Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 30th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the hotel manager talking to Arjun and Poorvi. Arjun says we are thinking to stay in this hotel, as guests are coming to our home. The manager says we understand, you won’t have any problem here. Arjun takes the keys. The manager asks his name. Arjun says different name to save them from their families. The manager asks them to go too room. Arjun takes Poorvi. Dayal is brought home. Everyone worry for him. The doctor treats Dayal and says his blood loss was much, he would have been serious if taken to hospital. He says I have done all bandages, and I know Lakshya knows everything and will control it. Lakshya thanks the doctor and asks Gauri to drop the doctor outside. He says he has to get some stitches and no need to take hospital, I will do it at home. Neelima worries.

He asks her to go out for sometime, he will come out after doing stitches. Neelima leaves. She cries. Lakshya comes to her and pacifies her. She misses Poorvi. He says why should we care for her, dad’s accident happened because of her, if she does not worry for us, why should we worry for her. Neelima says but Poorvi is our daughter and she has right to know this, when she hears this accident news, she will leave everything and come. He says how will we find her, her phone is off. She says I got blank call and I m sure its Poorvi’s. Lakshya calls and says can’t connect. He messages her.

Arjun takes the phone and says now you won’t call anyone, your family wants to know where are we, don’t worry, no one can reach us. She asks till when will we hide. He says till we marry, wait till morning, then we will marry, we will find temple tomorrow. She says we thought this today too. She says I feel we will never get married, I feel we should get apart. He says we can’t live without each other. She says yes we are unable to love together, our families will never let us be happy, atleast they can be happy. He asks her to ask her heart can she live without him, he will die without her. She says I m afraid that anything can happen with you. I don’t want to get hurt, even if we have to get apart.

He says I don’t want this safety without you. You are my everything, I can ready to die, but not away from you. She says how will we unite. He says no one can stop us, we won’t give them chance. He says we are fine and together, and no one can break us, I decided we will marry now. She says here. He breaks a chair and ignites fire in the wood. She says marriage is not a joke. He lights the newspapers and wood. He says the people who love are not afraid of anyone, I will marry you and make you mine forever. He says you have saved me from sinking in water, and I started loving you, and today this moment will unite us forever. He says whatever anyone do, they can’t break us.

He says I will end all your words that out fate does not have our union. She says marriage is not kids’ game, we should marry infront of Lord. He shows her the Lord pic and asks will you marry me or not. She says I will marry you, but without mantra and pandit ji. He says marriage has vows for husband and wife. He says we will make our own marriage vows today, and takes rounds with her. The mantras play and their love journey is shown in FB.

He puts sindoor in her hairlines and makes her wear the mangalsutra. He says now we are husband and wife and we will have small home soon. She smiles and hugs him. He says now we will have many little kids on our honeymoon and we will give them love ad good values. She cries happily. He asks did he say anything wrong, or is she not happy with this marriage. She says you spoke about family and I miss my family, my mum and dad gave me these values and I m whatever is by them. He apologizes. She says no, its big day of our life, I had big dreams of our marriage and everyone will be happy. He says he wants to see her smiling, and teases her. She smiles. He kisses and hugs her. Yeh dil sun raha hai……………..plays…………….

Nisha wishes Arjun and Poorvi to be always happy and together. Watan comes to her and sees her standing at the window and happy. He asks what is the matter, how are you happy today. Watan scolds her and raises his hand. She argues and scolds him back. Bachcha Singh calls Watan and he leaves her. He asks what happened, and Bachcha Singh is frustrated on not getting Arjun and the Rs 5 crore loss. He says we lost the land. Watan asks how did this happen, I did the setting of that land. Bachcha Singh says I don’t know. Watan thinks and says Bhanu did the setting.

Arjun thinks why is Poorvi being shy, I have to do something to make her happy. He gets an idea and says cockroach. She gets scared and he hugs her. She says I m very afraid, please make it go. He says I can’t do anything. She says you are my husband now, you took vows. He laughs and says I was joking. He says I m seeing you are shy, and did this to get you close to me. He holds her closer and they have an eyelock. Yeh dil sun raha hai……………….plays………………….

Arjun massages Poorvi’s head. He says he loves his wife a lot. She looks at him with love.

Update Credit to: Amena

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