Kalash 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
planner says to Ravi(not Raghu) that i called you for work and you are flirting, Ravi shows that he has changed the lights, planner ask how you did it? Ravi says i said to gilr that we will hire as light contractor in every marriage and in retutn she recommend us for every function, planner says great, he says what about electricity bill, Ravi says we will use house owner’s electricity, he leaves.
Devika is busy in giving exam, one guy throws cheating paper near her after cheating, examiner thinks paper is of DEvika and says you are cheating, come with me, Devika says i was not cheating, this exam is important for me, my Dada has so much hopes with me, dont stop my exam, check writing too, its not mine, teacher matches writing of cheating paper with everyone and he finds the real cheater, he ask cheater to go out and ask Devika to continue the exam.
One Guy(goon type) comes in college, he comes in teacher’s cabin and slaps the cheater guy that why did you cheat? what you thought that i will support you, he then says to teacher that pass him, teacher says how can i, guy says you know my name, he says i am youth leader, if you had known that he is my friend’s son then you would have passed him, you know your wife and son is coming from train, my people are in same train too, i will call them and will ask them to take care of them, he says to cheater guy that sir will pass you now, he leaves.

Scene 2
DDevika is leaving, cheater stops her and says i ave nothing personal against you, i did mistake, Devika says you didnt think once that because of you, my exam could have stopped, you guys dont think that much, you guys get everything easily so it doesnt matter to you alot, i am sure that your parents will also not say anything to you when they will know about your cheating, we are blamed for everything as we are girls, she leaves, the youth leader listens her, he ask cheater to find out who is this spicy girl.
planner ask Savitri to give his money now as he has arranged money, he says we will remove Mandap tomorrow only, Savitri says then take money tomorrow only, she leaves. Ravi is same light contractor girl, Ravi gets a call from planner and says to bring 300 here, Ravi says i am still here, i am with girl, he ends call, rAvi goes in corner with girl.
Devika is in Mandap, they are waiting for Tanushi, the bride. Savitri ask Devika to bring flower basket from store room. Ravi come sin store room with girl, he holds her from back, she opens his shirt, they start making out, DEvika comes there, she is shocked to see couple making out love, she is about to lave but falls, Ravi and girl gets alaramed, the girl leaves, DEvika turns, Ravi says to her that you were seeing us hiding, vbad manners, Devika says i was not looking at you, Ravi ask are you from this house? she doesnt answer, he ask are you jealous, are you my ex-girlfriend? DEvika say i dont know you and neither i am interested, he says i am not interested too, i dont want to dae you here so leave, DEvika says this is my house so you leave, Ravi says that fine too, he says can you pass my shit, she passes it to him, he wears it and leaves. Devika is disgusted, Ravi comes in marriage hall and says she was antique piece. planner ask Ravi to bring money for labor, Ravi says take money from this house members, planner says women of this house are mad, she is not giving me money, Ravi says i agree, i found weird girl in store room, she must be from this house too.

Scene 3
Bride’s family come to Savitri’ house, they give gifts too Savitri devi, Savitri says to chachi that check the gifts and see if they are good enouhg or not. Devika says to Tanushi that you were my best friend and now marrying my brother, it will be fun to live in same house, we will gossip whole day and night, Sanjay comes and says Ajay will kill you as Tanushi is coming here for him, not for you. Chacha comes home, he says some goons were teasing a girl so stopped him, he maybe MLA but i cant bear all this, Savitri says what was the need to get involved, Chacha says i have 2 daughters too, will i bear teasing with htme? he ask Devika to be cautious, they eve tease girl and then girl is blamed whole life.
Savitri sis checking gifts which Tanushi’s parents have brought, she says they could have given aeroplane to Ajay, Chachi says but we dont have airport, Savitri ask her to not speak much.
Devika brings Tanushi to Ambe Maa’s mandir, she says to Ambe Maa that make her your friend too, Tanushi says your relation with Maa is great, Devika says she protect me and i never hide anything from her.
Sanjay is looking out for gilrs, he ask Tanushi do you have any cousin? Tanushi says she must be coming, but let me clear she is already married, Savitri ask them to come, its time for engagement, Namrita comes there, all are shocked, Abhay’s wife think why all are looking at that girl like this, Namrita leaves from there. Ravi is hall, Devika is behind, he turns and Devika turns at same time, Ravi says where is Vikas(planner), Deviks is leaving when her dupatta gets stuck in Ravi’s shirt, they have back to each other so cant see face, Devika pulls her dupatta and runs from there.

PRECAP- fire break out in Mandap, DEvika is surrounded by fire, Ravi ask her to come out else she will die, Devika feels dizzy and is about to fall when Ravi holds her in his arms.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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