Jodha Akbar 26th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Salim and Anarkali comes on wallside to tie thread on wall, Rabba is pyar mein plays, they are opposite sides, Anarkali starts leaving, she finds mughal soldiers gifting poor people clothes and giving them food too, she think why they are here? she ask soldier, soldier its Qutub’s marriage here today, Anrkali is shocked, she looks at Dargah again and says Qutub getting married here? should i see him lat time, then she think that i cant meet him, he didnt come to meet me so i will not come in his way now, she then contemplates and says that i am not coming in his way, God want me to meet him thats why he has sent me here, i will meet him, she comes to venue and finds priest asking for groom’s nod for nikaah, he says yes i accept her as wife, Anarkali is shocked to see him getting married infront of her eyes, nikaah is done, Qutub is wearing flower sehra so his face is not seen, Anarkali comes out of venue and cries loudly, she recalls how she met SAlim, how she saved his life, how spent time in jungle, she cries, Rabba is pyar mein plays, she says to God that when i got away from Qutub then why did you make me see Qutub here agiain, Jodha comes there and sees Anarkali crying, she puts hand on her shoulder, Anarkali looks at her, and recalls she is Jodha, she greets her, Jodha ask her why you are crying? i dont know who are you but i can see you are pain, life has many things, happiness, sadness, etc so in pain we should not blame God for it, here many comes to pray to God, you also pray and your pain will vanish because when you pray from full heart then this Dargah doesnt disappoint you, i hope that whatever you wish, you will pray here and will get it, she caresses her face and gives her laddo, and leaves, Anarkali starts to leave too but she is shocked to see Salim there, she says if Qutub is here then who is getting married, she is shocked to see real Qutub getting married and Salim is her Qutub but she again thinks that her Qutub didnt got married and it was Salim who got married, she says Marium Zamani was right, prayers get fulfilled here, she comes to Salim and hugs him, he is shocked and angered too, Rabba is pyar main plays, she says thank God i met you, i got sacred that you weer getting amrried but now i happy, Salim pushes her away and gets angry on her, she ask what happened Qutub? Salim ask her to behave, anarkali ask why you are rude to me? one soldier ask are you mad girl? he is heir, Salim, you dont know how to behave with him, she is shocked and says he is Qutub my friend, Salim says soldiers she is mad girl, calling me Qutub, Haidar comes there and says to her that you dont know how to behave, soldier throw her out, anrkali says Qutub you must be kidding, you remember we use to talk about royal people that they dont have manners, they are egoistic, i dont like them, i hate them, they are emotionless, Salim says enough, you are calling heir Salim egoistic person, Anarkali looks at Salim’s attire and is more stunned, she says this cant be possible, you cant be Salim, Salim says you have gone mad, he takes her from there, Haidar smirks. Salim brings Anarkali to corner and says yes i am heir Salim, i can punish you at this moment to kill you, but i am giving you one chance to leave from here, Anarkali is in shocked state, Haidar listens their convo, Anarkali says so you are Salim? Salim says yes the same salim who had to be away from his parents in childhood because of you, the same Salim who got attacked by goons because your father was betrayer, Anarkali says so you lied with me, Salim says you lied with me that you are Anarkali, i know why you lied, you knew that i dont like girls who take me as heir Salim so you changed your identity and posed that you dont like royal people so that i can like you, Anarkali says i didnt know that you were Salim, Salim says maybe, but truth is that i hate Nadira, you the most this world, she is shocked, he brings her closer and says you wounded me in childhood and injured me in young age too, i dont know how i loved you, i dont know why i liked you, i thought i got attracted to you as i love you but i hate you, you posed to not princes to attract me, Anarkali says i didnt know you were Salim, Salim says but nw you know, i hate you so much, i cant even spend my hatred for a cheap girl like you, he pushes her and ask her to go away, Anarkali says even my hatred is not so much cheap that i will spend it on low life person like you, you lied to me, you didnt tell me your real identity, i had to levae my house because of you, i couldnt become what i wanted to become, because of you first i had to change my name and now my dreams, Salim says enough, because of you my life got destroyed, from childhood i am suffering only because of you, but enough, now its your turn, i will punish you such that you will ask for death daily but you wont be able to die even, people say that i born for love but history will remember me for my hatred for you.

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Scene 2
Shaguni bai says that sky is you bring down rain, it seems like rain of love or hatred, history will see two new names, Salim and Anarkali. in dargah, Salim and Anarkali starts leaving in opposite direction with anger on their face.
Salim comes in his room and recalls his meeting with Anarkalik and how in childhood she complained to Jalal about SAlim hurting Qadir and how Salim got punished, he starts seeing Anarkali in his mirror and says why cant you got out of my mind, i hate you, he breask the mirror and starts drinking wine, he recalls Anarkali’s words in Dargah and says no no, he shouts, haidar comes there and ask are you fine? he says i want to destroy her, Haidar says the same girl Nadira? i know you pain as brother, Salim says to haidar that i want to destroy that girl fully, Haidar says that much? what i am for then? Salim says i want to see her in same pain like i went through, Haidar says this will happen, he gives Salim drink and says i will destroy Nadira, dont worry, leave this on me, Salim drinks and says i dont want to see her face, neither she should remain like to show her face to anyone, Haidar says this wil happen.

PRECAP- Jalal says to Jodha that whenever i try to talk to Salim he just ignore me, Jodha says you were right, we should give time to Salim so we should cancel our anniversary event as if son is in pain then how can parents celebrate.

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  1. Salim hate wil convert to love for Anarkali

  2. Haider knows how to take advantage of the situations, he will play with the emotions of Salim & Anarkali.

  3. Salim needs to get away from Ruks and Haider.Great story lines.Best show.Love it.

  4. I do not know why anakali is so stupid over salim he does not worth it for me salim is too childish always whining about the past I do not know how he became heir the way he is thinking and to know he and anakali were children at the time all she did was tell the truth of what he did yet he kept her in mind for all these years shame on you salim your mother and father jodha and jalal were not like that but what happed to you is that ruks put her hands on you and build up all this hatred in you so the sweet child you were suppose to be changed to evil ruks doings and now haider like father like son is here to do your bidding also history was written one way for jodha Akbar and in it salim was a very good person he loved his parents now all of a sudden they make him bad because of ruks coming between his love for his parent jodha and jalal writers change your scripts please and stop changing history because you want to prolong the story

  5. Salim needs to grow up he’s very childish and he seems lost…his parents are forgiving people doesn’t he know how to forgive and move on an not live in the past, but then again how can he when he doesn’t know how to differentiate between right and wrong…they make Salim character so stupid

  6. Salim’s anger towards Anarkali and her reaction were excellent acting.

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