Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 26th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Client comes at Raghav’s shop to rent dress. Raghav does not find the exact dress. Client scolds him that Soniya would have got a dress without delay and asks him to hurry up. Raghav goes to pick dress, but stands talking to Soniya’s pic instead. Client shouts at him to get the dress. He gets a call from Fruity’s teacher who informs that Fruity is ill and she brought her to City Hospital. Raghav rushes towards hospital in an auto leaving clients irked. He starts searching her. Nurse says Fruity got an allergic reaction and now is fine after being injected. She asks him to be careful, else her life will be at risk if this reaction continues. He asks where is she now. She says her teacher took her to washroom and asks him to wait in a waiting area until she returns. Raghav sits on bench and apologizes Soniya for his mistake. He checks Fruity’s lunchbox and finds mashroom in it. He reminisces Rathi telling him about Fruity’s mushroom allergy and realizes that Rathi exchanged lunchbox with Anjali’s by mistake.

Raghav thinks he cannot tell sisters that it was Rathi’s mistake, else they would yell at her. He thinks how to forget Soniya, it is very difficult. Just then, he sees a young lady playing prank with a sleeping fat man by keeping water glass on his mug. Man wakes up and her for misbehaving with her. Lady says she did not trouble him, but he himself. Man starts running behind her to catch her. She hides behind Raghav and says she is his husband. Man starts scolding Raghav that because of his lenience, his wife is misbehaving with anyone. Raghav gets irked and scolds man instead. He says noboyd can be like his wife in this world. Lady tells man that nobody can be like her and walks behind Raghav.

Abhiman waits for Deepika outside her office. Deepika comes and gets angry seeing him. He holds her hand to stop her. She asks him to leave her hand. He asks how was her interview. She asks how does he know and says it is not look that a rich man like him spies on her. He had recommended to the interviewer. She says her life ruined since he came in it. She gets Rathi’s call who informs about Fruity’s allergy and says she will come right now. He asks if he can help. He asks her to keep away from her and her family.

Lady starts following Raghav and says she searched in all 4 floors and had a good workout following him. He asks her why is she pestering him and calling herself as his wife. She says did not mean that and says he is more arrogant than that fat man. He walks out angrily. She sees his passbook on floor.

Raghav reaches home and asks Fruity what does she need. She says she needs Soniya didi and says only she can treat her. Raghav says nothing has happened to her. Fruity asks then why did they take her to doc. He says they took her to get a medicine which makes people forget. Anjali says its name is choco khao. Fruity asks if she will forget Soniya after eating it. Raghav gets sad hearing that.

Precap: Deepika hears Rathi telling Raghav that because of her Fruity got ill. She tells Rathi because of her Fruity not only got ill, but something else also has happened to her.

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