Tu Mera Hero 26th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tu Mera Hero 26th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Panchi being brought to the police station. Kamlesh is shocked seeing her and the lady complains Panchi about theft. He asks Panchi is this true. She says yes. He asks the staff to arrest her and asks Panchi does she want to call anyone. She says yes. The teacher asks the guard to bring out the kid stuck in washroom. Titu looks on. The guard brings the kid out. The kid cries. Titu asks him to get quiet and entertains the kids with his witty talk. The kids laugh. Nikhattu……………plays………..

He asks them to close eyes when they get afraid, then take a deep breath, else out cold water on head, get cool and see how fear runs. He gets a call from Golu and get the news that police arrested Panchi. The kids ask him not to be afraid and say his lines. They laugh while he sits in shock. Mukund brings some items and keeps it near Govind. Govind asks him whats this and opens it. Rekha says she will eat her fav things today.

Mukund shows the silver glass, bangles and saree. Surekha says it belongs to my mum in law. She asks where did they get it. Rekha looks on and gets stunned. Govind asks Mukund to say. Rekha’s glass faints and Govind asks where is she. Vaishaili thinks maybe Rekha is hiding and eating. Mukund says he got this from mum’s cupboard. Rekha says what happened to him, why is he saying truth. Mukund says he saw this and got it to him, as he has right on this. Vaishaili says she got bangles outside her room and gives her.

Mukund says Govind is their elder and does not want anything than his blessings, and apologizes to him. Rekha says is this my son and did he got change by Vaishaili. Govind gets angry getting a call from police. Rekha gets glad. Gulgule comes in Chetan’s home. Manorama and Arvind get glad. Rachna greets him. Gulgule makes him laugh. He praises Rachna. Chetan smiles. Manorama and Chetan talk to him and say they want him to win in the laugh riot event. Gulgule says failure and winning is interesting thing of life. Arvind laughs and they all have tea.

Kamlesh sees Panchi in lockup and asks his staff did they not see criminals before and asks them to work. He asks Panchi how can she do this stealing. He asks her to tell the truth. Titu comes running. Panchi smiles seeing him and thinks he has come running, it means my plan will work.

Keshav comes home and asks Vaishaili where are everyone. Vaishaili says police arrested Panchi so she has gone there. Bhagwati says what. Keshav asks her where did she go and holds her hand. Bhagwati says she went to get ticket, and reminds him that she will go with her son. He says you won’t do this. She says I will do this.

Titu says Panchi ji and sits to drink water. Titu says Panchi in cage. Kamlesh says she did robbery. Titu says she is female police herself. I would have arrested you if you were not in police. He asks Panchi to say she did not do anything. Govind and Surekha come with Golu and Mukund. Govind asks whats this, you know your daughter Panchi and you know she can never do this. Kamlesh says she is my daughter outside this police station, she is a culprit here and she has accepted her crime, there are evidence and witness against her.

Titu says he is going against law. Surekha says Mukund made the papers ready to bail her. Mukund gives the bail papers and 15000rs. Panchi says she did robbery and she will sign on bail papers if Titu earns money and bails her. Titu and everyone is shocked.

Many neighbors come to meet Gulgule at Manorama’s home and talk to him. Manorama says many poets will come but Gulgule is best. He says some poetry and makes them laugh. Titu asks Panchi did she do this intentionally. She says exactly. Titu says he has seen her risking herself in winning this fight. She thinks I wish he understood my life and so she is doing all this. Titu says this is blackmailing. She says he can get annoyed, now she will be in this jail. Govind asks her not to be kiddish, how will she stay in jail. Panchi says she will stay forever if Titu does not arrange bail.

Kamlesh says this is jail, she does not know big criminals are also scared to stay here, he can’t help her, as he has to respect his duty and uniform. Panchi sticks to her words and says she will stay in jail. Titu says idea, I will come back with bail money in two hours, and asks Govind to stay here. Panchi thinks what will he do.

Govind asks Titu to earn money and bail Panchi. Gulgule asks his PA to find Titu, as he has good humor sense and he will need him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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