Mere Sai 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Kalavati announces free dance show in Shirdi

Mere Sai 12th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya upset, her father says how long will you be this way. Kalavati visits them. Vidya’s father scolds her for coming. Kalavati apologies and says it was my fault don’t punish Uddhav. Vidya’s father says how much did Uddhav pay you to say this. Kalavati says Uddhav choose to tell truth, which says he has understood his mistake, please give him one chance. Vidya’s father in law says I had dreams for my daughter and had earned it for my daughter, you tell me how to forgive for such sin.

Kalavati walks to Vidya and says I am reason behind this problem and I will solve this problem, I will take care of Vidya’s wedding. Vidya says okay but how will you manage money. Kalavati says I know what to do, you all just get ready for marriage.

Next day Kamla announces Kalavati’s show for free. Baizmaa hears that asks Patil, did Sai’s teachings not help Kalavati, she again wants to dance.
Workers from mill get very happy. Villagers don’t like it.

Villagers walk to Sai. Patil says Sai, we helped and were good with Kalavati but now look she is openly organising shows, this will be bad for kids also. Tatya says Shirdi will change. Sai holds Tatya’s neck, everyone shocked. Sai asks Tatya to turn around, Tatya says my neck was stuck thankyou Sai. Sai smiles. Sai says Rambha I wasn’t killing him but helping him and so without knowing truth you can’t judge someone and doon you all will know reason behind Kalavati’s show.

Balvant walks to Kulkarni and asks him to sign on this mill, it says you are transferring mill shares to me and you woll be paid. Kulkarni asks why will I sign. Balvant says why should I allow you share because you don’t show any effort, you said you are head here and nothing goes against you hut yesterday you lost to a dancer. Kulkarni says it was Sai’s black magic. Balvant says you and your excuses, Kulkarni says don’t cross your lines. Balvant says Kalavati is dancing for free and what you did. Kulkarni says why did she but now she willd dance for me or never, I will go to any heights but win.

Chetan, Ragini and other kids not allowed to go play because of Kalavati’s free show.
Mill workers anden start arriving for the show. Supervisor comes with head covered. Mill workers recognise him and make fun of him. Kalavati thinks how will I make my point with such less people. Few men look at Kalavati with bad intentions. Kamla walks to her and says don’t be scared pray to Sai. Kalavati prays to Sai. Sai leaves Dwarka Mai.
People see Sai and follow him. As Sai walks doors of people houses open automatically and they start following Sai.

Kalavati sees a ray of light and Sai walk in with villagers. Supervisor hides. Villagers surprised on arriving at Kalavati’s show. Kalavati in tears. Patil asks Sai, why did you get us here, we don’t want to see her dance. Sai says don’t judge her before you see her dance and if anyone finds her performance unethical you all can leave and asks Kalavati to start her performance.

Kalavati gets a donation box Mill worker says you said it’s free show then why this. Kalavati says I have decided to leave Shirdi but before that I want some money for something good and its not compulsory, if you like my dance do donate, Sai please bless me. Sai blesses Kalavati.

Kalavati about to start her performance, a glass bottle breaks near her foot. Kulkarni walks in with his men.

Pre cap: Kulkarni says of she starts her performance, I will break so many dances she won’t be able to stand. Sai says to Kalavati don’t be scared you are doing this for something good, Kulkarni asks his men to start throwing glass bottle.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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