Mere Sai 11th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Balram’s Final Test

Mere Sai 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Balram feeds hot jalebis to his whole family and takes elder’s blessings. He makes them laugh and shares a lighter moment with them. After sometime, he sees Atmaram trying to fix his cart’s wheel when Balram offers to fix it. He sits to fix wheel when he remembers his father’s cart accident and gets panic attack, but calms himself remembering Sai’s advice and thanks Sai for curing his illness. Sai notices that sitting in Dwarkamayi and says Balram has to pass one final test. Next day, Sai goes to beg at Atmaram’s house. Atmaram tells Sai that he cannot give much time to Sai as he has to go to market to get pooja items for his brother’s death anniversary and leaves to market on his cart. Balram sees his mother preparing for pooja and thinks he has to go out to control himself, asks mother if she needs anything from market. She says yes, but since he got up late, his uncle Atmaram went to market on his cart. Balram shouts why did she send him on cart and runs out calling kaka/Atmaram. His mother with sisters and aunt runs behind him thinking he got panic attack again. Balram finds Atmaram and calls him. Atmaram gets down cart and asks what happened to him. Sai reaches there and tells Balram that he need not worry as he fixed cart wheel properly this time and even 1 year ago. Balram shouts what does he know about him, his father died because of him. Family cries hearing that.

Srikanth meets Sai and informs him that his student Gopi, Manav’s son, did not attend school since many days and when he went to his house to enquire, it was locked and then he went to their agricultural land and saw Gopi working in fields with elders, Manav denied to send Gopi to school. Sai asks Srikanth to bring Manav and Gopi to Dwarkamayi. Srikanth brings them. Manav greets Sai and says he knows Sai wants him to send Gopi back to school, but Gopi knows to read and write well, so he does not need any further education. Sai asks if he can help him sow seeds in a pot. Manav agrees and teaches him same. Sai asks a few seeds and putting them in pot pours water on them. Manav says this is wrong way. Sai says similarly Gopi may become a farmer like his father and grandfather, but if he studies well, he can learn new farming techniques and teach even others for better yield. Manav understands Sai’s advice and promises to send Gopi back to school. Srikanth says Manav’s bought seeds are of low quality, so they are floating in water, else they would have absorbed water and settled down. Manav thanks him. Srikanth asks to return these seeds and buy good quality sweets using Sai’s method. Sai says when Srikanth knows about farming being a teacher, Gopi can learn much more.

Balram wakes up and realizes it was just his dream. His mother asks him to get ready soon as today is his father’s death anniversary and he needs to perform pooja. Sai comes begging and insists to get food from Balram’s hands. Balram offers him food. Atmaram asks Balram to go and take bath soon to perform pooja and apologizes Sai for not attending him today as he has to got o market to get pooja items for his brother’s death anniversary. Rest of the incident happen exactly as Balram dreamt.

Precap: Balram tells Sai that everyone thinks his father’s death was an accident, but truth is he killed his father.

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