Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dada ji complimenting Bua ji. Govind and Sadhna join everyone. Dada ji asks them to come for bhog. Jayshree comes to her room and shuts the door. She seals the letter once again. Parde me rehne do….. plays………….Dada ji and everyone do the puja and smile. Jayshree brings the letter and gives to Sadhna, saying it came from LD’s college. Sadhna is shocked. Jayshree acts and asks whats the matter. Sadhna does not tell anything. She says everything is fine, I will see it later. Jayshree thinks Dada ji will make things fine. She stops Sadhna and asks her to read it. She says it loudly that it came from LD’s college. Everyone stop hearing this. Dada ji says he wants to know what they have written for LD’s appraisal. Jayshree asks her to come. Sadhna gets tensed. Jayshree thinks now it will be fun.

LD looks on and stops Sadhna. He says I will tell Dada ji, whats written in this letter. He takes the letter and Govind looks on tensed. Suhasini cleans utensils. Sudhakar asks why is she cleaning already cleaned utensils, why is she hyper. She says they did not call since morning I feel something bad will happen. Radha comes and says don’t take any stress, I have ended this matter. He jokes and asks did she kill anyone. Suhasini says ask her what she did. Radha says I know mum won’t like this, but… She says they have come as door bell rings. She welcomes Renuka and lawyers.

Sadhna asks Dada ji to welcomes guests and we can talk later LD. LD says no, I learnt a lot from Dada ji, and I remember he used to tell us in childhood, and says a Shlok. Dada ji says more lines and says his meanings about Shree Krishna telling Arjun that do deeds and don’t think about result. Govind tells Ld tp leave it. LD says no, hiding truth is bigger mistaken than lying. Dada ji asks whats written in it. LD says I will tell you everything. Jayshree thinks now we will know what LD did in Mumbai. LD says I m rusticated from college. Everyone is shocked.

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LD says I can’t take admission in any Mumbai college now. Jayshree asks Sadhna why did she lie to her, what LD is saying, is this true. Bua ji asks her to be quiet and asks LD what happened. LD says I did a big mistake there. LD takes out his phone. Jayshree thinks style, mobile infront of Dada ji. LD says sorry Dada ji, I know you don’t like mobiles, but I have to show you the truth. LD shows the marriage video with Radha. Dada ji is shocked seeing it.

Radha tells Suhasnini that she is applying in court to dismiss the marriage, and Renuka will help me. Suhasini is shocked and Radha says I have asked Renuka and thought a lot. Renuka talks to Suhasini and asks Radha is she telling them now. Suhasini gets angry and acts rude to Renuka. Renuka says I understand your situation, but you have to think from Radha’s point of view, so I studied the case. Suhasini says I m Radha’s mum and I know whats good for her, you are not her mum, who are you to decide for her. Sudhakar says enough Suhasini, we can sit and talk. Renuka asks the lawyers to give them two mins. They leave. Renuka asks Suhasini not to get hyper, she is mum of a daughter, Radha and Isha are best childhood friends, do you think I will do anything bad for her.

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Suhasini says fine, answer me, if any proposal comes for Isha, who is very good, then what would you do, to break it or unite them. Renuka says I would think as you, but I will not force my daughter. She says Radha is 18 years old, she can decide. Suhasini says I can’t see the world confronting my daughter and asks her to leave. Radha is shocked. Renuka looks at her and leaves. Radha goes after her. Everyone see the video and Dada ji recalls he met Radha before, and he does not like her after she insulted him. He asks is she the same who argued with me in Mumbai, who insulted me. LD says her name is Radha. Dada ji gets angry. He says he was so proud of LD and now he has broken his heart and hopes. He gets unwell and says he does not want anyone’s support. Jahnvi gets water for him.

Dada ji says tell me LD, what did you do there. Govind says guests are coming in some time. Dada ji says tell them we don’t have any function and no need to come. He asks LD to tell what did he do in Mumbai. Sudhakar tells Suhasini that she should not have behaved this way with Renuka. She gets restless and waits for Sadhna’s call. Sudhakar says she will not call you, everyone does not think like you. Suhasini calls Sadhna and can’t connect. She starts worrying and thinks if I call her, she will think…..

LD tells them everything what he has done, and it all started with a joke. He says no one knew when this joke marriage turned into real one. Dada ji says you wanted to play prank on that girl, to teach her a lesson, but it got opposite. LD says yes. Dada ji asks is he mad to do such joke, he went to study, he taught him to respect girls and he forgot that. Dada ji gets angry on LD and scolds him a lot. Everyone silently looks on. Renuka talks to Radha and asks her not to worry, as she did not feel bad of Suhasinu’s words. Radha says why is mum not understanding I don’t love LD, and she wants me to accept him. Sudhakar comes and sends Radha.

He talks to Renuka. He thanks Renuka for supporting Radha and apologizes on Suhasini’s behalf. Renuka says its fine, don’t say sorry, I can understand. She says Suhasini is a mum and she worries for Radha a lot. Sudhakar says to be frank, I don’t understand what to do.Renuka says she is a lawyer, and she has seen home homes breaking, and says both parties refuse to accept each other’s opinion, and relations break. I request Suhasini to understand Radha. Radha hears all this. She explains him well.

Dada ji asks LD about the marriage. LD says I want to keep up this marriage as I love Radha. Everyone is shocked.

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