Kesari Nandan 11th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Zoravar suspects Kalki

Kesari Nandan 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kesari telling Kalki about the plot papers. Madhavi calls out Kesari. She says Hanumant is taken to jail, we have to rush to police station. Jagat comes to Bhairav’s house. He looks around and sees car tyre marks. He thinks Bhairav is kidnapped. Kesari, Kalki and Madhavi meet Hanumant. Kalki asks how did you get hurt. He asks what are you doing here. Kesari says Kalki stays with us, our differences are sorted. Kalki says tell us how you got hurt, we may get a clue. Hanumant says nothing, someone has tried to kill me in the lockup. They get shocked.

He sees the man leaving. Kesari gets angry seeing that man. She asks is he the one. Hanumant says yes. Kesari says Kalki, this goon can help us in clearing our doubt. The man signs the register and goes. Kalki asks what will you tell Madhavi. Kesari says we are going home. They leave and follow the man. The man goes and meets Zoravar.

Zoravar scolds him for not killing Hanumant. He asks the man to load the sacks and take it. The man says I know the address. Kesari says we got the address. Zoravar turns on hearing the sound. Kesari and Kalki hide from him. Kalki says we can go and check there. Kesari says no, we will go tomorrow. Kalki says Zoravar shouldn’t know that ring is mine. Bijli says Zoravar got a ring for me, I like it. He says no, its of the person who went to farmhouse, Hanumant got saved, I feel Kalki has heard me. Bijli says then you will be caught. He asks her to find Kesari and Kalki. Pappu comes and asks for Kesari. Zoravar says she isn’t here, go from here. Pappu gets the ring and says its Kalki’s ring. They get shocked. Pappu says she is finding it, I will give it to her. He goes. Bijli says it means Kesari got to know everything, Kalki met Jawahar. Zoravar says I will slap you, maybe Kalki doesn’t know else she would have gone to police station. She says yes. The man says Hanumant won’t get free, he killed Rana ji. Madhavi scolds him. The man says he isn’t innocent. Jagat asks him not to dare say anything about his dad. The man argues with them.

Madhavi takes Jagat with her. Kesari asks him why is losing courage, we have to be strong. She asks Madhavi to take food for Hanumant. Madhavi says there is nothing in the house. Kalki says Hanumant will eat daal rice also, he is very adjusting, I didn’t eat such daal rice anywhere else, its very tasty. Madhavi hugs her and goes to make food. Kesari asks what did you see at Bhairav’s house. Jagat says I felt like someone was dragged by force, that marks was going towards the old temple. Kesari says it means Bhairav is around, Zoravar won’t keep him away. Kalki says yes, he is playing this game alone, Jawahar… Zoravar comes and asks them what are they talking. They worry. Madhavi meets Hanumant and cries. He says I know everyone is against us today, don’t worry, we will pass this test. She asks how, someone kidnapped Bhairav. He asks what’s happening, before anyone more happens with my family, I will end this by accepting the blame.

Madhavi says we will get you out of here, you can’t leave hope, Kesari went to find Jawahar but didn’t get him. Hanumant asks where did she go. Madhavi says she said Jawahar is kept at some farmhouse. He asks why didn’t you stop her. She says she won’t stop until she finds the truth, she will find the real culprit. Zoravar keeps the gun in his pocket and asks did you find out where is Jawahar. He gets gun in his hand. Kesari worries.

Kesari says I m waiting for Zoravar, I m thinking to follow him. Zoravar leaves. Kalki and Kesari follow him. Zoravar sees their car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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