Veera 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 30th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvi stopping Veera from meeting Baldev. She says she is worried for Baldev and wants to see him. He says what will happen in one day, you met him yesterday. She cries. Rajveer beats a goon to show Baldev has beaten him. The man says he has beaten Baldev well. Rajveer says don’t show any wound on his face and break his body. The goons beat Baldev. Ranvi says Baldev killed Nihaal. Veera says I know its not true, I will go and meet him. He says you won’t go anywhere and won’t meet Baldev. The goons give shocks Baldev. Jaggi and Billa hear his screams and come inside police station. They say Rajveer that they want to meet Baldev. Rajveer asks did they get lawyer and scares them. Jaggi runs to see Baldev and is shocked seeing him. The goons hide.

Jaggi asks Rajveer what happened to Baldev. Rajveer says Baldev is sleeping, get lost now and don’t come here again, else I will put you inside as well. Rajveer kicks them out. Veera cries and tells Gunjan that she loves Baldev a lot and will support him. She says I don’t know whats happening and why. Bansuri comes to Ranvi and asks him to save Baldev, as Rajveer has beaten up. Ranvi says no one can beat him in jail. Bansuri says Jaggi went to meet Baldev and saw him fainted in lockup, Rajveer is not letting us see him, he is your friend, go and meet him once. She folds hands and requests him. Ranvi says I will see him. She leaves.

Ratan sees Ranvi. Ranvi comes to police station. The goons beat Baldev. Rajveer attends Ranvi and asks how did he come. Rajveer brings the man, and says acts like being very good. Ranvi says Bansuri said Baldev is beaten up. Rajveer says no, Baldev is beating others. He says you know Baldev, he gets angry and does anything. Ranvi says how can he do this. Rajveer says I treat Baldev well, but if I explain, he turns and sleep. Ranvi sees Baldev sleeping. Rajveer says we wish we get rid of Baldev. Ranvi apologizes to him. Balwant talks to lawyer and comes to know Baldev can’t get bail easily. He gets sad and cries.

Gunjan waits for Ranvi and prays for Baldev. Veera asks her did Ranvi come. Gunjan says he went to see Baldev, as Biji came. Ratan asks Gunjan to make kada for Chai ji. Veera asks Gunjan what did Bansuri say. She insists and asks again. Ratan says nothing, go and have food. Veera stops Gunjan and says she feels Ratan is sending Gunjan, I want to know what happened, is he fine there. Ranvi comes and says nothing happened to him.

He says Baldev is beating others in lockup, nothing happened to him, he is fine, such people are born to hurt others.Veera says did you talk to him. Ranvi says no, I don’t need to, Rajveer told me what happened there. Veera says this can’t happen, it’s a misunderstanding, I know he can’t do this, I will talk to him, let me meet him once, last time I was not in any thinking state. He asks what will you find, you forgot I was there when Baldev was standing there with murder weapon near Nihaal. He says you are mad, Baldev is a criminal. He says you will not meet him from today. Veera cries.

Veera asks Baldev to meet her near temple and meets him at night.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What violence please make Nihal alive and state the truth and put ran it in jail for life

  2. Ranvi, a born idiot and illiterate; Rajveer, a total looser who cannot contain his lack of being able to get any decent girls to sleep with, and Veera, so much in line with Ranvi’s stupid ideology, that she cannot take her own decisions and lets Ranvi control her,, and Ranvi has to be proven wrong, time and time again and yet, Ranvi cannot grow up and learn from the past, but fall for Rajveer’s lies and deceits. What a stupid family, and what a stupid drama… Is this how all Punjabis are? Stupidos? And the script writers? Or they just care about their TRP’s, while selling out Hindu cultures for money an self gains….So a request to everyone, Why watch their stupid dramas, when there are better things to do than giving them encouragement.

  3. how come no one says that the inspector might be lying
    ranvi trusts him so much even though he has known him for only a couple weeks

  4. Please make Nihaal alive and send Rajveer to jail

  5. Stupid ranvi…mai uska chasmadit gawah hun…rubbish..tumme usey weapon k saath dekha weapon use karte hue nahi for this reason u should try to find out the truth instead of blindly trusting that double face rajveer like a foolish..huh

  6. Ranveer is dump….

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