Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 11th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Rocky accuses Happy

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the kids teasing Honey and laughing on him that Rocky doesn’t love Honey. Happy asks them to help friends than making fun of them. Honey gets sad and goes away. Happy hears Meenu’s words and thinks she has done wrong with Honey. Meenu says Kabir, maybe Khushi heard our talk, what if she tells this to Rocky, he will understand that Honey is our human bomb. Kabir says don’t worry, get Khushi to corridor and leave the rest on me. Happy goes and calls Rocky. She says answer my call Rocky. Meenu sees Happy and says Kabir, Khushi is coming out of the class, kill her today. She goes to peon. She sends him to Happy.

Peon says your driver has come to talk about your mum, he is waiting in the corridor. Happy goes there. She says there is no one here. Someone pulls her. He ties her up. Happy asks who is here, who got me here. She sees Rocky and gets shocked. He recalls that he lost her. He looks at her. She cries. Humdum mere….plays…. He asks her name. He asks shall I give you options, random names…. Happy Raj Sandhya Mehra, Mrs. Ranvijay Shroff. She says give me a chance to explain this. He says don’t lie again Happy. She asks him to listen to her once. He asks why did you do this. She says I was helpless, RV would have killed you all, he murdered Anaya, Kulwant went in coma because of him, it was necessary to do this, I have played the drama to die to make him away from you all, RV is dead today, I did this for those whom I loved, are you listening to me. He shouts I m listening, tell me everything today. She says it was imp to do all this. He says I thought I lost you, but you are alive.

Kumar comes. Rocky asks him to meet Happy, they are meeting after six years. He says I got ruined in her love, she is the girl, don’t know she is happy or not, but she is alive. He thanks Happy for not showing her face. He says I recorded your statement, I will hear this every day and think you did this with me, you lied to me and went, Rocky’s funda is clear, I will never forgive you, I will never see your face. She asks him to stop. He goes. Kumar gives her water. He says I m Kumar from Narcotics Control Bureau, Rocky’s boss, Rocky is our agent, we got your phone and you are here. She says I have to talk to Rocky, he doesn’t want to see my face. He says I don’t know why you tried to fake death, you would be knowing about drug dealers, you give me details, I can help you and Honey. She says Honey’s teacher Meenu wants to harm him, question her, make me talk to Rocky. He calls Rocky and says he disconnected the call, he is very stubborn, why is Meenu involved in drug racket, tell me something. She says I will tell you everything, let me go and meet Rocky once. He says fine. She runs out.

Rocky comes home. Madhu asks shall I make tea for you. He recalls Madhu’s words. He apologizes to her. She gets glad. Honey gets water for him. Rocky says sorry, I couldn’t take good care of you, are you upset with me. Honey signs no. Rocky goes to room and shouts Happy. He ruins the room. Harleen cries and goes. He asks why did you do this Happy. Happy comes there and looks on. Harleen says its six years, Rocky’s heart is with Happy, he didn’t even see me, he names Happy so often, Rocky kept her alive here. Happy thinks my old decision was right, I have to go from their lives. She goes. Jyoti says Rocky isn’t answering, we should take details from Happy, are you fine, you look worried. Kumar gets a message and says I have to leave. Rocky walks on the glass and says we could have been together if you wanted, you took our lives’ decision alone, why. Happy cries. Sandhya asks why are you crying. Happy says nothing.

Rocky comes to meet Happy in drunken state. He scolds Happy. She cries seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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