Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, investors ask viraj why should they invest into his academy,viraj says bcoz u wont never get the potential and fire in anyother academy as ours,investors say but that was two years back,viraj says I know when u will see my academies talent u will know . laxmi and ramesh call nisha to wish her luck,nisha says she isn’t nervous and cousins are their here for moral support.gayatri asks shekhar what is he doing,shekhar says wait for nishas turn and u will know.viraj introduces investors to the participants,he introduces nisha as laksha academies new hope.viraj explains them the sequenc and wishes luck and joins the investors.

Gayatri gets a call from shekhar saying priyanka has picked up nishas gun, gayatri rushes to priyanka and asks her to shoot with other gun. Priyanka gets ready and aims she performs bad,investors say I hope ur other participants are good looks like priyanka has forgotten how to shoot, ektas turn she performs bad as well investors get upset at it, and scratch of ektas name,investors say this performance is so bad its waste of time. Investors say viraj we hope nisha is good if not we would like to leave,viraj says nisha is very good sir.nishas turn, nisha picks her gun,shekhar is watching all this, cousins get excited to see nisha,suku calls ramesh and says its nishas turn,dolly says lets cheer nisha,umesh says no we cant she needs to focus, viraj goes to nisha and says nisha lakshas academy is in ur hands so just do it.
Shekhar says no motivational speech will work nisha will definitely fail. All are looking forward for nishas performance, nisha takes her position and shoots but fails,nisha doesn’t understand what happened,shekhar smiles with joy,suku tells ramesh nisha missed her first chance,viraj gets tensed.dolly asks nisha to calm and focus, nisha takes her position again and shoots but misses again,all are shocked,investors get angry and say stop it its all waste of time ur shooters are bad and we wont like to invest ,two years back u had the best shooters but now ur shooters are worst. Suku goes to nisha and says its ok nisha,nisha says I did my best but this gun its something wrong with it and goes to viraj,gayatri stops nisha and says u made us look so worst its bcoz of u that academy will get no funding now,nisha says I need to talk to sir plz,gayatri calls security and says don’t let her talk to viraj,guards don’t allow nisha to meet viraj and so nisha shouts virajs name loudly,viraj asks guard to leave nisha and walks towards her,nisha runs to viraj and says sir something is wrong with gun I shoot really well,investors says what all is this drama ur acamdemy has lost all its dignity we guess,nisha says plz stop talking about viraj sir he is a very good coach he is not to be blamed plz don’t make fun of his dreams,investors says ur making fun of us,viraj says sir im sorry,investors say we cant stay here anymore and we wont fund this academy,viraj tries to explain but investors don’t give viraj a chance,nisha says sir,viraj says I wont like to talk to u.
Shekhar says laksha acdemy is finished now viraj singh rathore.

Shekhar says to nisha may be u aren’t made for shooting,that day may be it was just a lucky shoot and viraj got excited so I think u should leave this thought of shooting.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Thankz Tanaya…

  2. Feeling really bad for viraj and nisha…

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  7. nice episode …………….. thanks tanaya for fast update ……………….and viraj you don’t worry nisha tumari problem door kar degi …….hope ki viraj ko sekhar ka plan jald se jald pata chal jaye ……………..and love you niraj……………………….

  8. haan SS, really hope ki yeh zyada drag na ho…

  9. Hope viraaj quickly know the truth of his friend shakes

  10. d spoilers,they r awesome

  11. Update plzzzz

  12. Todays epi plz

  13. Can someone tell me what are these spoilers??

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