Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun bringing Adi for the tattoo, and asks the girl to be careful as he is kid. She says she is thinking to have a tattoo The lady says yes, everyone is making it these days, as partner’s initials etc. Shagun agrees and sees designs. The Bhallas have a talk and laugh. Raman asks Ishita to get pan cakes for Adi. Ruhi says ishi makes good pan cakes. Raman jokes and she smiles. Shagun says she will make breakfast for Adi, as she might be getting late for clinic. Ishita says I m not getting late, but you can make it. Shagun says I was just saying. Ishita says you can make, as I also want you to shower love on your son. Shagun flaunts her tattoo infront of her, and shows its R. Ishita sees the R and heart.Shagun thinks its just beginning. Ishita gets upset and acts calm.

She asks did she make new tattoo, its really nice, did you not show everyone, tattoos are made to show all, and calls Raman and everyone to see new development in the house. She shows her hand to everyone, R tattoo with a heart. She asks Raman to see and signs to Simmi. Simmi says Ruhi I will drop you to school and they leave. Raman and Mrs. Bhalla ask Shagun why did she make R tattoo. Shagun says its not R for Raman, but R for Ruhi. Raman asks why did she make it. Shagun says I made it in Austraila, its craze there, I was missing her, whats wrong if I made it.

Raman recalls in FB when Raman suggested the name Ruhi, matching with Raman during her pregnancy. He asks her to have a tattoo of R, R for Raman and Ruhi. She did not listen to him that time. He reminds her that he told her and she said its painful, now what happened. Ishita says leave it, she might be having love for Ruhi now, people change with time, even Chagun changed. Shagun cries and says you are so mean. She leaves. Mrs. Bhalla says she is drama queen, I got her from Mihir’s home for Adi’s sake. They leave. Ishita says Shagun did not think of Ruhi ever, and now making tattoo for her, strange, so much changes, I have to be careful.

Mrs. Bhalla tells Chadda to repair building soon as they want to go back. Chadda says I can make it, but we did not get money from Iyers. Amma says we paid it right. Appa says I will give and asks about building extra costs. Raman says Chadda won’t take much from us. Appa says we will give next week. Everyone ask him to give daily itself. Appa says my cheque book is over, I applied and I will give when it comes. Raman says I will pay. Appa says no, I will pay it, else I will give cash. Appa says you all talk, I will go bank. Pammi tells Amma that she misses the kitty parties, and Raman did good arrangement for them, when Chadda asked money, Raman was ready to pay so soon. Ishita thinks she needs to thank Raman in her wway.

Ashok’s stomach is upset. Suraj comes to talk. Ashok says give me some medicines. Suraj asks why is it still same. Ashok says I don’t know what she mixed in sambar. Suraj says Mihika is clever. Mihika says he is right I will not spare both of you and will make you cry. She comes to them and says you both talk about my baby, I know its Mihir’s baby, but what can I do I get stress hearing this, its not good, if anything happens, you both will be responsible. They ask her to relax and rest. She says she will abort the baby if he wants. Ashok says yes. Suraj says are you mad, and sends Mihika to rest. She leaves.

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Ashok says if she is saying about abortion, whats the problem. Suraj says he spoke to lawyer, that if a mother aborts baby by mental pressure, the pressure giver can be punished, its criminal offense. Mihika smiles and says Vandu gave me good idea, I will manage them now. Ishita asks Neelu about Raman, and gets Madrasi surprise for him, coffee. She comes to him and hugs him, while he was talking to his client on videochat. Raman smiles and says she is my wife. She is stunned and greets, and leaves.

Simmi and Rinki joke on Romi. They laugh. Romi praises himself. Rinki jokes. The light goes. Mrs. Bhalla says power went. Raman ends the video meeting, and looks for Ishita. He says she was in romantic mood, where did she go. Ruhi comes with torch and asks did he make Ishita angry, she came in my room and went to washroom, she did not tell me anything. He says he did not say anything, where is she. She says she is in hall, finding candles. He says tell her I have some work, send her to your room. Ruhi gives the message to Ishita, and Shagun hears it. Ruhi says why is Papa using much perfume, silly, does anyone apply perfume at night. Ishita says don’t call Papa silly.

Shagun breaks a glass to stop Ishita from going. Ishita asks her to go as she hurts her hand. She cleans the mess. Shagun goes to Ruhi’s room. Ashok asks Mihika not to cry. She asks him to go, she knows he does not want the baby. Ashok says no, I want this child, even when I m not his father, I want someone to call me Papa, that’s my dream. She asks why were you talking to Suraj about the child. He says I worry for baby, you should care about yourself, you should sleep well, eat well, we will go out and have candle light dinner. Raman comes to Ruhi’s room and its Shagun, and he gets mistaken assuming its Ishita.

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Raman says my mad Madrasan, what were you saying, atleast say are you annoyed or shy, I was thinking to tell you, but was thinking how to say, I say a lot alone, but get tensed, thinking how wil you react, but I will tell it later, I…. Shagun moves and he hears the anklet sound. He says Ishita does not wear anklet, who are you. Ishita comes and the lights are on. Shagun says my hand is hurt, so I came to take ointment, its Adi’s room. Ishita says we don’t keep medicines in kid’s room, how did you stay for long being hurt. Shagun says I m sorry, it was dark. Raman says you did not see, but you heard, and could have told me. She says I did not realize and leaves.

Raman’s mood gets spoiled and he also leaves. Ishita says it means Shagun heard me and Ruhi talking and acted everything, drama was good, but she did not lie well, it needs mind and smartness to lie. Shagun talks to her mum and says she get the shock, but next time I have to be careful. Ishita come sand she ends the call. Ishita gives medicines and says you need treatment, it feels bad to teach manners to elders, I told you to knock and come, and taunts her. She says you are here just for Adi, take care, else pain will increase. She leaves. Shagun gets angry.

Raman tells Ishita that Shagun has spoiled it. She asks will you fight with her. He says no, I will do her aarti. She says ignore it, as she wants us to fight or fight with her, but I explained her. He says its mot easy. She says she is challenging our relation, its strong and above all this, and there is no place between us that someone else can come. She sits very close to Raman and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Hi vidhya ur right. I think the director confuse with pallakad iyer’s and tamil iyer’s. Most of the tradition are wrong.

  2. Shagun tumhe kis angle se yeh show ki Shagun achchi lagti hai???? Usme ek bhi quality nahi hai woman ki……siway beauty ke………

  3. y is it that ishita never adorns a mangalsutra when actually her marriage was done in orthodox south indian style.

    and there seems to be a lot of confusion. iyers are supposed to be tamilians. the frequency of usage of ‘murugan’, ‘kaapi’ and amma’s language hints so. but y is that they are usually in keralaite traditional costumes during functions??!!!

  4. Shagun. ….
    tumhe samjhna chahiye k shagun sirf. ……apne aap se. …aur paisuon se pyar karti hai. .. ..

  5. Hii shagun
    Y u cant see that shagun is coming between ishra…… And ishita is also beautiful and her heart is more beautiful than her… plz understand ishus character and shaguns character…… This is my opinion…4 u

  6. Raman u r soo handsome

  7. Shagun and raman cme 2gether its my dream to see u 2gether… For ruhis and adi sake plz do that….

  8. I love shagun and it is not compulsory that we should like only ishita as u like ishita even i like shagun soo plz dont comment on my comments

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