Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD asking Radha to come closer to him and take her earring from his hand. Radha comes nearer to him and takes her earring. She then bites his hand and turns to go. Her dress zip opens up as LD holds her. LD gets shocked and closes his eyes. He then zips her dress. Radha gets shy. LD says small things do happens in big cities. Jayshree is pumping the borewell to fetch water. She starts acting seeing Suhasini and says her back is paining. Suhasini asks her to rest. Jayshree says I can’t rest as Dadi Bua gave me this work. Suhasini says I will fetch the water and asks her to rest. Jayshree goes. Suhasini gets a bucket of water and sees so many empty buckets. She sees Jayshree relaxing. Banwari and everyone are seen enjoying the festival. Suhasini thinks they are classic joint family and are celebrating right.

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Shyamali gives laddoo to Murli Dhar. Banwari says he will win this time. LD says I will win. Banwari asks about his team. Dadi Bua says she is in LD’s team. Shyamali says she is in Murli’s team. Jayshree says Sadhna would be in LD’s team. Jayshree says she is in Banwari’s team. Banwari says I will die seeing you giving me so much respect. Suhasini comes and says she is in LD’s team. LD calls her lucky charm and says he doesn’t need anyone now. Radha comes wearing the earrings and a heavy dress for the occasion. LD looks at her and smiles. Radha looks good in the dress. Dadi Bua thinks of Dada ji’s words that he saw LD falling in love with Radha. Radha says she is making her own team. Jhanvi says this is only boy’s game. Radha says girls can do anything and can play any game. Jayshree thinks this girl will sell LD in sale. LD asks her to do her own work. Radha challenges him. LD says you will lose. Radha says I will cut your kite in 10 mins. Everyone laugh.

Radha says I challenged you Mr. LD. Jhanvi and Shyamali say they are in Radha’s team. Jayshree thinks she also has to change her team and goes to Radha’s team. Dadi Bua says she is also in her team. Suhasini says she is in Radha’s team. LD says my lucky charm. You too. Radha smiles. LD says challenge accepted. The girls’ say boys will lose. The boys say girls will lose. Radha says you woke up sleeping tigress. LD says I will make you lose, so that you never touches kite again.

LD and Radha go to the ghat to fly kites. LD asks Banwari to fly the kite from his team. Shyamali represents from Radha’s team and fly the kite. LD cuts Shyamali’s kite. Murli asks how did you feel after losing. Shyamali gets happy seeing Murli talking to him. Dada ji comes out of his room and looks in the house. Govind comes and gives him money. Dada ji asks Shambu, where is everyone? Shambu says everyone is on the ghat to celebrate Makar sankranti. Dada ji asks what is happening there? Shambu says kite competition between girls and boys. Dada ji looks shocked. Radha and LD are holding the threads of the kite. Banwari gives kite to LD and asks him to fly the kite, Radha is about to fly the kite representing her team. Shyamali gives her best wishes.

LD and Radha are seen flying their respective kites. Dadi Bua asks Radha to cut LD’s kite. LD sees Radha getting affected with the sun rays and tries to cover her up. He imagines them flying kite together. Banwari asks LD to pull the thread. LD pulls the thread and says thank god. Radha teases him. LD says I was just testing you. Jayshree cheers for Radha. Dada ji and Govind come there. Radha is in full spirit. LD says I am giving you a chance. Whoever loses is called Baazigar. Dada ji sees LD losing. Radha cuts his kite and gets happy. Dada ji feels bad. Banwari asks LD, what did you do? LD says sorry. Radha teases him.

Dada ji asks LD to sit with him in the shop. LD refuses. Govind scolds him for running behind Radha.

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