Siddhi Vinayak 10th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Siddhi saves Vin just in time

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Siddhi Vinayak 10th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari ends up hitting the bowl in which Bappa has been put. She looks pointedly at the immersed idol. Urvashi says you failed in your every attempt to kill Superstar Vin Kundra. Manjari says failure or success does not matter. One should just keep trying. I killed Vaibhavi, Lakshmi and Kanta in my attempts. She tells Urvashi how she had killed them all. How can I forget Shivam! Poor soul! He was going to tell Vin everything. I had his daughter yet he wasn’t listening to me so I killed him! Urvashi is about to pass out but Manjari holds her. Are you fine? Urvashi nods. Manjari asks her if she knows why she did all this. I killed them all only for this property.

Rajvir applies brakes and Bappa’s idol falls in Siddhi’s hands. Siddhi prays to Bappa to protect her Vinu till the time she reaches home. They resume driving.

Manjari says these papers just need Vin’s signature and then they will be transferred. You know who will be the sole heir of this property? It will be my Rudra’s baby. Now you have to decide who you will support. Do you want to rule the house by supporting me or do you wish to die for no reason by supporting Siddhi? Manjari holds Vin’s hand while talking.

Siddhi and Rajvir stop the car outside Kundra Mansion.

Urvashi agrees to help Manjari. I am not mad. Siddhi fooled me for a while but not anymore. I know what is good for me. Manjari accepts it. We need to take Vin’s signature on the papers now. She manages to take Vin’s thumb impression. There is movement in his other hand again. Manjari smiles happily. Now I don’t need my foolish son!

Siddhi and Rajvir are shocked to see Prachi unconscious on the sofa. They get worried seeing her condition.

Manjari tells Vin it is time to stop his heartbeats. She moves the drip button to the opposite side. Vin starts breathing heavily. Manjari bides him adieu. I will sleep peacefully tonight after so long. Urvashi agrees with her. Vin starts shifting uneasily. Manjari stands there watching him.

Siddhi sprinkles water on Prachi but nothing happens. She realises that something is going wrong upstairs. She runs to Vin’s room. Rajvir picks Prachi and takes her upstairs.

Siddhi enters and sees Vin breathing heavily. She rushes to him and notices the drip button. She fixes it back to normal. I am here. Nothing will happen to you. Don’t give up. Vin starts breathing normally after a while. She hugs him and cries. I am really sorry. I shouldn’t have left you alone.

Rajvir enters with Prachi and makes her lie down on the sofa. He asks her about Vin. Siddhi takes Manjari’s name angrily.

Someone (Kabir) comes to Kundra Mansion stealthily. He has covered his face with a blanket. Gauri is about to lie down when he enters in her room. She gets worried for a second but then runs to hug him tight seeing his face.

Prachi has gained conscious. Siddhi asks her what all happened since they left. Prachi tells them everything. I don’t remember anything after that. Rajvir is sure Chachi ji has done it. Where was Urvashi? You both were together. Siddhi regrets trusting Urvashi. She has double crossed us. Rajvir thinks to check the app to hear their convo but Siddhi is sure that Manjari has already found out about it. She misguided us. Prachi asks her why Chachi ji will try to kill Vin Bhaiya. She dint get his thumb impression till now. Siddhi notices the blue ink on Vin’s thumb. It means Manjari took Vin’s thumb impression on the papers. Now she will try to kill Vin. She holds his hand. Siddhi Vinayak Kundra wont let it happen at any cost. Manjari Kundra has only seen my defensive side till now. Now she will see my attack.

Manjari breaks Vin and Siddhi’s photo angrily. She came again as Vin’s shield. I would have killed him today but! Urvashi reasons that they already have the property in their name. How does it matter? Manjari picks the photo again. Just getting Vin’s sign on the property papers isn’t enough. Vin must die! I have to make sure that tomorrow is his last day! No Siddhi will be able to help him in any way! His time is over. She throws the frame on the floor again.

Next morning, Siddhi is sleeping holding Vin’s hand. His fingers move again. She wakes up and looks at him in surprise. Why did I feel as if he shifted his hand? She caresses his head and kisses him on his forehead wishing him good morning. His pillow is wet. Did he cry? It means he did move his hand! She asks him if he can hear her. Please give me a hint Vinu. Move your hand again please. Give me some hint so I can know you are listening to me. Can you hear my heartbeats? She experiences another movement in his hand and is overwhelmed. Try again Vinu. She kisses on his hand happily. You can hear me! I will make sure you are fine very soon.

Precap: Siddhi and Prachi are doing puja. Manjari enters in Vin’s room. It is completely dark. Siddhi is praying for your long life whereas you will take your last breath today! She keeps a pillow over his face in an attempt to smother him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good episode… finally Vinu heard everything and he is fine… loved SidVi scene alot…No one see Kabir in kundra mansion.?

  2. Waiting for tomorrow episode.. the precap so interesting…?

  3. Friends Siddhivinayak will go off air on 18th jan.

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