Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Zoon calls Ritesh

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The Episode starts with Ritesh telling Rajendra that he will be fine, and says they will reach the hospital in sometime. He tells Rahul that he might have fractured. Rajendra asks him to call his daughter and gives the number. Zoon tells Indu that she wants to try chikoo icecream. Indu says I thought someone is not talking to me. Zoon says she will not talk to her again. Indu laughs and gets the call. She picks the call and says hello. She gets shocked. Doctor tells Rajendra that he has hair line fracture, he has given the pain killer and pain will go in few days. Rajendra sees Ritesh and asks doctor. Doctor says he has brought you here. Sunita is happy that Asha got job. Vivek asks where is everyone. Sunita says Indu and Zoon went to have icecream, Rajendra ji went to give tiffins and Anjali has extra classes. Asha is about to give sweets to Vivek. They look at each other. Vivek’s mother comes there and sees them looking at each other. She asks Sunita, if Indu’s marriage is fixed. Vivek says Asha got the job. His mother keeps back the sweets and then says she will eat. Asha takes back the bowl from her. Vivek smiles. His mother scolds and takes him to her house.

Indu comes to hospital and asks Rajendra how is he? Rajendra says when he came here, he was in pain. He says doctor said that it is hairline fracture and asks how will I cook food for tiffins. She asks how did this happen? He says he met with an accident on SJ road. She says even we were there and asks who did the accident. Doctor asks her to bring him after 2 weeks, and asks her to pay the bills. Ritesh calls Rahul. Rahul says he came to get medicines for Uncle. Ritesh comes to pay the bill. The receptionist asks if he did his accident. Ritesh asks her to think what she wants. Indu calls him. Ritesh turns to her. Rajendra tells Zoon that genie Ritesh helped him. Indu says I knew it, I didn’t hope anything from you. Ritesh asks her to go. She refuses. He asks then why did you come to eat my brain? Indu calls him shameless, and blames him for doing accident of an old man. Ritesh says I did what I thought right, says if I could do, then will do again. Indu says you thought it right, and asks seriously, I didn’t think that you are such a cheap man. He says I know your thought are wrong and says everyone shall do this with elderly aged people. Indu says even the youngsters will not be alive, if people like you are in this world. He goes near her and smells. He asks if she is drunk even today. She says your nautanki will not work infront of me, and says you have done my Bob ji’s accident. Ritesh asks God, why all the family members are behind him. Indu says my bob ji likes cooking food, it is his life. Ritesh asks shall I give my life. He asks her to cook food and says hold the vegetable, and it will cook by itself. Indu says you are mannerless guy, you are responsible for Bobji’s condition. He says nonsense doll and asks her to talk to herself standing infront of mirror. He goes. She says you are disgusting guy.

Sameer is angry with Ritesh. Vivaan asks him not to be aggressive and use Ritesh as a star, to become the star, and then kick that stair. Rajendra asks Indu where is Ritesh? Indu says he tried to settle the matter by giving money. Rajendra asks why will he do so and tells that he had an accident by the bike, and not by Ritesh’s car. He says biker did his accident. Indu recalls Ritesh’s words.

Kaamna tells Sameer that much aggression will make his body spoil. She shows his favorite chicken dish and asks what is his problem, if Ritesh is helping him. She says you both are same for me, you both are my life. Sameer says you have promised for my photo shoot, but it didn’t happen. Kaamna says I have talked to Kadambari and she promised. Kadambari sends her Pankaj’s photo with a model and says I will write the headlines wisely.

Asha asks Rajendra not to go alone. Sunita praises Ritesh. Zoon says he didn’t meet me and went. Sunita asks Indu if she thanked Ritesh. Rajendra says he went suddenly, I couldn’t thank him. Zoon asks Indu to call him, as Papas stay free in night. Sunita asks Indu to call him. Ritesh tells Rahul that Indu is a mad girl and needs psychiatrist, and says don’t know how Zoon stays with her. Rahul says your destiny is bad, to collide with her father in this big city. Zoon calls Ritesh. Rahul picks the call and gives to Ritesh. Zoon asks why didn’t you meet me. She then gives call to Rajendra. Rajendra thanks Ritesh for saving him, calling him superstar. Ritesh says I am a human first and was doing my duty. Indu thinks to thank him. Zoon takes the call and asks Ritesh to come and meet her once, says she wants to tell him which happened in her school. Ritesh couldn’t refuse and says I will come and meet you. Indu takes the call and says hello. Ritesh ends the call and says I don’t want to hear her voice.

Sunita makes Rajendra have food. She says we will make tiffin together. Zoon asks Indu to leave 2 rasgullas for Ritesh. Anjali says do you think that superstar will come here? She says they promise, but don’t fulfill the promise. Door bell rings. Anjali says Vivek’s mummy must have come to get some share of ration sent by Ritesh. Indu opens the door and sees Ritesh, and closes it. Sunita asks why did you close the door? Indu says may be he is Ritesh Malhotra. Sunita says and you closed the door on his face. She opens the door and says sorry, and says my daughter couldn’t see you in darkness. Ritesh sees light there and says she needs specs. He says he came to meet Zoon. Sunita says you can meet Zoon and her mummy. Asha says she can’t believe. Zoon says genie Ritesh, she comes to him. He bends down to hug her. She asks if you have come here really. He says yes.

Precap: Indu asks Zoon to have food. Zoon says she will have food with Ritesh’s hand. Indu is taking her forcibly. Ritesh asks what is this way? She says she don’t need to learn from him. He says you shall learn from everyone. Indu says enough. Later neighbors come there and clicks pic with Ritesh. Vivek’s mummy pushes Indu and she falls on Ritesh. They look at each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I think this zoon is spoiled brat. It’s really problematic to raise a child who leaves school and runs to theatre at such young age. And repeatedly calling superstar. And even Indu not disciplining her just dancing to zoon’s tunes

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