Satrangi Sasural 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan calls the mothers, and they ask him why is he calling now. Vihaan says that he wants to know if he has been forgotten. they all smile. He says that he wont be able to do anything, if he isnt forgiven by them. He adds that he is feeling very bad, as he has done this for the first time. granny says that they all bless him to be successful in all that he wishes to do, and that he shall get punishment from them. He smiles that they arent angry, and promises that he shall return soon. They all wish him the best of luck.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Rosy blindfolds arushi, giving the excuse that the party venue and every other arrangement is a surprise for her, sponsored by her boss, who’s extremely happy with her work. She is boggled, while rosy says that she is in for a treat. Vihaan too takes a cab excitedly. He gets Narmada’s call, who asks him for a good restaurant to have lunch in. He mentions one, and asks if everyone is okay and granny isnt too upset. she assures him that everything is okay, and asks if he wont even tell her. He says that if she has faith on him, then he shall tell her at the right time. she happily agrees. He cancels the call, and says that he is sure that they will be happy with arushi.

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Scene 3:
Location: Restaurant
Prahlad and girish are eating at the same fine dining hotel, that vihaan suggested to his mothers. Girish asks what would they do about the bill, having ordered so much. Prahlad says that big hotels have a weakness, that he shall encash on. They continue eating. girish is surprised to see Mini coming with the other ladies. He is tensed to see her, and excuses herself. the ladies sit down, and start bantering, on vihaan’s prospective wife, as usual. Narmada presents the idea that they can search separately, one each, so that the maximum probability of landing a good wife happens. Granny hears this, and asks if they can eat, or be engaged in the discussion itself. priyanka starts looking at the menu. she oversees Prahlad taking out some stones from his pocket, and mix them in the food, and then hollering at the servant, for bringing such a food, and that he shall drag their hotel to the consumer court. the waiter starts begging him not to do anything like that. priyanka comes in asking that this man shouldnt be allowed, as he is a fraud. She says that due to this woman, the chef’s job would be gone, and he has to pay up. She says what she just saw. He behaves rudely with her. Mini comes in, and asks if he has any respect for women. he rebukes her too. girish sees them from a distance. granny too comes in supporting priyanka. priyanka says that prahlad definitely doesnt have money, and if he has, then he shall pay the bill. Prahlad tries to continue the blackmail, saying that he is a bigshot. but they all snub him. Prahlad finds his escape and rushes out. Granny is upset and asks them to leave.

Scene 4:
Location: Bandstand
Rosy gives arushi’s hand in vihaan and he carries off from there. Arushi is tensed and keeps asking where are they. Vihaan speaks that finally he can make her meet her love. Arushi opens her blindfold, to find vihaan standing in front of her. she is baffled. they both eye each other romantically. she asks whats he doing here. he says that he had to, as she didnt meet his girlfriend, and hence he came here. she says that she didnt want to meet him. He asks why. She stops midway, saying that she cant see him with anyone. He asks her to complete the sentence, and look in his eyes. she turns around, and finds him kneeling on one knee, saying that she might not want to, but he would make her meet his girlfriend, as this is the first time, she would meet herself, and look at herself in his eyes, the loveof his life. She is startled. He comes and tells her that he loves her very much, and wants to spend all lives with her, and drink masala tea, and always wants to smile with her, and see her happy always, and wants to live and die with her, wants to make her his, and again and again want to say, that I LOVE YOU. Arushi is overwhelmed with emotions. He presents her with a ring, saying that he wants to make her his. Arushi remembers seeing him with devika, and retreats her hand from his garsp, baffling him. she asks him not to do this, if its a prank. He asks how can he go to all lengths like this, just for a prank. He tries to clarify, while she shuts him. she says that she saw him the other day, drinking masala Tea with his girlfriend. He clarifies how devika supported him as a friend. She says that they belong to different backgrounds, and they have different lives, and that she cant expect to live a life that he leads. he says that he doesnt expect anything, nothing but love, and just wants lots of love from her, and their backgrounds doesnt make any difference, in their understanding, and if they can be friends, then why not lovers. He says that he loves her and if this isnt enough. She tries to speak, while he says that he shall give all tests, but not deny him, just because they hail from different background. He says that he has learnt from childhood, that everything we earn, we leave back here, and what we do take is just love, and his love for her, has always been, and shall forever be, and he is complete with her, and without her, he shall always be incomplete, and even though its his overconfidence, but noone can love her, more than him. she shuts him, covering his motuh, with her hand. She asks if she should say I LOVE YOU, before or after wearing the ring. She too says that she loves him, till the end. she says that for her whole life, she wants to be with him. He is overjoyed, and helps her wear the ring. she hugs him overwhelmed, while he professes his love for her. he carries her in his armd, and twirls her around, as they bask in the glory of their new found love. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Meanwhile, while arushi and rosy are in the cab, she is surprised to her vihaan’s voice on the radio, talking to dilwali kudi, that he is finally exclaiming in front of everyone, that he loves this girl. arushi is surprised at this innovative, overwhelming gesture. Rosy is excited for both of them. Later, at a hotel, vihaan and arushi come across some visitors from delhi. They come and identify him, as Vihaan Vatsal, who like other rich spoilt brats, have come with their latest crush, to enjoy and have fun. Arushi is apalled at what they are insinuating. Arushi is hurt and leaves. Vihaan reprimands them and leaves after her. But he is unable to catch with her, and finds her taking a cab and leaving. he is disheartened.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Arushi! Vihaan loves you much.Good men are hard to fine ,so take him and run to the altar.He fought enough for you.Good episode .Keep it coming. LOL.

  2. I am really loving this episode at first i thought it was dream…but when i read it again i was like OMG! but Aarushi father is messing up things for her i know there is going to be problems in their wedding, Vihaan mothers met him already i doubt they are going to let him marry Aarushi so easily

    1. These mothers need to but right out.

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