Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 26th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 26th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha coming to the party after dropping Jhanvi at her hotel room. She sees her phone and sees Kabir’s miss calls. She sees her blouse torn and thinks how to go back to party as Kabir would be angry. She calls LD and asks for his help. Kabir comes there and asks Radha why she is not picking his call. Radha tells about her blouse malfunction. Kabir says your talks makes you different from others. He asks her to relax and chill. LD comes and sees Kabir covering Radha with his suit. He recalls covering Radha before and gets jealous. Kabir asks Radha to come. Kabir thinks what to do? She can’t even refuse Kabir. Kabir asks Radha to come. LD thinks it is her life and she can do anything. The driver tells LD that Kabir asked him to go home. He says Kabir would stay at Radha’s place today. LD gets shocked. Radha thinks what might be LD thinking. Kabir says you are looking funny and cute too. Kabir says I booked room in your hotel.

Radha thinks what to tell to Kabir as Jhanvi is sleeping in her room. LD comes home. He recalls the driver’s words. Sadhna sees him home and asks are you looking for Jhanvi. She says she is not at home. LD asks where is she? Sadhna says she went to her friend’s home for studying. LD asks why did you let her go. Sadhna says she would have gone like before. LD says he is tired and prays for him. LD thinks how to control himself. He recalls Radha bandaging his wound. Kabir comes to Radha’s room. Radha gets shocked and asks do you have any work. Kabir says no and says I invited myself for coffee. Radha says she would have make coffee for him, but can’t as she has to clean the room. Kabir says okay. He invites her for coffee. Radha comes to his room. He makes coffee for her. He says this is for our success. Radha drinks coffee. Kabir says he is really excited about his movie release. Radha says fingers crossed. Kabir gets LD’s call and picks the call. Radha thinks game is over.

Kabir tells LD that Radha is in his room and gives the call to Radha. Radha asks him to say. LD says I was worried and asks if you reached the hotel. Radha says yes. Kabir asks why did LD call you at this hour. Radha says we had left without informing him, so he called. Kabir says he is very much concerned for you. He asks if there is anything going on between you both. Radha says LD is not my boyfriend. She goes to her room. LD thinks of Kabir and Radha’s romantic dance and thinks it is strange that Radha’s absence is bothering him. Radha comes to her room and worries about LD thinking. She calls LD, but his phone is switched off. She wonders what to do? LD gets jealous thinking about Kabir’s words that Radha is with him, in his room.

Radha says I have to tell LD, why she left with Kabir. She messages LD. Radha gets Kabir’s apologetic message. Govind is looking sad. Sadhna comes. Govind says you are not fine until now. Govind says he is worried about Murli and Shyamali. He says his children haven’t enjoyed marital bliss. He says you have never left me because of any argument. He says LD became silent as if happiness went away from his life. He says he didn’t trust Radha. Govind blames Radha. Sadhna says our bahus will set everything right. Govind hopes too.

Next morning, Chameli tells LD that she brought fruits for him. LD is in thinking. Sadhna comes and asks what you are thinking? Sadhna asks him to call Jhanvi. He calls her, but her phone is out of reach. LD says he will see. Kabir rings Radha’s room bell. Jhanvi gets up and opens the door.

Radha reminds Jhanvi that she is standing up because of her and if LD would have seen her in drunkard situation then you knew better what would have happened. LD comes and keeps flowers. He gets hurt and asks to use the washroom. Radha gets tensed as Jhanvi is hiding there.

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