Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha and LD seeing the lake view from the balcony. LD says isn’t beautiful. Radha smiles. LD stares her. Radha says she saw beautiful beaches in Mumbai. LD praises his Mathura’s lake. Radha asks why did you come to Mumbai then. LD says work is done. Radha stares him. He calls her angry bird and teases her talking about pani puri, golgappa etc. Radha asks him to say Mumbai is the best.

LD gives up and tells her that Mumbai is the best. Radha asks her to say Mathura is the worst. LD doesn’t say it. Radha then tells him that she needs to talk to him alone. LD asks her to tell. She says she don’t need disturbance and wants privacy to talk about it. They go to her room. LD thinks to be alert and says she can’t be straight. Radha asks him to wait and looks in her bag. LD thinks she got a gift for him. She takes out an envelope, just then she sees Suhasini and gets tensed.

Suhasini asks what is in your hand. Radha hides the papers and then it is a script given by her Papa. Suhasini tells her that it is not needed now and asks her to get pen and paper. She asks LD to excuse them. LD agrees and thinks why Radha is looking tensed. Suhasini asks Radha to sit with her. She makes her write the recipe. Sadhna comes and asks all set. Suhasini says yes. Sadhna asks them to come for dinner. Radha looks at her watch. Sadhna tells her that they have dinner early. She tells early to rise, early to bed and early dinner too. Radha says ok. She recalls Sadhna conversation with Govind that she wear suit to divert every attention from Radha. She takes out salwar kameez. Suhasini says my daughter is changing her clothes before I say. Radha says she is doing this for Sadhna aunty.

Suhasini says I see. Radha talks to Isha on phone and asks her to wait as she couldn’t get the network. She comes to LD’s room by mistake and collides with him. She gets shy seeing LD in towel as he just comes out of bathroom. They have an eye lock. Radha falls in LD’s arms. They start arguing again. Radha says you waits for a chance to talk cheaply. LD says you seem to have like my physique. Radha says she has to go for dinner. LD asks her to call him if needed. She calls him Leela Rani and asks him not to mess with her. LD snatches her phone. Radha asks him to give her phone back. The servant comes and sees them together. She gets shy and asks Radha to come for dinner.

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Sadhna comes to Murli dhar and asks him to come for dinner. Murli Dhar says Papa is not talking to you. Sadhna says yes and says he will be alright in some days. He has so many hopes from me. Murli asks why did you upset your loved one. Sadhna asks what are you saying? Jayshree calls Murli. He leaves.

Jhanvi asks Suhasini and Radha to sit for dinner. Suhasini says they will eat with Sadhna. Dada ji asks them to have food. Suhasini finds it difficult to sit on the floor for dinner. Radha teases her saying I told you to do yoga before. LD comes and sits beside Radha. Sadhna serves them food. Radha is about to eat food. Everyone stares her. Dada ji tells her that they pray before having food. Everyone prays. Dada ji asks them to start the food. Jayshree asks them not to leave food in the plate. Suhasini gets worried.

Radha asks Dada ji why did we sat on the floor for having food. LD says food will be easily digestible. Murli asks Jayshree to bring hot roti. Radha thinks her tummy is full and the food plate is still full. Jayshree adds two more puri in her plate. Radha gets worried. LD offers his help. Radha says no need. LD asks her to nod her head three times if she needs his help. Radha nods. LD exchanges the food bowl. Suhasini looks at Radha’s plate and thinks she eats so much and is still thin. Sadhna sees LD taking food from Radha’s plate and starts coughing to divert Jayshree. LD eats food with much difficulty. Radha says thanks God. LD asks her to thank him.

Dadi Bua comes and asks Chameli to bring gajar ka halwa. She says she will make LD eat it with her hand. LD says he will eat tomorrow, but Dadi Bua insists him to have it. He eats. Jayshree asks Suhasini who takes care of your husbands. Suhasini says she has one husband so husband, not husbands. She says he can take care of himself and even makes food. Dadi bua asks them to attend the aarti at 4:30 am, before the sun set. They get surprised and tensed. Radha asks Suhasini how is your dream vacation. Suhasini says she is thinking as if she is in military camp. Jayshree thinks party have just started.

Radha asks LD to come to the garden area in 10 mins. LD comes and asks her to tell. Jayshree comes to interrupt them.

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