Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 30th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha thinking about Renuka’s words that she has to get LD signatures and have to go to Mathura. She thinks she has to hide and take the papers. She keeps it in her bag. Suhasini packs her bags as well. LD messages her that he is sure that she is packing and asks her to carry woolen clothes. He asks shall I buy muffler for you. Radha gets irked reading his messages. Radha gets Isha’s call. She asks her to carry sweater etc as it is cold weather in Mathura.

Isha says I feels LD started loving you. Radha says he is 100 percent fraud. Isha says I never saw him looking at any girl. She says there is some connection between you and LD. Radha cuts the call and sees Suhasini keeping her clothes in Radha’s bag. She takes the clothes from Suhasini’s hands to stop her from seeing the papers. Suhasini asks her to keep new clothes. Suhasini talks to Radha and says she doesn’t like to scold her. Radha says she is understanding what she wants to say, but she don’t know. She says the result is going to be big fat zero. Suhasini says we can only try. I know if you try from heart then its result will be good. Sudhakar calls her. Suhasini thanks Radha for agreeing to go to Mathura and says I love you.

LD waits for Radha’s reply and thinks why she didn’t reply. Radha thinks thank God Mamma didn’t see the divorce papers or else she would turn Lalita pawar. LD calls Radha. Radha pulls his leg angrily. LD teases her as well. Radha says you are not humor but tumor. He asks what are you bringing for me from Mumbai. Radha gets angry and says it is a surprise. She thinks she is bringing divorce papers. LD says as you are coming it is enough.

Sadhna instructs the servant to cook for the guests. Jayshree comes and taunts Sadhna indirectly taking LD’s name. Sadhna tells her that she is proud of her son. She says he got a good teaching from city. Dada ji hears her. Sadhna says she is proud of her son. Jayshree asks Dada ji not to think her wrong as she is blinded in LD’s love. Dada ji says he can understand what she is trying to do and says she is adding oil in the fire. Jayshree gets irked as Dada ji understood her plan.

Suhasini wakes up her younger daughter Rupa. She then wakes up Radha. Radha says you wants to see me off permanently. Suhasini says she thought like that and asks her to get up. She tells Sudhakar that they have come. LD wonders what to wear and thinks to impress Radha. He says he will say I love you. He smoke a cigarette and then hears Sadhna calling him. He sprays powder on him and then breaks the perfume bottle to cover up the smoke smell. Sadhna comes and says she will asks servant to clean it. She asks him to get ready to bring Radha. She gives him clothes and asks him to get ready. LD closes the door.

Neighbours comes and tells Suhasini that they felt good to hear that Radha is leaving for her inlaws’ home. Sudhakar gets shocked. He says what Radha will think. Suhasini says she heard their taunts. She serves them tea. The neighbors ask are you taking clothes for your daughter’s inlaws and husband. Suhasini says she packed everything and shows the bag. Neighbour says very good and asks about Radha. Jhanvi asks LD to show her Radha’s pic. She says she is not in your facebook friends’ list. LD asks her to look in his eyes and closes his eyes to describe Radha. He tells her that Radha is innocent and praises her beauty. Radha is shown getting ready. LD says I likes her. She has a grace and charm in her.

Radha is one of them who carry Indian dress beautifully. Radha comes wearing jeans and top. Suhasini asks her to wear the dress which she brought. The neighbour taunts her. Suhasini takes her to the room. Radha says she won’t change her dress. It doesn’t matter what I wears. Suhasini says elders may feel bad and thinks you are disrespecting them. Radha says she is not disrespecting them and wants them not to judge her with clothes. She wants them to understand her. Suhasini says ok we have to leave. The neighbor says we will do Bidaai box and gives her gifts. Radha thanks them and says lets leave. Suhasini says I will keep it in Radha’s bag. She opens Radha’s bag and sees the envelope. She picks it and asks what is this.

Radha is seen dancing and LD is mesmerizingly staring at her. Dada ji comes and seems angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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