Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ragini taunting Neil that because of him Aman did stitching for the first time and says she did not like him joining hospital, but now does not mind. Aman comes back excitedly and says Dr. Devika is not believing me and hugs her, says he will sponsor a dinner for her tonight. Neil gets jealous seeing them hugging and walks out. Aman gets conscious and apologizes her for hugging in front of her husband. Ragini says Neil is her ex-husband and it is hospital and people are looking at him. Aman nervously apologizes her again and says their dinner is final.

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Agam enjoys dhoklas at terrace with Arav and Nishi. A kid drops mini plastic national flag from building by mistake. Agam runs and catches it. Nishi says he is more proud of their country than them even after being at Us. Arav says he is completely different than Ranbir and has different values than him. Agam says Ranbir did not apologize anyone till now except Ragini yesterday. Nishi says she loves spending time with them, but is getting married. Agam says they can celebrate her marriage differently with both their parents and asks how to convince Ragini. Sunny says only Neil can convince her.

Ragini and Aman are about to leave for dinner when Nivedita comes and says Neil called her here. Neil comes and says he wants to thank Nivedita for taking care of her family and wants to take her for a dinner and thanks Neil and Aman for making him realize that he should spend time with Nivedita. Ragini gets jealous. Once Neil and Nivedita leave, she asks Aman to cancel dinner plan as she is having headache. Aman asks if Nivedita is her headache. She says no and she really has headache.

Ragini gets into auto and reminisces Neil’s concern for Nivedita. Neil on the other side while driving car with Nivedita reminisces Ragini hugging Aman. Pam calls Nivita and asks where is she. She says she is going for a dinner party with Neil. Pam gets happy and tells Neil that he did not go out with any girl till now and suddenly he is planning dinner with Nivedita, she is very happy for him. Neil cuts call. Karan calls him and says Nishi has come with Agam and Arav to his restaurant and wants to meet him. Neil says he is on the way for dinner with Nivedita, but will come there right now. He apologizes Nivedita and goes to Karan’s restaurant.

Neil reaches Karan’s resturant and asks where is Nishi. Karan says he knows he wanted to avoid dinner with Nivedita and asks not to be harsh on himself. Neil asks him to stop beating in bushes and asks again about Nishi. He says she is with Dimpy. He goes there. Nishi hugs him followed by Arav. Neil asks what is the issue. She says he gave him whatever she needed and came to ask him a favour again. He asks what. She says she does not want her marriage in a restaurant but wants a destiny wedding. He says he is okay with it, but who will convince Ragini and Pam. Karan says he will convince Pam and Dimpy says only one person can convince Ragini and points at Neil.

Neil reaches Ragini’s home with children and asks Ragini if she did not go to dinner with Aman. Ragini says she went. Nishi surprisingly asks why Aman. Ragini asks her to go into room with Arav and Agam as she wants to talk to Neil. She asks why did not he go to dinner. He says he could not finalize place. Sunny comes and tells Ragini t that dinner is ready. Neil asks if she really had gone for dinner. She says she did not. Naani asks Neil to join Ragini for dinner. He hesitates but agrees on her insistence. While having dinner, Naani says they have finalized gujrati items for Nishi’s marriage food menu and asks if he has any punjabi items to suggest. Ragini says Jignesh’s family and her family are gujratis and would not like punjabi food, she will finalize everything as Neil is just a guest. Neil says she is right, he praises dish thinking naani has made it and says he wants to kiss her hands. Sunny says Ragini prepared it and he should kiss her then. Neil gets hiccups and says it is very hot and salty.

Neil walks out after dinner. Ragini says he changes his words so easily. Nishi with agam runs behind him and asks if he spoke to mom. He says Ragini is possessive about her wedding and he could not speak. Agam says he has to. Neil agrees.

Precap: Nishi gets emotional thinking she has to leave her home after marriage in 2 days Ragini consolves her and says she can come whenever she likes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Great going so far makers pls dont spoil the story or the serial like some other chanels r doing

  2. Just can’t wait for ragani and neil to get bk together. I would like to knw the name of the song that was playing.

    1. The name of the song was ‘ ‘tose naina’ from the film mickey virus

      1. Thank you

  3. this was a superb episode very very very nice….great going on….

  4. SUPERB EPISODE….i just love when ragini and neil feel jelous and cant see each other with the third..why sony t.v. has changed the timing of repeat telecast..7p.m. was a good time for repeat..i cant manage my schedule 8p.m. sony tv please.. please.please make the repeat telecast time 7p.m. again….

  5. Nyc going

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