Satrangi Sasural 26th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 26th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s office and girish’s residence
Granny accepts priyanka’s proposal much to her and mini’s happiness. Arushi is tensed, but then happily gives in to the judgement. All board members appreciate her. Granny then happily talks about her happy reunion with her school friends, through facebook, andd gives credit to arushi solely. she smiles.

Meanwhile, girish and his family are kept captive at gunpoint, by shekhar, says that he just has two days weork, after which he shall be out of their hair. Kasturi gets arushi’s call, and she speaks in code languaage, about something fishy going on there. After cancelling the call, Arushi deduces something wrong and decides to find out.

Meanwhile, in her office, Priyanka gets to discussing ideas with her team of three. She starts briefing the major outlines, and instills the competitive spirit in them. She asks about arushi. She gets to know that arushi has gone with vihaan. They gossip that priyanka is behiving extra harsh, when arushi never goes out for philandering and is very serious.

Finally, arushi and vihaan arrive at girish’s place and she is scared. But he is more composed and asks her to relax. They see through the window that everything ia alright. Kasturi sees them bithm and signals them to stop. She then immediately changes the topic, and attracts arushi’s attention, towards shekhar. Vihaan suggets that she can hold the front area, while he tries to get an entry from the back. She is tensed. Arushi isnt able to get in as she finds it locked frm the inside. She then gets to open the lock finally, and opens it. Once inside, all are tensed to see her thre with them. She is shocked to see her family in such a state. A scuffle ensued, and finally vihaan emerged victorious, and pinning down the culprit, while the police siren starts blaring. The renter is tensed.

While granny and harpreet are chatting. when priyanka comes with mini, saying that she dosnt need arushi on the prject as she went during office hours. Vihaan comes back and asks priyanka to hear once atleast. She doesnt listen to explnataions as her decision is final. he tries to say, but granny asks him not to discuss it at home too. She tells arushi that she lovedher idea, but wwent with priyanks ince it was more sfe, and that they cant risk it at all. Arushi says that she cant question her hudgement. Granny blesses her. They retire for the night.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s office
The next few days, arushi finds priyanka workingh late hours to work and finish her assignment. Arushi finds buama going through her employee, aditi’s file, and goes out to check, that aditi is talking on the phone, to someone, saying that the work shall be easily done. Arushi stands tensed. She then notices the designs file on the floor, an picks them up, and guves to aushi, who takes it pointblank. The next day, priyanka delgates work to her team, and then asks about aditi, her team member, and is upset to know that she is on leave.

Scene 3:
Location: vihaan’s residence
A huge chatter is going on, when vihaan baregs in. Their pitches increased. Priyanka shuts them all, as they watch to see what the competitors are doing. they discuss how vatsala shall win. priyanka is shocked, as mini tells everyone that a competitor, stole her idea, completely. All are shocked. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Mini and priyanka point out as to how, someone from inside, only has leaked the idea, to the rival competititons. Mini says that this can only benefit the other person with her ideas. Arushi is surprised. Mini angrily says that she knows who could have done with what possible motives, hinting at arushi, being the mole. Arushi is distraught at such an allegation. All stand tensedly, while vihaann is disturbed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Precap; Vihaan disturbed!?!?! Vihaan needs to stand up for his wife and stop being a mama’s boy!!!

  2. I agree with kristelle come on Vihaan stand up for your wife arushi these so called seven mothers are taking you away from your wife it is like they want all attention to on them first and then arushi in second place no way hosay put you wife first place and as for prianka and mini they are on complete shit now it is about time they come to terms with your marriage to arushi and accept her wholely for me it is all a jealousy thing going on with them anyway arushi do what you think is right and not to take them on at all because those mothers are frustrated because they do not have a man in their lives so get one

  3. Why is granny alway favouring Priyanka is it because she is her daughter no matter what Aarushi done it seems it’s not good enough…i think she should go back to her bank job, i haven’t watch for a few nights i just read update too much garbage is going on in this show can one person suffer so much?! Most woman can hardly manage one mother-in-law how can Aarushi manage seven, seven different personalities smh

  4. Priyanka and Mini Ma are two disgusting old fowl.All they do is to pick on Arushi all the time.I would like them to fail in the competition.

  5. VIHAAN acts like a villain in front of his in-laws, yet he lets his wife suffer mentally at the hands of his so-called mothers who have not true motherly love for him . They are just happy that he is their means to money and comforts. Priyanks needs to get a life and a man then maybe she will be happy

  6. I agree wz rosey

    1. What’s your surname biba

  7. Vihaan is only concerns about this moms happiness not arushi
    Vihaan like he afraid of his so called mother that everything’s they say bad about arushi he believe if i had a husband like that i done leave he cuz i mean when u married some1 you have to deligate urs life to her/his like how she doing it i know mother are very imp but not everythings bad thing they say about ur wife u will believe
    U have to remember when u married is ur wife u have to live with not ur mother

  8. If husbands can’t fight or stand up for his wife then he is not worth living with

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