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Chiraag was waiting outside, Parul comes out. He asks isn’t he Derwash taking a lot of time. Parul says this depends upon the madam. Chiraag gets out of control and goes inside where Derwash held hands with the Sheikh Haseena. He says she is a cheat, and she must not give much time to him. The Sheikh Haseena says who is he who doesn’t have manners to talk to girls. She didn’t like his manner of disrespect. Chiraag says I am sorry Mr. Haseena but actually he couldn’t see this all, she has come to India and she is being cheated here. He says she has come for them Indians to be romantic, and has come in search of love. This man is playing with her feelings, he is a fraud. Ishaani squeezes Pratik’s hand in excitement. Sameera tells Chiraag that he has been loyal to her, and she appreciates his courage. Derwash interferes that this is his meeting time, and who is he to talk about him like this. He asks if he is a fraud. Chiraag says this man is a cheat, he must have stolen the suit from the drycleaner which he is wearing. Derwash asks him to shut his mouth up. Chiraag says he isn’t saying wrong. He takes Derwash coat’s tag from behind, and says now she believes he isn’t rich at all. Chiraag says he is the real man for her. Sameera asks Rukhsar, Parul to take him and throw him in oil well. Parul reminds her that they are in India. Sameera tells Derwash he is lucky to be here, and asks her to take him out. Parul and Derwash come out.
Disha asks Manas what is this all, he smiles that there are till k laddoo, a saree and some gifts for her. His mom dad must have done this all but the situation is such that he can’t complain to them even. It was her first uttrain pooja yesterday. Disha says its ok, and takes the gifts from him. She opens the box to find a pink saree in it with gold border. She doesn’t like it much. Manas says he is on a new job in RV’s office, he can’t afford more. Disha says she understands him and this saree is also a good one. She thinks if he keeps on doing it this way, her condition will worsen as he isn’t expected to get a raise in salary. She thinks she must get him into some bribery.
Chiraag gives a red rose bud to Sameera, kneeling down. He says she is more beautiful than he had thought. Sameera also accepts his rose, and says he is beyond what she had thought. Chiraag tries to kiss her hand, but she removes it. Chiraag comes closer to her, Sameera says she has also felt in love with him. Parul comes there and points at Sameera through her eyes. She says she can’t even read it, she must see it herself. She shows her some text message on mobile. Sameera takes the mobile from her, it was Ishaani and Chiraag together.
Sameera calls him as a betrayer. He has been disloyal to her even before wedding. Chiraag is shocked to see the photo. She says he is already engaged to some girl. CHiraag says this photo is a lie, he asks Parul who gave her this photo. She says it was Dewarsh. Sameera asks her to call Dewarsh here. Dewarsh says he himself is here. He accuses Chiraag but Chiraag says he is going to court to save this girl’s life. He will say in the court that this girl is like his sister. Dewarsh says tomorrow he is going to get her marriage broken tomorrow, he asks her to come with him to ask his sister. Chiraag asks Sameera not to listen to him, he offers her to come to court with him. She will know there is nothing between him and the girl, they got engaged but they didn’t marry. He will say in front of the whole world that the girl is like his sister. Ishaani is relieved, they Sharman and Pratik cheer and hugs Ishaani. Sameera says she will go to court with him, and he will have to say in front of the judge that he has sister like relations with the girl. Chiraag agrees. Sharman hugs Pratik and Ishaani in excitement.

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RV come out of the hotel door, he comes across someone in full cover and holding a stick. The lady’s stick slips getting into RV’s feet. He stops while the lady turns. It was Ishaani, she thinks oh no, he must be here for some meeting. She is worried what if he recognizes her. RV holds the stick and hands it back to Ishaani. He leaves.
Ishaani comes to Sameera in that get up.
She asks will she get the news of her marriage from that Rukhsar. And asks who that monkey is. Chiraag says he isn’t a monkey. Ishaani comes into the room closer to him and says he isn’t a monkey, he is an animal. She won’t let him marry such a pretty lady. She comes to Sameera and says why she came to India to like a man here. Chiraag asks who is she. Ishaani goes to him and says she is the mother of Haseena.
She isn’t ready to marry him to Haseena and beats him with the stick. Chiraag runs away from the room.
Ishaani removes her veil to expose herself to Sameera. She laughs, and they hug each other. Ishaani tells her after changing that Sharman and Parul will be with her tomorrow, but she will have to go alone with Chiraag. When he accepts the reality, he will know what game they have played with her. Sameera tells Ishaani not to worry at all.
RV checks out of hotel. Pratik and Derwash watch him. They go to listen whom is he talking to receptionist about, he was asking him to take care of her as she is really special to him. The receptionist assures him. He says no one must know about it that she is with him here.
Pratik and Derwash come to see in the register the name of the guest as Ritika. Pratik tells his reservations to Derwash about Ritika and Ranveer’s relation.
RV comes home. Falguni and Nitin were there.
He signs the files for Nitin. Falguni comes to the door of the room, Nitin stands up to leave RV asks if he has to say something to him. Nitin says Falguni madam has to say something to him. RV says he doesn’t need his presence to talk to her, will you leave. Falguni comes in and asks Ranveer not to do so. Please don’t divorce Ishaani. She knows she was wrong, but it wasn’t that big to be punished so badly. She loves him a lot. RV says he doesn’t have to talk about it and leaves. Falguni says he calls her maa, and still doesn’t listen to her.
She says he used to say Chiraag was a liar, and one must not trust on him and today he himself believes in him. He didn’t want Ishaani to be related to Chiraag and today he himself is breaking his relation to Ishaani on what CHiraag has said. She knows it well, that he loves Ishaani even today. Ranveer shows her the locket of bullet, and says this has changed him. This bullet is between him and Ishaani, not Chiraag. He wasn’t anything in his life, the thing that tried to take his life, the bullet, it means a lot. It doesn’t remind him that he is alive, it reminds him that the Ranveer that lived before has died. He says he has got another chance to live, not to stay happy.

PRECAP: RV asks Chiraag to say anything he want, in court. Chiraag says this is the most important work in his life.

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