Manmarziyan 26th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manmarziyan 26th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Piyali keeping Sam and Jai’s pic on her desk. Samrat is shocked. Sam and Samrat hug Piyali. Radhika smiles. The team works happily. Samrat joins them and they all have a laugh. Arjun looks on and gets angry seeing them laughing and happy. He recalls his childhood and Nandini’s death. He recalls Radhika and her words. He sees her and smiles. Sam sees him and comes to him. She asks why is he so happy. He says is happiness always in limit. She says there is no limit of her happiness today, Radhika is great, she showed my way was wrong.

He says she did not let me take you far from here, your mum and everyone. He says Radhika is coming between us and I think I have to move her off our way. Sam asks whats between us. He asks does she not know it, really? She says really. He gets close and says fine, till you don’t say whats between us, there won’t be anything between us. She asks nothing? He says yes, can this happen that there is nothing between us and holds her. He says there is something between us, you believe it or not. She asks what.

He says maybelline new york presentation and leaves. Neil smiles seeing Radhika working and says he wants to say thanks, but no sorry and thanks in friendship, so I wanted to give this blank paper. She laughs and they hold fingers. Arjun looks on and asks them to make the presentation, as Samudra agency is also trying to get the ad, they are our rivals. Neil says we know how to hit the idea.

He says Radhika has hit his idea, by putting trust. Arjun says trust? Really? Neil says I liked the idea and I feel its all good. Arjun says I will decide that, I have presented it. Sam looks on. Neil says I agree but Radhika’s idea is very nice, I think it will add value to your idea. Arjun says I m the boss, not you and asks him to remember this. Sam says Arjun.. Arjun says we will meet in galaxy mall tomorrow morning to research. Neil leaves and Sam goes after him. She asks him not to get angry. Neil fumes on Arjun.

Radhika starts leaving. Arjun says trust…maybe world runs on trust in her Rishikesh, but here such people are called fools. She asks what do they call if a person not trusts anyone, we call him lonely and its not good thing. He says its good to be alone than being in fools crowd. She says crowd is in likely people. Change yourself, trust yourself and you won’t be lonely. He asks does she trust her trust so much. She says yes, I trust myself, anything by happen by trust. He locks the door and takes the keys. He says anything can happen by trust right, lets see can your trust open this door or not.

She opens the door and says I did not shut the door yesterday too, you did not trust me, you felt the door won’t open without keys, trust does not open doors, you have to open door yourself. She leaves. Arjun calls Bonnie and asks work done? Bonnie shows Radhika’s pic to a man and says she will come to give you ad account, reach there in galaxy mall, and this packet will do the rest of the work. The man leaves.

Radhika and Sam see the Maybelline ad and show the color shades. Radhika says its perfect for Sam. Sam says I will be attractive and confident and asks Neil. Neil is sad. Sam asks about the sketch. Neil asks her to ask Arjun, he is the boss. Sam says leave it. Neil says don’t defend him, I don’t want to get friendly with you. Sam asks whats wrong with you. Neil says you like him, I don’t, its wrong with you.

Sam says she will get mad being with mad people. Neil asks when is she leaving Arjun. She leaves. Radhika asks Neil why is he angry, as Arjun is boss or that Sam likes Arjun. Neil says Arjun came in our life, else it would be sorted. She reminds him his words and says they have to bear Arjun. Neil says Arjun can’t understand Sam, Sam is not understanding this, that’s why I m angry, Arjun does not know Sam’s value. She asks whats Sam’s real value. Neil smiles and recalls Sam. He says her value is her uniqueness, and says the incidents, weird and funny. Radhika says if anyone sees a girl like this, it means the guy loves her a lot.

Neil says he is leaving, getting late. She asks what happened. Neil says I think I have seen Sam a lot. Neil comes outside and sees Sam bargaining with the veg vendor. He recalls Radhika’s words. Teri meri dosti……….plays……….. Sam sees him and he leaves. Sam comes home and tells Radhika that Neil left.

Neil comes home and does not take Sam’s call. He plays cricket and gets out thinking about her. Manmarziyan………….plays…….. Its morning, Everyone come in galaxy mall and try the maybelline products. Radhika and Kritika take feedback from few girls and thanks them. Arjun looks at her. Bonnie comes and he says there should not be any mistake. She says she never does any mistake, Radhika’s story will be shut in this camera. He says good.

Sam tells Neil how imp is he in his life, and she has always found him behind her whenever she turned and would wish the same when she is with Arjun. Bonnie frames Radhika and records her with that man, to prove her a cheater.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Now I m really scared about what arjun is upto.

  2. loved the epi a lot xcpt for the last spot!!! love u manmarziyan :*

  3. Shame on u arjun to take ur revenge u kk destroy rads dreams. Then toh like u she should also take her revenge on u . Plzz reveal arjuns past his weird n violent behaviour is eating me up. Loved I samiel too cute couple♡♥♡♥♡♥

  4. The way Arjun smiled at radhika,I feel that soon he will fall for her.

  5. Now i m feeling saral is better than arjun.though he doesn’t match with rad,he is not as dangerous as arjun.he is becoming horrible.

  6. the show seems a bit too slow

  7. Dear priya EHT mahamoive to be aired on star plus on 31st May 3pm to 5 pm.

  8. Cind tdy n tomorrow arjuns behaviour I too agree with u ireena

  9. i totly agree wit u ireena.i lke ur comments true and litle bit funny.seriously ths arjun behavr becming worse day by day whtevr his past might b.

  10. neil n sam ke beech mein pyar laana zaroori tha kya?? i mean they are very good friends yaar…kya ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi ache dost bankar nahi reh sakte…i really wanted neil n radhika jodi…:( anyways loved the epi…the way neil was looking at sam and thinking about her and gets out while playing cricket….so cutee yaar….love u neil…. <3

  11. arjun u psycho,what s ur problem?u hate me.ok.why u r behind radhika?psycho word is not enough 4 you.u c my friend neil hw friendly and caring.u have no humanity.a true man never change his character under any circumstances.stupid ,u r saturn 2 birdsong ,me and my friends.u hurt my neil.u b****y just die.u and ur ugly bonnie die die die.learn some moral values from me,neil and radhu.i am sure u came from jungle barbarous tarzan arjun

  12. I think now piyali will try 2 fix relation of sam with arjun as she likes him.sam will be fully agreed.and see arjun has no enmity with piyali.only with sam

  13. dear irene i dont think piyali will do that so soon…as she on the first place interested in the account which arjun brought but not arjun…she said that account is important for BS…anyways she does that it would easy for arjun to do every single trap…

  14. hey guys..where is devga and sukriti..i miiss them today…and sukriti from yesterday..

  15. Todays episode is a drag …but neil totally stole the show..the way he says everything about sam and realises his love is extremely good…and radhika really made arjun angry…and the door scene smart move by radhika…and precap ..only cvs know..whether arjun wins or radhika wins again…for once when arjun smiled seeing at radhika is cute..unknowingly from his that smile came…in all the episodes i think that will the real arjuns smile..

  16. Hi sonamohan sorry actually for late …
    How r u ??

  17. Ya Irena piyali will not do it soon but there is a possibility of tht to happen …

    And Irena don’t forget dear he has enmity towards the whole family ( on tht party day he saw the family pic and thought of his memories ) but he is now targeting Sam first as she was almost alone and he used this opportunity and started his revenge story towards their family …

    And I strongly feel tht arjun is somewhere behind Jai’s death ….

    And ya I think arjun and bonnie are somewer related to samudhr …

    Wat do u think frnds ?.

  18. About radhu and Neil I dono who can become their partners as I can’t judge them with arjun and Sam respectively…
    But radhu and Neil look great as frnds not as a pair … Chashni and orange and apple always stay togethr dears …

  19. OK meet u DYM morning bye …

  20. U r innovative devga.ur guess may b right.

    1. Thank u …. U too very good in commenting dear …. I think u have good communicative skills ….
      @ ireena

  21. devga…what makes u the expert in writing the very key points of the episode

  22. Inam fine…how about you?

    1. Yup fine … Nothing just guess ….

  23. OK bye sona & ireena …. Will u b here tomo morning?? Letz discuss more

  24. Thank u,devga.sorry,but i will b busy at morning.i will be free at afternoon.tell me if u r free then

  25. hey

  26. tomorroow morning i cant promise but afternoon i will be…bye gud n8

  27. hye sara…whats up

  28. u knw me dr??

  29. hey u gone??

  30. Sara when u get ur ph chk ur mails I have left something really very important for u sweety gn sd swthrt n u know who usses dis sign so bye dr tc

  31. I will try to come here by afternoon..

  32. awesome spoiler of manmarziyan.just check it

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