Dil Dosti Dance 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Everyone is shocked to hear Raj and Kriya talk, Raj says to Kriya that they need to tell Rey that they are engaged already. Kriya says I don’t know, but Raj says firmly that they have to. Kriya comes to Sara, Sara was angry at her. She says Rey deserves to know. Kriya says Rey deserves a lot, but she can’t give it to him. She will talk to Rey after the musical, when the time is right.
The next performance is from Rey and Sara. Kriya enjoys the performance. At the end of the performance, Kriya claps as Raj does. Oberoi says the programme is going great, but there is time for the show to end.
Huma was thinking in front of mirror that he is leaving. Simmi comes to the changing room, and asks if she is ready. Huma was lost, but says she is ready. Karma comes out of rickshaw, and walks thinking about what Huma had said to him. He tries to call her, but regrets that the battery is off. Huma tries his number but it was switched off. Huma was distressed.
Rey gets Sara’s call; she calls him to Huma’s changing room. Rey comes there, and says to Simmi that she and Nil has to perform. Simmi asks how Nil can give two performances. Rey says his and Sara’s play has to be at the end. Simmi goes to inform Nil. Rey comes to boys changing room, and tells Vicky and Amar and ask them to go to stage and chill the crowd. They try to joke with the crowd on stage. The crowd starts to shout at them, and throw shoes at them. Oberoi laughs that they are falling from now. Sara gives the boys signal, they leave. She announces a love story, in which the lover lost everything. The story is about Paro and Devdas.
Kriya meets Rey, he asks how she is. She asks why he is being so formal. He says they couldn’t talk. She says a lot is going on. She appreciates the event. He says thank you. Rey asks who is Raj. She says they will talk after the event about it. He gives her the way, she leaves.
The performance of Nil, Bharat and Amar begin. Oberoi is curt as the event goes fine. His sends his men to spy them.

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Karma comes back, and enters the changing room. The goons lock the room. Sara keeps calling Huma, she says Simmi and Nil’a performance has ended. Huma says Karma’s phone is switched off, Karma won’t come. Sara says they can cancel her performance. Huma says she will dance. Sara says it is a duet, how she can dance. Huma says she will dance. Karma comes to the room, it was locked from outside. He watches no one was there and knocks the door from inside. He calls everyone.
Sara makes the announcement of the other performance; the story of titanic, about Rose and Jack. Swayam wonders he has seen Raj before with Kriya as well, who he is. Bharat tells him about their engagement. Rey hears this and drops the mike. Swayam comes to him, Rey leaves. Huma begins the performance.
Karma tries to get out of the room, through breaking window of the washroom. He is hurt in it as well. Huma dances alone. Karma joins her from behind, the group cheers and the crowd as well. Sara looks for Rey, as she can’t get him on the intercom. Swayam asks her to call him. Rey sat in isolation alone, thinking about all the times with Kriya.

PRECAP: Rey and Sara dance together.

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