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In his room, Pratap takes out Ajabde’s dupatta and looks at it. he gets emotional as he thinks about their meeting in jungle. Next he picks up the vermilion box and smiles thinking about his wedding with Ajabde. He takes out her bangles from his pocket but panics as he only find one. He keeps that one in his cupboard. In the process, a letter / form falls from his hands. Pratap looks for the other bangle but cannot find it in his pocket. He goes outside to look for it.

Pratap mutters to himself as he searches for the other bangle. I had both when I was coming to my room. He hears CK calling out for him and looks up. VB is holding the other bangle in her hand. You are looking for this, right? Pratap takes it from her. VB thinks that maybe he forgot to give this gift to someone. Who is this for? CK says it is for her. VB denies. I know this much that this bangle is neither for you nor for Maan. The size of this bangle is bigger. CK realises it too. Pratap agrees to give the same bangles to her later but in small size. CK asks for it but Pratap diverts them by saying that he in hungry. CK agrees to go and check if the food is ready. He leaves. VB has understood that Pratap lied to them just now. I know him since long. He always speaks the truth but cannot lie so easily, so gets caught. he always makes the excuse that he is hungry. CK is surprised. What should we do now? VB suggests going in Pratap’s room and stealthily and find out the truth. CK is amazed at the idea.

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DB notices Jagmal getting intoxicated in his room. She gets worried that he is still angry. He might take it out on me. I have to calm him somehow before that happens. She notices Dhaman Singh and stops him. He tells her that Pratap has left for Sasaram. What’s your command now? She tells him to go to Jagmal’s room. He has made a new plan. He himself wants to explain it to you. Dhaman Singh agrees happily and goes to Jagmal’s room. DB stands outside to watch it all. Jagmal tells Dhaman Singh to close the door after him. Dhaman Singh obliges.

VB and CK peek from outside Pratap’s room. Pratap keeps the bangles together and looks at them sweetly. VB realises that this gift is for Ajabde. CK asks her why Dada bhai is not bringing her back if he misses her so much. VB gets serious. You are a kid right now. There are a lot many things which you wont be able to understand. CK still wants to know why. VB knows that DB wont let it happen so easily. We should pray that there is no problem in his bringing Ajabde here. CK wonders if it is something related to God. VB notices Pratap coming out of his room and signals CK to be quiet. VB signals CK that they should go in now. Just then she notices the letter / form on the floor.

Dhaman Singh talks about how Pratap won again. Jagmal gets angry hearing this though he doesn’t let it show for a while. Close your eyes. I want to reward you for this. Dhaman Singh closes his eyes. Jagmal brings forth his hand. He lifts the sleeve of Daman Singh’s kurta and drops a scorpion near his palm. He covers the sleeve from the front so that the scorpion cannot go out while Dhaman Singh shouts in pain. Jagmal says, this slow pain is way more dangerous than the pain afflicted on someone in a split second, just like I get hurt by hearing anyone praising Dada bhai. Dhaman Singh says your pain wont go away like this. You will have to stop Pratap from going to Sasaram instead. Jagmal agrees. Though right now I am feeling content seeing you writhing in pain! You must bear this scorpion’s poison now. He leaves Dhaman Singh who falls on the floor holding his hand in pain. The scorpion falls in another corner of the room. DB finds Jagmal calmer than before. She goes inside the room and sends Jagmal to have food with his father. I know how to control his love for Pratap.

CK waits outside while VB goes inside Pratap’s room. She comes back holding the letter / form in her hand. CK is worried. We have anyways committed a sin by going inside Dada bhai’s room stealthily, and now stealing of this letter / form from room. VB says this isn’t a simple form / letter but this contains the details of when Ajabde will return to this palace. She justifies her act that this isn’t a sin. This is different. Do you not want your Dada bhai to be happy? Do you not notice his sadness? Don’t you want him to spend more time in the palace rather than going on wars? CK nods. But what will you do now? VB knows she cannot do anything on her own. I will show it to Maan and will tell her everything. I am sure she can find a way out. She hides the letter behind her as they meet DB. Both VB and CK are scared of her. DB turns to CK. Why do you look so pale? What are you doing near Pratap’s room? CK declines going inside Dada bhai’s room. We dint see anything there. VB interrupts her. CK and I are going to the kitchen. We should go as Pratap is hungry. They both leave. DB looks at them pointedly.

DB comes inside Pratap’s room. She wonders what CK and VB had seen here that they were so happy. she looks at the cupboard in the corner. She is surprised to see the items inside it. so many gifts to be given to a woman? This means, Pratap has kept them all for Ajabde. He has been hiding these many gifts for Ajabde since all these years. He must be in so much pain over all those years, I couldn’t understand it. How did you spend so many years like this Pratap? She keeps everything back and closes the cupboard. She reminds herself that she shouldn’t get emotional like this. I am Maharani DB now, and Pratap is not my son. he is your real son’s opponent. I cannot let Ajabde come back here, neither in this palace nor in Pratap’s life. I did so much to get hold of this palace. I wont let anyone ruin my hard work. She is shocked to hear someone’s voice. She turns and Ajabde introduces herself. Ajabde scolds DB for coming inside her husband’s room in his absence and touching his things. DB says it is my right. He is my son. who can stop me? Ajabde tells her to stop lying. Have you really started believing in your drama which you have been doing since so many years? Pratap was never your son. he was only your enemy. Since Jagmal is born, you have planned so many ways to get Pratap out of your way. DB accepts doing all that. But why are you here? Ajabde replies that she is no one to question her. this room is mine and my husband’s. You should leave from here right away. DB says, I am Mewar’s Maharani. No one can stop me. Ajabde threatens to call the soldiers inside. That is when you will realise your place and my place in this palace. She calls out for soldiers while DB continues to shout that no one can throw her out of here. You cannot do this to me Ajabde. Jagmal hears her shouting at Ajabde and smiles. Look at her, and people call me mad! He asks DB what is happening. DB looks around for Ajabde but cannot see her anywhere. She was here only. He tells her that no one is here. You should leave from Dada bhai’s room. He will be coming back any minute. She leaves. Jagmal mutters how he has been keeping hopes from her that she will help him in becoming the King of Mewar!

Pratap and Akbar practise archery. Pratap observes Patta’s aggression. You shouldn’t be so aggressive all the time. And you should prepare yourself for the place where we are going to head soon. they shouldn’t feel like we have come there to kill them but be friends with them. patta says, I become aggressive when I hold a weapon in my hand. Pratap realises that he will have to work harder on him (than he has to on Chetak). Patta asks about Chetak. Pratap says, he is upset with me since he has returned from Bijolia. But I am sure he will become alright before we start our mission. Patta wonders if Chetak is missing someone since his return from Bijolia. Pratap thinks of how he had to force Chetak to leave from Bijolia.


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  1. Pls we are tired of Deerbai and her evil deeds, it’s time to expose her so that everyone knows her truth and where is Pratap’s mother for God’sake. It’s time to unite Pratap and his wife cause the whole situation has been stretched too long and it’s time Uday Sighn start using his brain and remember Ajabad was too young to have driven Jaivanta out of the palace and go to the Temple where she is to find out what really happened instead of believing Deerbai who never wanted their marriage in the first place

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