Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 61

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Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…


Rudra and Sumo sat on the bed and started discussing about project when Sumo started caoughing again.

‘’Are you alright?’’ Rudra asked Handing over the glass of water

Sumo nodded drinking it

‘’I can see how much you are alright?’’ he whispered

‘’I heard what you said’’

‘’so? What are you waiting for start your lecture Saumya. There is absolutely no one around and you need to stop yourself to insult me ‘’

‘’Rudra..do you…do you think ‘’ Sumo’s throat got dried

‘’I am listening, I mean I am waiting for you lecture …come on switch on your hurls, insults, lectures and gyaan’’

‘’why do you think so bad of me Rudra? What did I do that you are saying so? ‘’

‘’like really Saumya…you don’t know what you did or said till now or you want to hear it from me’’

‘’I am not able to understand you Rudra…one moment you show care and concern, the other moment you speak as if I am someone whom you would never want to be around you. One moment you agree to whatever I say, the other moment you show regret that you listened to me. why Rudra? Why ? ‘’

Rudra felt bad but he made up a strong face

‘’do you think I should or I will answer you. If so forget it. We came here to meet Annika didi and my brothers. Remember MY brothers and once this period ends we will be back to where we belong and till then I think as you said we should act professional isn’t it?’’

‘’You have changed a lot Rudra’’

‘’yes , I have changed a lot for good and I am definitely a better person now than I was before’’

This raged Saumya

‘’you know what, you can never be a good person, you know how to hurt others , you now how to break the heart of others with your words. You have this special talent of doing so and specially with me and to me. You want to be professional right…then yes I will be professional but dare you…dare you care for me whether I am good bad or dying’’

‘’Stop it’’ he held her hand and twisted it

‘’Why? Why should I stop when you started? I am not your servant to act as per your orders. I am an independent girl who has got a job by my own talent not because of family business..get it Mr.Rudra Singh Oberoi’’

The last words made him lose the grip and she pulled her hands back rubbing them and writhing in pain

‘’At last, at last you have vented out the venom that filled in your heart …I never thought you would say such words. Yes , I am working and handling my family business but remember I am also an employee as you are and I never behaved as boss ‘’

‘’really, then what did you do say and do few days before when Shivaay left us everything on us to handle there..you taunted me that you are the boss and I am a mere employee . Now you are changing the words…wowww…really woww’’

‘’yes, I said , that’s because then I had to calm you down and cut you off and now I have said this because I am with my brothers and when I am with them I am just Rudra not Rudra singh Oberoi..you can’t understand this because you have no siblings’’

She had tears when he referred to her siblings because she knew she lost her brother . Rudra realised what he said and was about to apologise but the matter went already too far and Sumo left towards the living room.

Later he came near her , holding her hands, he took her inside the room and locked the room

‘’what’s that you are doing with me Rudra?’’ she almost screamed

‘’Listen, I don’t care about you and this is the truth…but onething I am warning you…we might have differences and those are personal differences, so let it be within us…if you even think of saying all this to my brothers or Gauri didi or Annika didi , then’’

‘’then what Rudra? What would you do?’’

‘’what I will or can do , you don’t even know’’

‘’As if I care. But , listen Mr. Rudra Singh Oberoi, I am not like you, definitely not, so you don’t worry, I will never talk about our personal issues to any of them even though you hurt me deeply’’ she spoke and sat down to work


‘’Om what was all that?’’

‘’what? What?’’

‘’why were you holding my hand beneath the table and acting as if you don’t know anything?’’

‘’I was just teasing you’’

‘’teasing me and why?’’

‘’because I love to tease you’’


‘’yes, you can try me in this’’

‘’om you are too much’’ Gauri playfully hit his hands

‘’I can be three much too’’

‘’Stop it Om…don’t you think you are becoming naughty day by day’’

‘’well that’s because these days I am spending most of my time with a very naughtiest girl’’

‘’what..you mean to say I am naughtiest girl’’

‘’I didn’t say anything you came to such conclusion’’

‘’Very funny…think if I am naughtiest girl then what would call Anika didi?’’

‘’no..i mean I have to think of a new adjective to place behind the superlative form of Naughty’’

‘’right…so take back your words that I am not naughty’’

‘’Naah , you still are naughtiest girl to me’’

‘’huhh’’ she folded her hands and turned to other side with her back facing him

‘’Come on Gauri you can’t be angry on this silly thing…’’

‘’I am not angry..i am just…forget it’’ she smiled withut being seen by him

‘’Gauri …look, I was just teasing you  and trust me you are the best girl I met in my life. Someone whom I can share my feelings with , someone with whom I can be myself and’’

‘’And…say say I am liking it when you are praising me’’

‘’Gosh , you were playing with me…’’ he turned her towards him and saw her smiling

‘’you are impossible ‘’

‘’isn’t it….by the way thank you for those compliments ‘’

‘’well thank you can be said in many other ways too’’

Gauri looked at him and blushed seeing the naughtiness in his eyes

‘’Gauri, why are you silent, till now you were talking and countering me’’

‘’I …I think we need to complete the work because of which we are here in this room’’ she started to move towards the table and chair , when he pulled her making him back hug her.

‘’Om…’’ she held her hands which were around her waist


‘’We should work’’ she spoke in an almost inaudible voice

‘’Should we now, I mean , we are in city of love Paris and then it is snowing outside  and …’’

‘’Om, don’t make things difficult ‘’

He turned her towards him and looked at her

‘’Gauri, did I go beyind a limit with you’’ guilt clearly being seen in his eyes

‘’No…No Om…not like that’’ she held him tight and spoke

‘’then , why were you saying it is difficult’’

‘’don’t you understand what I meant by difficult’’ she spoke and felt shy

He thought for a second and then ‘’Ohh Shoot…I totally misunderstood…I mean ‘’

She giggled ‘’It’s okay…shall we go for work’’

‘’I don’t think I can work now, I mean I don’t want to and  and ‘’

Gauri took steps towards him and raising her foot she placed kisses gently on his cheeks and walked towards the chair while he stood still holding his cheeks with his palms.

She sat in the chair and placing her cheek over her palm and settling her one hand on the table , she stared at his expressions and smiled. Coming to the reality he moved towards her and held her hand making her stand up and took her to the balcony.

They remained silent yet both were happy from inside. She held the railing while he back hugged her holding her waist, as they looked at the heavy snowfall which was turning everything that could be seen into blissful white.



‘’will you be with me like this forever?’’

‘’Om..i donno what to answer you…I don’t want to think about future , I want to live in the present. Right now with you being around me, I am feeling as if I am the most luckiest person and frankly Om, nothing is there in my hands or your hands, so why think about forever when we have this hour with us’’

‘’you are right…’’ he hugged her much tight she smiled ..Smiled from her heart which was visible on her face.

Turning her around he planted a kiss on her forehead , followed by eyes, cheeks and came towards her lips, she blushed and hugged him while he reciprocated.


‘’Shivaay, why are you staring at me like that? Is something wrong?’’ she sat on the bed and started looking at herself

He giggled

‘’What? Tell me ? is something over my face?’’

‘’Cuteness’’ he murmured

‘’You said something. I couldn’t here you’’

‘’I didn’t say anything’’

‘’No you said’’

‘’No stupid’’

‘’Shiv swear on me and say you didn’t say something’’

‘’you are mad Annika, who swears for such silly things and you know I can’t swear on you for any reason’’

‘’then it is confirmed you did say something’’

‘’Come on Stupid’’

‘’I am already here where should I come up to?’’ she winked

‘’God , you just skip one topic to other without any break and the person who is listening to will go mad’’

‘’that’s my speciality’’

‘’that is not speciality, that is stupidity’’

‘’come on Shiv don’t be so jal kukda for not having this versatility of mine, I mean you can accept , no one is here’’ she again giggled

‘’looks like you are on a high today Stupid and I know how to bring you down’’ he started moving on the bed towards her crawling.

‘’Statue’’ she at once said

He didn’t move, and taking full advantage of the situation she started wiggling (gug gudi karna) him and he tried to control himself but was terribly failing, she was laughing while seeing his expressions and finally said ‘’Move’’

He at once held her and said ‘’Statue’’, she knew what was coming and she already started having goosebumps with the increasing proximity as he moved very close to her….

Opening the jacket she was wearing to protect herself from cold, he threw it away on one side of the bed, her breathe was hitching once again and her heart was shouting silently ‘’don’t do this Shiv, I am going week’’

Tracing his fingers from the fingers till the joint of her left hand, he started kissing her all the way along her hand. She knew she started all this and had to bear, she also knew she cannot move but she had those unknown pressed feelings arising within her and closed her eyes without caring for the ‘’STATUE’’ game rule.

Reaching towards the nape of her neck he again traced her fingers when she left a moan at one point he identified it to be her soft spot

‘’No…Someone Please stop him ‘’ her heart again screamed silently

‘’You are hawwt Stupid’’ he spoke huskily against her ears , she froze .

He held her by her waist and looked at her , Placing a feather kiss at her soft spot she again  gave a deep moan, he moved towards her earlobe , placing a kiss at her ear he whispered ‘’You can Move’’

She was still, ‘’ Still ‘’

Seeing the affect he had on her he smiled , smiled because he knew none can have the same effect on her other than him and felt elated as she didn’t say a word to resist him from doing what she called as ‘’Cheapdipanti’’

Eyes closed , she being still, he held her by her shoulders and said ‘’Stupid, are you alright?’’ these words brought her from the pleasurable trance that she was in, Blushing she looked at him and ran towards the window of the room.

He came behind her and held her hands which were over the window glasses and moving a bit closer touching the back with his friends he rested his chin on her shoulder from behind.



‘’why me?’’

‘’because you are ‘’

‘’I am what Shiv’’

‘’because you are stupid ..’’ he laughed taking steps backwards

‘’I can’t believe you said this at this point’’

‘’what did you expect?’’

‘’as if you donno’’

‘’I donno’’

‘’Liar, jhutebaaz, Liar singh Oberoi’’

‘’ok stop, stop, statue’’

‘’bhaad mein gaya Statue statue…I will not leave you ‘’

(let statue statue go inot gutter)

‘’I can’t clear the mess again so don’t start fight again we already have one today morning while setting up the room’’

‘’haww…Haww…cheapda singh Oberoi’’

‘’but I know when I behave as Cheapda with you…I have seen now, just now when, I was ‘’

‘’stop, stop, don’t say ‘’

‘’why , why are you blushing?’’

‘’Shiv please na’’

‘’ok fine…you know I cant deny you’’

‘’aweee…sweet singh oberoi’’ she went near him while he took steps backwards she pulled him and gave a hug to which he reciprocated as tight as possible

Lifting her up he placed her on the bed and covering her with duvet, he too slipped into the same.

‘’we were to work right?’’

‘’work can wait, but this time where we are together wouldn’t wait and I can’t miss any of such moments with you stupid. I have waited for these moments for years and now I want to live these’’

She moved near him and pulled his head to rest it on her chest, while he placed his hand around her waist, she ruffled her hair , placed a soft kiss on his forehead they slipped into deep slumber’’


Precap : Rudra’s birthday and some flashbacks !!! To know more stay tuned

This is the Sixty first episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!

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  1. Nice episode dear. Rudra and Saumya having heat argument. The other couple’s are having romantic moments. Hope rudra and saumya patch up.

    Take care

  2. Aniriya

    Hi hari
    ???? today’s update was awesome oh my god shivika track was ??? loved the game statue and move i blushed looking at shiv chepdapanti and rikara track was good, rumya always need reasons to fight looking forward how they will pacify each other.
    Bye keep smiling and take care

  3. ItsmePrabha

    Hello akka.. Koncham tension filled khidkithod romantic episode akka.. Tension emo rumya heated argument gurinchi ☹☹.. Loved rikara scene and convo.. And inka mana shivika ahm ahm gurinchi cheppanakkarledhu.. Heheheh.. They’re khidkithod different in doing romance??.. Overall loved the episode.. Hope rudy ka bday se rumya ke beech differences khatam ho.. Precap is damn interesting.. so thwara thwaraga post chesai.. Will be waiting for the next eagerly.. Till then take care.. Love you loads ??..????for now.. And ha keep smiling ☺☺…

  4. JeevithaTK

    Hi akka…
    The episode was lovely good episode akka… But I don’t y I was nt able to enjoy completely akka. Becoz Wen Rikara nd shivya were enjoying the moment bt my lovely cute couple were nt soo much heated arguments.. Kash even they had some special moments btw them akka… U know akka while their argument was going I was thinking they end ND some ?? may happen sply Wen somu came to living room he may apologize bt no ??????… I wish in Rudy’s b’day all they misunderstanding may sort out…. Will b waiting for next episode akka….
    Akka I do understand akka.. Me just to read ND post 4lines comment I say text/exam .bt u to post the episode I may take more time.. I do understand akka.. ALL THE BEST AKKA.. will be waiting for next episode till u post akka… Take ur time but it soon akka??????. Lots of love to u nd Akki TC

  5. Nikita_jai29

    Romantic update… Love you dii

  6. Niriha

    Fabulous update di…shivika romance??Rikara scenes superb?but why rudra always hurting sowmya..feeling bad for sowmya eagerly waiting for next part update soon
    Love you ?? Take care

  7. Hi friend how are you.i think that you’re able to manage daily routine n classes well.i hope that you are enjoying your classes well. U stated na that it’s the best thing supporting n being with you just wanted to state that without breathing how much difficulty we will face like that I can’t stay without supporting n being with you dear.your writing is just like breathing for me.i too should enough of thankes that you supported in my tough times n its a great god gift n present to me.n I’m lucky to have you my side all the time n I’m very much happy to be part n share of your writing.while you are taking gap also you are filling the void space with your lovely romantic brilliant perfect n most cutest family time of 3 pairs.im just widening my eyes n opening my mouth with the narrating of beautiful wonderful n sweetest moments that I’m living so hyper nicely deliciously n fabulously .even the words are same my feelings n love towards you is increasing raising n reaching to the unreachable heights n peak levels.you should be given lots of prasial certificates infinite medals uncountable awards for excellent gorgeous n perfect skills that your house is not sufficient n you should build another bungalow to store them.keep it up.i just want to hug you that I’m feeling placing n living success full of perfect couples of narbhi shrekunal n leeneha.before disappearance of Ib from me.everytime when I’m reading shivika Imean stupid khadoos it making me more emotional attachment n missing of narbhi .just I’m missing them like hell n wondering that they became a daily part of our lives to watch them forever n ever n never want to leave , miss n out of my life.khadoos stupid intimacy caring love n behaving as childhood dudes is most likable enjoyable n joyful .their romantic moments n dealing with each is simply super topper n glamorous.with them the rikara n rumya is too naughty n funny n extending their roles n story is soo natural impressive n attractive but not more than my shivika.excellent n perfect you girlfriend.

  8. Chaithu

    Hi Hari lovely update sensible fight between rumya but they are now childish mentality it’s ok this is also one type of love …
    And cute rikara and their scenes are so nice..
    And our shivika romance scenes are super they are amazing and unbeatable in romance in on screen and in our story also …love u both..
    Happy weekend Hari and take care dear

  9. Pritika


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