~Healing Her With Love~ |Part – 15|

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Next is the epilogue, readers!!!

Now, you all will be thinking that as Annika got married to Shivaay, she is not working. No, it’s not true. She is a writer, as you all know. She has to make use of her time in making sure that each idea is squeezed through her words.

Shivaay always motivated her to write, but Om was her best companion for it. He made sure that she doesn’t get a writer’s block.

Anyway, as you all know, Shivaay, Om and Rudra are close to each other and are inseparable. As Annika came, now it is Shivaay, Om, Rudra and Annika.

Annika, Om and Rudra were literally close to each other, like Shivaay being close to them. As Om was her constant companion in philosophy and writing, Rudra was her company to annoy Shivaay.

Annika was their mentor. Be it when she made Om confess his feelings to Gauri or make Rudra understand that he should not waste his time and the money spend as his life depends on his career.

Time passes on, as usual. She got two brothers as a company, while he got two sisters as his company. Om was happy with Gauri and Rudy too was happy with Bhavya.

Now, Annika, Om and Rudra were in one team and Shivaay, Gauri and Bhavya were in the other when it comes to fun, talks and movies.

Love was in deep with Shivaay and Annika. They understood that both of them were incomplete without each other.

Time passes on, but as each moment it passes, their relationship becomes deep. So, let’s go to 1 year before the present time. It was when Annika’s book got the award for “Popular Choice”  and Shivaay got a gift for her. It was an ink pen.

He says, “I know this is a small gift but as a writer I know you understand why I gave it.”

She says, “This is a small gift, but it filled happiness in my heart.”

He hugs her tightly. She was so happy. She knew his happiness lies in her. She was happy after a long time of darkness, she received light. She received light from his love.

Few days after, on the award function, she said, “This book is not originally written with my ideas. It’s what I have seen with my family. It’s what I have done with the love they have given me. In fact, most of you sitting here would be thinking that he is lucky to get me as his wife. But the truth is that I am lucky to get him as my husband. He changed me. He changed me in a better way. He is not perfect, but he is the right person for me. He is the missing puzzle of my life which I used to talk in my previous speeches.”

He was happy, not because she said in public, but because he understood that she said it from her heart.

Life was moving smoothly when once they fought again. It was not the usual fun banters they have. It was when Annika in fit of anger and sorrow said, “It would have been better if I was dead.”  

It was not said seriously as she knew he would be hurt. But words which came out cannot be taken back. He got angry and left the room in anger. She went back of him by saying, “Shivaay, I am really sorry. I didn’t say it purposely. It just came out of the flow. You know when….” 

He cuts her off by saying, “You will never learn. How much ever I tell you, how much you know that I can’t stop loving you, you never listen to me. You are with your stupid inferiority complex. You don’t even care about me. Don’t even come near me.”

Saying this, he goes to Om’s room. Om was out. Only Gauri was there inside. Gauri saw her bade bhaiyya with an angry face. So, she asks, “What happened Bade Bhaiyya?”

Shivaay says, “Nothing much, some official stress. That’s it, Gauri.”

Gauri says, “Bade Bhaiyya, you are lying to me. What happened?”

Shivaay reveals everything about the fight to Gauri. She thought for a while and says, “Bade Bhaiyya, I know she would have hurt you by saying that, but think for a moment, will she ever say like that to hurt you. She would have said that in a flow and not seriously. Sometimes, when we are angry, we may blurt out things which we didn’t even think off. Even she said, she wasn’t serious. So, I think you should talk to her.”

He says, “Thanks, Gauri. You know, you and Bhavya are the sisters who I am fortunate to get. I will go and talk to her.”

She says, “It’s okay, Bade Bhaiyya.”

Shivaay leaves the room and goes to their room. He hears her sobs as he goes near her. As soon as she sees him, she hugs him tightly and says, “Shivaay, please don’t ignore me. I said that in my anger. I never meant it. Please forgive me……” 

Suddenly, Shivaay feels the grip of hers getting less. He looked at her and understood that she is unconscious. He pats her cheeks to wake her up, but she didn’t. He sprinkles water on her face, but she didn’t get up.

He immediately calls the doctor.

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  1. ItsmePrabha

    Cutely aur smoothly life jaa rhi hai unki.. Lovely episode achu.. Will be waiting for the next i. e., epilogue.. Sad that it is going to end.. Take care and love you?? achu

    1. Agga4102

      Thank you so much, di!!!!

  2. Nikita_jai29

    Aww its is going to be end… Lovely update dear

    1. Agga4102

      Thank you so much!!!!

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