Mere Sai 10th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Jhipri’s Wedding Is Fixed

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Mere Sai 10th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sumitra takes Jhipri to meet Sai and inform him about Jhipri’s alliance fixed. Sai suggests other parents to examine boy thoroughly before fixing alliance. Sumitra hears that and tells Jhipri that Sai would question same to her, so she will first see the boy and then fix alliance. She returns home and insists Shanta to meet boy once before fixing alliance. Shanta yells if she does not trust her, she already told that boy is from rich and well cultured family and Jhipri will be happy in that house. Sumitra insists that she cannot give her daughter just like that. Baizaa enters and says Sumitra is right, she is worried about her daughter. Shanta yells that Sumitra wants to cancel alliance to save money. Baizaa says she considers Jhipri as her daughter and will bear wedding expenses and will

meet boy with her husband. Shanta asks where will they call boy’s family, in this dirty small house. Baizaa says if boy cannot come here, they will go to meet boy’s family. Shanta thinks her plan will fail and she will not get money if they meet boy, so she emotionally blackmails that they don’t trust her at all, she just was thinking of Jhipri’s better future. Baizaa says they are just worried about Jhipri’s future, so let the boy come here and asks Sumitra to call her when boy’s family comes, she and her husband will meet boy.

Tatya and Keshav inform Sai that Jhipri’s alliance is fixed. Sai asks is it. Tatya says Sumitra aunty had brought Jhipri to him, did not they meet him. Sai says no, he will question Jhipri once she comes. Keshav says he met Jhipri’s aunt, she seems to be a bad woman and must have conspired something. Sai says they reap what they sow, their deeds will decide their future. Keshav says he did not understand. Sai gives an example of potato which will be hard out from fields and will soften when it is boiled adopting to the environment. He continues that Jhipri must have compromised to the situation and reminding Tatya that Jhipri saved his life from snake bite, he should protect Jhipri in need and will be with her always even if he is not around. Tatya and Keshav promise.

Shanta walks into market thinking her plan was going well, how will she find a boy now. She sees father and son walking on street wearing same clothes and father’s friend telling his son looks like him in same clothes. She gets an evil plan and smirks.

Tatya returns from market and tells Appa that he sold all grain bags and gives earned money. Appa asks to give it to Aaji/grandmaa as he is busy meeting boy who came with Jhipri’s alliance. Tatya joins him. Appa asks boy his name and occupation. Boy says his name is Dhondi and he does farming with his father and has a few houses which he has rented. He was very attached emotionally to his mother who passed away last year. Shanta asks Sumitra to bring Jhipri. Sumitra does. Appa and Baizaa nod their approval. Shanta asks boy to bring gifts. Servants bring sweets, jewelry, clothes, etc. Shanta boasts that Jhipri got such a good alliance, Dhondi’s father sent so many gifts. Dhondi says father sent a message that pandit found wedding muhurath after 3 days. Sumitra gets tensed and asks how will she make wedding arrangements in such a short span. Jhipri thinks she has to leave Shirdi after 3 days. Shanta says Dhondi’s father has sent everything needed for wedding, why she is worried. Sumitra agrees for marriage after 3 days.

Precap: Sai asks Jhipri what if he examines her. Jhipri agrees. Sai gives her gold billet and asks her to melt it. Jhipri keeps her hand with gold billet on fire.

Update Credit to: MA

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