Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 26th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with someone informing about cow going mad and running blindly on the road. Everyone rush outside and see the cow. LD gets shocked and sees the children playing on the road. The cow pushes the vegetable cart and proceeds towards the children. Suhasini prays for everyone’s well being. LD jumps like a hero and saves a handicapped man from the cow. Jayshree gets surprised. Radha shouts to save the kids. LD jumps again and goes towards cow. Radha thinks to distract the cow and runs towards the cow. She falls down on the road. Everyone get shocked. LD holds two kids and runs, while one kid was still lying on the road. Radha thinks how to save that boy while wearing the saree. She takes out her saree on the road. Everyone get shocked. Suhasini is tensed. Dada ji gets shocked and looks down. All the ladies start gossiping that Radha wore jeans under saree.

Radha throws her saree and it falls on the cow’s head. She saves the boy and handover to his mother. She gets shocked seeing the cow coming towards her. Everyone get shocked. LD comes and saves her in the nick of time. Everyone get relieved and happy. Suhasini thanks the God. LD asks are you okay? Radha says yes and asks about him. He says yes. The cow’s owner comes and takes it back. Radha does hi- five with him and hugs him. Mere Sawalon Ka Jawab plays………LD smiles while everyone get shy looking at them. LD says you are really mad, took a big risk. Radha pulls his nose.

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They come inside the house. Dada ji asks LD, are you fine. He says yes. The kids’ mother thanks them. Jayshree asks her to wait for sometime. Kanchan calls Radha inauspicious. Dadi Bua asks what are you saying? Suhasini says my daughter saved the kids, risking her life. Kanchan tells Jayshree that Radha is really inauspicious. Other lady supports her. LD asks her to stop badmouthing and says you didn’t see her gesture. She might have kept quiet, hiding her jeans, but she saved the boy risking her life. They say they will go. Sadhna asks them to stop. They say they are getting insulted. LD says we didn’t call them. Dada ji requests them to go back to their respective homes. He says Muh Dikhayi rasam was done. We will invite you for the future rituals. Kanchan gives the saree to Jayshree, saying it is your house respect which was lying on the road. Dada ji is shocked.

Suhasini says it is unbelievable to look at their mentality. Radha saved their children and they are bad mouthing about Radha. Jayshree badmouths about Radha. Sadhna says she loves Radha very much and she has respect too for her in her heart. Dada ji says it is a good thing to save someone’s life and today you did that, but unfortunately people will forget it very soon. They will not forget about your clothing. They will forget about your bravery act. He says people will gossip the incident. He says this is our society and asks her to think whether she will be able to live in this society. He asks her to wear saree properly as she wrapped saree on the jeans. He says we are very particular about our rituals and customs. Radha looks sad. Dadi Bua asks them to end the matter and asks all the women to come to her room. Everyone leave from there.

LD looks at Radha who is crying. He catches her tear in his hand and then makes her sit. He says Dada ji praised you today and told Rahim’s doha. He praises her and says you will get a role of a super woman. Radha smiles. She wonders about people thinking. LD says they are sick people. You don’t know your value. Look in my eyes and you will know that you are priceless. Radha looks in his eyes. LD says this society is like this only. He promises to support her in every situation and every moment. I will support you. Dadaji thinks troubling situation bring two people closer and it is not a good thing. LD and Radha look at each other.

LD and Radha are together. Dada ji says the more they get closer, the more they will suffer. He says for their future, we have to separate them. LD is seen teaching Radha how to wear saree. Radha laughs.

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