Jamai Raja 26th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with DD asking Raj why did he come to meet her after ruining her and family’s life. Raj says his Sid’s life is in darkness and she has his Roshni. She says his wife snatched everything and now he came to console them. He apologizes on behalf of Simran and gives her legal documents saying he has compensated her loss. DD checks papers.

Security guard stops Roshni from entering the venue. She says nobody can stop her from entering into her own house and gets in. She sadly looks at the whole house and reminisces the moments. She comes to her room, sees her and Sid’s photoframe there and reminisces his promise that he will keep the family united and she also telling that she is lucky to have him. She runs out of room to the hall and reminisces Simran asking DD to vacate the place in 5 minutes.

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DD tears papers and throws them on Raj. Roshni on the other is about to walk out when she sees Simran coming in and reminisces how she repeatedly told that she is her daughter. Rajveer and Kritika comes behind Simran and asks why did she come here. Roshni congratulates him for his remarriage and he easily made her mother-in-law as his mother-in-law. Krutika (filthy witch) starts yelling and insulting her. She sees Roshni holding something and asks if she is stealing something. Roshni tries to walk out. Simran stops her and asks what is she stealing. She shows god’s idol and says she is taking her Naani’s god idol as it does not have place in this house. Simran says she is alleging them for her mistakes. Roshni says yes, she made a mistake by not understanding the true relationships. Simran says if those relationships does not matter to her, she proved that daughter-in-law is always daughter-in-law and cannot become daughter, so she should get out of her house.

Roshni starts weeping and calls Simran mom. Kritika (ugly baffoon) says Simran is only her mother and asks Simran not to come in Roshni’s trap. Simran says she wants to give her one more chance and asks to come back to Sid who loves her a lot. Roshni says she will come back if she returns DD’s property and apologizes her.

Raj stops Sid and asks where is he going. Sid says he is going to Roshni to apologize her as he cannot stay without her. Raj says everyone are angry now and he should wait until they calm down, Roshni loves him and will for sure come back.

Simran (agony brainless aunt) says Roshni that she will not apologize DD and says she can walk out with idol. Kritika asks Roshni to get out from her. Rajveer (greedy, scheming dog) snatches idol and asks her why does she come here often to get insulted and starts brainwashing her against Sid that he is a rich guy and has rich hobbies, he went overboard to get her. He asks her to tell Sam not to wait for her and walks out. Roshni feels dejected.

Precap: Sid tells Simran that he told her Rajveer is a greedy crook, even then she made him a family member, he will not accept him as a family member any time.

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  1. Wat rubbish is going on in this soapie..

  2. Just hate the storyline now……..grrrrrrr……it ws so easy for I’ll hearted people to win everything they want…..how can it oes so smoothly for Rajveer and Kritika? Thy get what they wanted wt brainwashing Simran…..started to hate her character…..I don’t think she should change so drastically immediately afte found her long lost daughter…..it reallyk stupid how she can forget all the bad behavior of Kritika and go against he husband and her son…..the storyline is irritating now……

  3. These writers are a joke Simran is one of the most stupid character ever written…can one person be so stupid impossible!! all these series started off so nicely, but after a time they makes no sense whatsoever, they draw in the audience but fail to keep them.

  4. it exciting but I don’t like what is happening and simran please believe sid and throw rajveer out

  5. Utter bullshit…krutika n simran are bitches…big time

  6. These story lines have reach a place where it does not make any sense.Where did these writers learn to do script
    writing? The same ghetto mess all the time.Come on people,we want to see something that we can feel the
    story.It is boring,boring ,boring.

  7. Hate it when the Writer just cannot find a better way to change the storyline, Sid on the other hand has no mouth and cannot talk n explain wen asked to do so!!!!! The time wen he is trying to get to DD house it took him sooooo long!!!! It felt like foreva, while Simran is hailin abuse at DD e.g After Sid his smashin car , then Rajveet hitting him, then it was fallin, can’t get a cab !!!! Please all this is absolute shit END…..

  8. Absolute Bull shit if y ask me, totally predictable, any1 wud hav realised that Rajveer gonna b Kritikas husband, as for Simran, all this while she was not ther for her witchy daughter so why has she now become the Villian, oh pls man, this mother cannot b so daft or can she :)), totally shit if u ask me, END it

  9. Jus hate this bullshit…its better it end soon so irritating yuck

  10. Seriously, this track is never gonna end and even if it ends we want the next track without these bullshit craps Simran; RV n bitch Kritika !!!

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