Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho coming to know Ankur and Ankita are at hospital. They come to the hospital. Babasa says what will we tell them if they ask us, they will feel bad. Bhabho asks nurse about vaccination and they have evening appointment. She gives the baby to nurse and says we are here. Other people come for vaccination and go. Ankur and Ankita sit with Vansh and Bulbul. Babasa shows Bhabho to see them. Bhabho looks on. Bulbul says you will be fine and smiles. Bhabho asks why is Vansh crying so much. Ankita says he has some cold and cough.

Bhabho says he was fine till night, how did he caught cold in one night. Ankur says even we don’t know. Bhabho says I know, see him, he does not have any black dot, he caught bad sight, and scolds her. Ankita says doctor asked not to do this. Bhabho gets angry. The nurse asks is he Vansh. Bhabhi says yes,. Vansh Rathi. Ankur says Vansh Kothari. Bhabho says yes, Vansh Kothari. The nurse takes Vansh and goes. Ankita says don’t worry, we will take good care of Vansh. Bhabho says why did he get cold. Ankita says maybe because of AC.

Bhabho says what, AC, so little baby, you make him sleep in AC, he will catch cold. Ankur says we run AC for him, we keep normal temp, he did not sleep all night by summer. Bhabho says babies do potty more, and need to change nappy often, if you took anyone’s baby, know the value. Ankur argues and says we have raised Bulbul, you gave the baby, the way to raise will be ours.

Bhabho says Sooraj and Sandhya did big mistake by giving them baby. They leave. The nurse tells Ankur that Mrs. Kothari, Vansh’s Dadi took him, she said she is his Dadi, she took him. Ankur says Bhabho took him. Bulbul cries and asks will they not give baby back. Ankur says she did not do right. Sooraj and Sandhya do shopping and buy same clothes for Vansh and Ved. She says Ankur and Ankita will like your idea.

He gets Ankur’s call. Ankur asks him to come to hospital. Sooraj asks is Vansh fine. Ankur says come. Sooraj says we are coming. Bhabho comes and Ankur asks her to give Vansh. Bhabho asks what is he saying, how will she give Vansh, he has him. He says nurse told me she gave Vansh to his Dadi. Bhabho says I don’t have Vansh. Ankita cries. He asks where is Babasa, oh you have sent both kids home with Babasa, this is not right. He says he did not send him, Sooraj gave baby, not a toy, to give and take back.

He asks what is he saying. He says you are lying, I heard what you said that giving baby to us is mistake. Sandhya and Sooraj come and see them arguing. She asks them to see what Ankur is saying, he has donated and see what he is blaming, they blamed me for stealing the baby. She cries and says think and talk Ankur, I m his Dadi, I told such things seeing him ill, I felt bad. Sooraj says Bhabho never lies. He says you leave it Sandhya, you are her Bhakt, nurse told me that she gave baby to his Dadi. Sooraj says we should see Vansh.

Bhabho asks nurse to give Ved. The nurse says his Dada ji took him. She asks when. Babasa comes and she asks where is Ved. He says I don’t have. They are stunned. He says he was in bathroom. The nurse says old man took it, he said he is his Dada, but it was not him.

Sandhya asks nurse about Vansh. Ankur asks did she take. The nurse says its not her, but she wore similar saree. Bhabho asks who took then. They come to know a nurse is fainted over there. They all cry worrying for babies. Bhabho asks Sandhya to do anything and save babies. The old couple take babies and run, by stealing the babies. They recall in FB how they have used chloroform to make ward boy and nurse faint. They take the babies and run. They tell another nurse that they are grandparents and leave.

Ankita cries and says she can’t lose her child again, she wants her Vansh. Bhabho consoles her saying nothing will happen to our kids, Lord will protect them, Sandhya will save them by finding from anywhere. Bhabho says she will not tell anything, they can raise Vansh any way. Ankita says no, I m sorry on Ankur’s behalf. Bhabho says no, its my mistake, I made an issue and the people got chance to steal the babies. Ankita says no, its my mistake. They cry. Bhabho says police is finding them, we have to pray that we get them fine.

Sandhya tells Kohli that its baby kidnapping case. Kohli says he will check CCTV footage and find them. She says nurse have seen them, make the sketch and find them fast. She cries and Sooraj consoles her. They come to know the findings are going on and they got the auto rickshaw number. She says she will go with them and asks Sooraj to be with Bhabho and Babasa, they need him, she will manage. She goes with the staff. He asks her to take care.

The lady tells the man to take babies and run, if police comes, they will be babies the shield, even if they need to kill the babies.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Crap again!!

  2. Hey…what’s happening yaar. Simply playing drama to make the viewers fools. Plz stop dis drama and end the serial soon. What a crap….separating twins and playing stupid drama. This show has become worse now

  3. This serial was supposed to finish when Sandhya delivered her twins……….its just shit now

  4. Mr . Director. . Brainless. ..useless. ..mindless. ..hopeless. ..waste fellow
    Wat is this stupid creativity

  5. Yes because of this stupidity in almost all serials of star plus have stopped watching d channel n have taken ID channel

  6. Good least this couple were taking twins together not like sooraj and ankur is disgusting and his action towards bhabho very bad.bhabho said the true fact and how dare he to argue with bhabho.

    1. Ankur will talk like this only. .Becoz sooraj given legal powers as adoption.

  7. The kidnapping is not a good plot. What I do love is that SOMEBODY finally is telling Ankur & Ankita that you should not take someone’s child/grandchild. Ankita stated that she does not want to lose her baby again! This is not her baby….it is Sandhya’s. They should have kidnapped Bulbul.

  8. Heh nonsense director kill u man…dafar..bhabho Anita air ankur ko thapad markar vansh ko apna Kar lo…
    Jaldi she leap laaaoo

  9. This week trp will drop even further and drop in position

  10. Brainless Director. a way to continue the show. .spoiling all the characters. ..
    Sooraj and sandhya characters too weak
    Ankur, ankitha and bhabu characters are showing negative shade. ..
    Babasa it’s a waste character.

  11. Senseless new drama

  12. Why they have give away their baby in the first place and go behind those selfish heartless bastards? People spare one baby to someone without any hesitation? A mother agree to give her baby just bez she has two,? No one will do that even they get 10 babies at one delivery. People who don’t want to raise a child, people who don’t have money to raise a child give away their baby, without any expression Sooraj asked Sandya to spare one baby. Is this an object to share? What right the parents has to separate the babies? When they grew up both the boys will be mad at their parents. The director reduced the value of the charectors. Bhabo character ‘s weight is gone, Sooraj proved as an Idiot. Sandya and Sooraj unfit to become parents. Meenakshi exchanged the baby – it’s a sin, when Sandya and Sooraj threw their baby it’s sacrifice.. What a cheap sacrifice .. FB page says they stood on their promise. Who cares about the promise made by this behakoiff such a dumbo… Go to hell with your kidnap plan . Let the useless Bhabasa die

  13. Guys this week from 4th position dipped dowN to 5th position three weeks back before this sacrificing a child started show was no 1 after that this where dey r standing

  14. baby lavneet rajput realy done perfect job ,she really performer child artist ,should be more
    roll extention- speicialy when she is infront of bhavo-nice

  15. bulbul like a concept of every child demand of their parants ,this is just like real life concept
    –u r going very good lavneet-u r were also very chalanging role in rangrasia & neeyti-very intelligent child actress-

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