Spy Bahu 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Yohan punishes himself

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The Episode starts with Yohan thinking of Sejal and crying. He recalls Sejal telling that she is a spy, her death and Minal accusing him of killing her. He asks why, Sejal? Why my heart couldn’t hate you? Why? He cries. Ahana looks at him. She asks why are you doing this, why are you punishing yourself. He says his heart is not ready to accept that Sejal was wrong, he feels that he is wrong. She says you think her as right, Drishti’s baby lost her father because of her, Drishti is on the verge of madness, your Maasi is admitted in the hospital due to her. She says you saw her making bomb, she must have taken many lives and might have taken many lives. She says she was a dangerous terrorist and you shall be relieved that she died. She says she betrayed you and married you by cheat, if that was right. yohan says enough. He takes the wine bottle and goes to his room. He throws Sejal’s stuff on the floor and says you was a terrorist, it was my mistake that I loved you. He pours the wine on it. Ahana smiles. He recalls her words and burns her clothes, pic etc. Ahana smiles. Yohan says I will punish myself for loving you, for thinking your betrayal as love. He wipes his tears and looks angrily.

After 6 months. Arun takes Veera to Drishti’s room on wheel chair. Drishti is sleeping while her baby cries. Arun takes the baby in his arms and asks Nanu’s ladka is crying. Veera says Adi is very unlucky, his mother couldn’t wake up and I can’t get up from my chair. He says his Nanu is here to take care of him and says it is good that Yohan is not here, else he would have worried a lot seeing him crying. Veera asks where is Yohan, if he again went there.

Yohan comes to the wrestling ring. A guy says he is Industrialist Yohan Nanda, a solid man, but loses the fight intentionally. Yohan hits the opposition wrestler and make him angry. He opposition wrestler hits him. The guy says don’t know why he comes to punish himself and for what? Yohan imagines Sejal saying I love you to him. He says I will wipe your memories from my mind, will bear so much pain, that will not remember your face and smile. He gets hit by the wrestler. He falls down and imagines Sejal wiping his injury.

Shalini comes there and sees Arun playing with Adi. She says so sweet and asks if he used to take care of Shail and yohan like this. Veera says no and says she used to handle them. He used to be busy. Arun says that’s why his children slipped off his hands.

He says I won’t let the same mistake happen again. I will make Adi successful businessman, when grown up. Veera feigns smile on her face. Shalini shouts seeing Ahana, and says I thought Sejal returned alive. She says saree, sanskar..she looks at Ahana who is dressed like Sejal. Ahana gives medicine to Drishti in the glucose dip and says milk for baby. Arun says he will feed the baby. Ahana goes. Veera tries to make him get impressed of Ahana. Yohan comes there and sees Ahana standing near the dining table. He makes her turn and sees her face. He asks what is all this? He asks what do you want to prove, by dressing up like Sejal. Veera says Mahira doesn’t have any wrong intention. Yohan goes. Veera stops her. Ahana asks if you will scold me now. Veera stands up infront of her. Ahana asks what are you doing, you want to ruin 6 months hardwork. Veera says who will see me, I didn’t leave anyone to see me. She says Yohan sees Sejal everywhere and we have made Drishti unconscious for always with the medicines, Arun and others went out. She asks her to calm down. Ahana says Sejal went away 6 months back, but she is between us even now, how to control my anger. Veera says I am getting Yohan’s sympathy sitting on wheelchair and made him called me Maa. She asks her to give him time and calls her Ahana. Ahana says she is getting married to Yohan and will be Mahira Nanda. Veera asks her not to forget that this marriage is a deal, and says she will become owner of his property, and will do what I have been doing. Ahana says how we will do, as he checks accounts even now. Veera says he shall agree to fix the date for marriage.

Yohan thinks he couldn’t forget her face, though he hates her so much. A lady (Sejal) is shown in someone’s house while a guy calls her Paro/ Parvati.

Precap: Minal tells that Sejal will return and plays the shank. Yohan and Ahana do the tilak on their wedding card as Pandit asks them to do. Sejal is seen sleeping. b

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Remember sejal is the main character and they never die remember she is a spy she was trained do things quickly in a odd manner to save herself but I feel that sk is in fact with veera and was using sejal to Frame her with these attacks he is bad because he has not supported her and if sk was the only one who knew about the training centre why was it gone and how did sk have sejal ashes soo quick and if you watch yesterday episode sk stutters when he says it and tanhaji is not a villian he may have saved sejal before the car crashed

    1. Yes me to I feel SK is the villian

    2. Yes sk is the master mind he uses sejal and trained her as a terrorist that means then to make her seem as a terrorist while sk and veera are in together tanhaji is innocent

    3. I feel that sk and veera killed sejal parents because remember they were spy so they caught them then veera send out people to kill them

    4. You know that’s genius 👍
      That could be it I feel they killed sejal parents because how did sk know all about the incident if he is a police officer and not in Kashmir yeh it makes sense he is the villian and terroist

    5. Me too feel the same

  2. She’s a spy I am sure she will be back with a solid plan and to expose those two. I really can’t stand this Ahana she is such a show off and now behind Yohan and even made dhristi unconscious. I have many questions hope next week they will be answered, like who saved her? How she is going to go back? Etc

    1. Even I couldn’t tolerate this Ahana. Probably SK also with Veera. And Sejal should leave Yohan forever if he marry Ahana in future. He gave many promises to Sejal. But he failed to keep them. He is dumb. He just need proofs and evidence by others and he does not investigate anything by himself.

  3. Yes you are right the S.K was following the orders by Veera and wanted to the whole family of sejal her brother ,parents and the Sejal as well but Tanha ji might knew their plan and saved Sejal on time ,I am so annoyed and angry with Yohan how quickly he got manipulated by Fake Mahira and started hating the Sejal that why he loved her ? hope Sejal never forgive him and let him stay away from her child .

  4. As I can remember this sk has been behind sejal since her childhood,I think he is also an accomplice of sirji. But Tanhaji might be her saviour. Hoping to see amazing contents instead of this Ahana, she is just spoiling the show😡

  5. Y do i feel that SK sir is among the masked men whom Veera Nanda talks to???
    I knew it that Sejal will not die😊
    I just hope she comes back much stronger than before,
    I don’t trust SK sir,but i feel tana ji is the real.
    I so much hate the fake Mahira,she’s so irritating and annoying,i just hope she quits so soon

  6. Love the comments here, the ML is always portrayed angry, hurt, dumb and easily manipulated. The FL here is smart bold, she will kick everyone ass i hope. She should make Yohan jealous and suffer for not trusting her. Sad that this show isn’t telecast on the weekends.

    1. yes its sad that this show is so different from all the other shows and its not telecasted at the prim time as well it starts here at 10pm and by the time I am watching it I always goes to sleep and the programs which story is always stuck at the same spot are being telecasted at the weekend swell .

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