Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha thinking reality will be very beautiful. Sadhna asks Shyamali to help Radha get ready. Dada ji thanks Rakesh and says he doesn’t need his help anymore. Rakesh says you might be taking the decision in a hurry. Dada ji says he doesn’t have any objection with the marriage as he has accepted Radha with his heart. Rakesh says we have worked a lot on this and won’t allow it to go waste. We thought we will get more money, but you are not getting the work done. Dada ji says I had given you enough more, you looted Sudhakar also. Stay away from my family else I will get you both behind bars within 5 mins. Rakesh thinks what happened to this old man so suddenly. Someone throws bag infront of Rakesh. He opens it and finds a lots of money. He looks at someone and says you are here.

Radha misses her mum and says I miss you mamma, please come back soon. Suhasini comes and says I missed you too, my daughter. Radha hugs her and cries calling her mumma mumma. Suhasini says I came back to you. Radha asks her about nani’s condition. Suhasini says she is fine now and asks Radha to concentrate for the big day. They hug.

Shyamali asks Chameli to bring havan things. Dada ji comes and says he didn’t see the mandap like this before and laughs. He asks the servant to bring more flowers and gets neighborhood decorates with flowers too. He checks the laddoo and tells Shambu to distribute the laddoo to the poor. He asks Maharaj to make good sweets. He tells Shambu that he wants to see palki. LD looks at Dada ji and feels good. He thinks Dada ji is happy after many days. He hugs Dada ji.

Govind asks Murli, why didn’t you lock the shop. Murli says he will do. Govind says I am happy as you have decided to come for LD’s marriage. Sudhakar tells Suhasini that it is good that you came back. Suhasini asks him about 25 lakhs rupees bag. Sudhakar says he gave the bag to Jayshree. Suhasini scolds him for giving money in someone else’s hand. She says you don’t know her and asks him to talk to Dada ji now itself. Sudhakar says okay. Suhasini says please end this money matter as of now. Jayshree hears them and gets tensed.

LD gets ready for marriage. Sadhna compliments him. Shyamali says groom is ready first. LD says he didn’t take time to get ready. Dada ji comes and tells LD is my reflection. Murli gets irked. He praises for LD’s happiness and smile. LD thanks him. Dada ji goes to get ready. Jayshree thinks I forgot to keep the money in its place and gets worried. She sees Sudhakar going towards Dada ji’s room and thinks how to stop him. She thinks to stop him anyhow. She sees Chameli coming and collides with her. Sudhakar comes and asks is everything fine? She says she collided with her. She asks him to get ready as he has to take Radha to temple.

Maasi ji comes and tells LD is looking more handsome than Radha. LD insists to see her, Sadhna asks him to have patience. Shyamali tells that they can tell him and describes her beauty in bridal attire. LD imagines her and smiles. Radha is seen in a bridal attire. Suhasini tells Radha that most beautiful bride is here. Radha looks at her in the mirror and smiles. Shyamali asks LD to come out of imagination. She says I have Radha’s photo. LD asks her to show the pic and runs after her. Shyamali tells LD to look at Radha with his own eyes. LD turns, but then says he can’t see her as maa said that he can see her only in the mandap. They say that they are going to the temple.

LD sees her in the mirror and smiles. Radha also smiles. LD prays to God to not let anything wrong happen today. Dada ji sees them going and asks where they are going. Jayshree tells that Dadi Bua asked Radha to go to temple before the marriage. Dada ji recalls saying it Dadi bua and prays that marriage gets solemnised. Radha looks at the house. Suhasini says we will do puja and come home.

Rakesh talks to someone and says he will not let Radha marry. He asks the goons that bride and her family should not leave from the temple. He says they might reach in sometime.

LD sits in the mandap. Radha does the puja. The goons fails the car’s brake and then breaks the car’s glass. Radha and Suhasini hear it and are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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