among the sheer rubbish… I regret that I didn’t make such a decision after a 20-year jump. Then at least I would not get used to Riya, and would not see a couple of SidRiya, it would be easier to forget about the existence of this series if I determined its end for myself, and not the crazy creators obsessed with Pranbir.

  16. omg just for a moment I felt shaina was good. She saw ranbir taking care of Prachi and she was like “why did rhea come between them, why is she after ranbir, look how they love each other” etc. She was even smiling but when she heard Chudail bujis convo, Alia brainwashed her 🙂 I don’t know if Shaina will acc listen but it’d be good when she realises who those two actually are and can murder anyone without a thought. I think one from either Sid or the dna will be in favour. Hopefully Shaina realises before it’s too late and informs someone or Sid. As it is, her character is temporary anyway that’d be a good reason before she exits. Rhea will throw her out etc or she runs away after revealing the truth. But Shaina this actress suits a positive role. When she was looking at Pranbir it was really real and she could feel their love. She even looked scared of Alia in the end though so don’t know what’ll come out of this

    1. Hina. I wish there was a person in Riya’s life who can at least try to do something useful for Riya… I don’t mean helping with conspiracies and crimes, but at least trying to explain that she won’t be happy with Ranbir. I’m sure that the creators will not go to the fact that Riya would listen to this, but it would be nice if Shaina at least tried to talk to her in this way.

  17. Although after nearly a year writing a script exclusively for Prachi, it’s strange to expect that there will be enough viewers who are still hoping for an adequate plot. In my opinion, everyone has already put up with their obsession with Pranbir, and the fact that there will be nothing more interesting in the series. In vain they are trying to regain interest in the series by the return of Sid, everyone has already understood that this will not lead to anything good. At best, they just won’t spoil Sid’s character and he will protect Prachi. The fact that they suddenly remember that they are filming Bhagya kumkum and not Prachi’s Bhagya, probably no one hopes anymore.

    1. You get lost from here …..

    2. Cuteanu. Only after Pranbir finally finds himself in his place – outside of the KKB! I can not influence the creators and force them to remove these freaks from the series, but at least I can express my protest about the occupation of KKB Pranbir through my comments and posts in various communities! Yes, it doesn’t affect anything, but I get the satisfaction of telling the truth about the current KKB and its creators. And I get great pleasure when I communicate with my like-minded people, and although I haven’t met them on this platform, I’m glad that in other communities such very, very much.

  18. And I’d rather enjoy the original KKB and the amazing Abhigia. Oh, it’s a pity there were few scenes with them … No matter how much I watch, it’s still not enough. It is a pity for those viewers who are content with the ugliness of Pranbir, and believe that they have seen something good))) Well, not everyone has a good taste, and these freaks are interesting to someone. And I’m glad that my compatriots who prefer TV to the Internet got a wider opportunity to see the best. I have a couple of Indian TV! I hope this channel is smart enough not to bring the show to the point that they would have the opportunity to see the worst …

  19. This episode was so surprising I wasn’t expecting it at all. I was prepared for more torture. Now I’m worried what’ll happen next we know whenever they feed us such scenes, what follows after we should brace ourselves

  20. My qn where does aliya find all the money she is hiring people

    1. Before moving to Kohlis, that mad woman was poor. So after living with them she all of a sudden became rich. In other words she’s living off her niece’s in-laws money. How disgusting. I just want that whenever a leap comes, Prachi to become rich and throw out everyone! I want to see Kohlis living like how Mehras did in that chawl

  21. How does aliya manage to get all the money shes paying those goons because either her or rhea has money

  22. So as per writer pranbir are united so let’s prepare for the next torture, separation and misunderstandings

  23. So will ranbir character assassination Prachi and when Krishna said that there will be a major twist how big will it be I’m scared now will pranbir be fully separated now and will Prachi leave him 4 good Krishna iv’s is scaring me like crazy now I’m wondering if bigamy will ever end but now I’m more scared if things will get worse now

    1. It will be worse and horrible because the upcoming are very dangerous… I dont believe Krishna bcoz whatever he says never happened and now they made pranbir united….👏🙂 What a bad reunion this is i thought Rhea’s fake pregnancy will reveal and then everything will be fine followed by leap …but oh no it’s kkb here nothing positive will happen….they are providing pranbir scenes just for trp as the trp is decreasing in every week

    2. As of now Ranbir will trust prachi in thus track. But afterwards I don’t know.he believed her that’s why he went to search her.

  24. Whether this Vikram is supporting prachi or supporting rhea?
    This man is dancing for both the tunes.

  25. Is there any action in today’s episode to tamper with DNA report??

    1. No. Till now they are trying to kill sid and do something with sid. No one is thinking to fake DNA report.
      Rhea thought but she didn’t think to fake DNA report she only thought if DNA report comes I will be proved as a liar. Only that much. But I read in Instagram they are saying ranbir will tear the SNA report.

    2. Sid and DNA report will be against prachi..May be all doubt on her, accused her…then she decides to leave .May be shaina told her all( plot of fake pregnancy, dna report, sid’ s attck etc..) then prachi come back and fight again but she will get humiliated continuously..and rhea will never get exposed..vicious circle..and we viewrs be serve some lollypop scence ..it is so negative

    3. Yes, such a disgusting track. But I don’t think shaina will will say every plans to prachi.
      This much obession with rhea the horror women chii.

    4. There should be forever end for Rhea’s character 😡😡🤢🤢😡and this time I think her truth will be revealed

  26. Fiddausy Kurfee

    If sid and DNA report are against prachi,is she going to stay in KM ? And if she stay how is she going to face the family,and is sid going to stay in KM or is he going to disappear like others character?

  27. Now we know why only Pranbir have different clothes in Sid’s bts, because they danced in the rain.

  28. Just finished watching the episode. I thought Ranbir has already moved into Prachi’s room, but looks like not.
    Also, last time Rhea did flower based prediction was at the end of Maya track and flower prediction came true. So who knows may be this time Rhea will get caught.
    But I don’t believe Shaina will change side. When Rhea’s collage friend Shaina visited Rhea after her marriage with Sid, she also saw Pranbir together flirting in kitchen and realized that Rhea is wrong. But next moment she was helping Rhea with her planning and plotting.

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