Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun telling everyone that he welcomes everyone in the party. Poorvi comes out of her imagination and looks at her hand. Arjun says he wants to share a secret with everyone. Bachcha Singh says I have the right to announce this, and says it’s a good day and my and Bhanu’s friendship will be changed, its since childhood and we studied in same school, and now we will get into relationship now. Watan and Nisha get a card and are shocked. Watan stops Bachcha Singh and goes to him. Watan shows the invitation card of Poonam Singh and Karan Verma. He gets angry. He scolds his wife and says his daughter has tried to ruin our name, I will kill her. He ends the party and asks Bhanu to come along. Everyone leave. Poonam reads the card and is shocked. She tells Arjun’s friend that we should go there, only I can stop him.

Bachcha Singh and everyone stop Poonam and Karan’s marriage. Poonam gets tensed seeing them. Bachcha Singh says how can this marriage happen. Neelima says it can happen. As they both ,love each other. Watan scolds her and says our family girls don’t love, and whoever supports them, I will kill them. Neelima asks them to see back, as she calls the media there. Lakshya brings the media. They come and take pics. Bachcha Singh looks on angrily. Neelima supports Poonam. Arjun asks Poorvi whats all this. Poorvi says I don’t know anything. Neelima uses the media and says Poonam and Karan love each other, and Poonam’s family is opposing this. She says no law can stop them, not even their families, if anything goes wrong after their marriage, that’s Bachcha Singh. He gets angry and Bhanu stops him. He says we can’t do anything, stay quiet, if anything happens to them, you will be arrested.

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Neelima asks Poonam and Karan to take rounds and the marriage resumes. They get married. Arjun gets angry and leaves. Poorvi goes after him and says listen to me. Arjun asks why did your mum do this. Poorvi says I m sure she might have thought something good. Arjun says yes, I accepted when my dad did wrong, but you think your mum can never be wrong. She asks why is he reacting this, Poonam and Karan love each other and my mum has stopped your dad and brother from taking law in hands, if we have right to love, eve your sister has right to love, try to understand. Arjun finds sense in her talk.

The marriage completes. Poonam thanks Neelima for everything and for saving her life. She takes her blessings. Neelima blesses them. Poonam comes to her dad and gets scared by her anger. Karan takes her and leaves. Neelima tells Bachcha Singh that she did a good work, and he cheated her. He says yes, I remember. Neelima says lets leave. Arjun holds Poorvi’s hand and comes there. Dayal asks how did she come here. Lakshya says Arjun would have got her here, when he came to know Poonam is getting married here. Poorvi says no. Lakshya scolds Arjun and says how dare you hold my sister’s hand.

Nirbhik aims gun at Lakshya and says he will kill him. Lakshya calls them by bad names. Bachcha Singh scolds him. Neelima says Lakshya is right, Arjun is bad guy. Lakshya says he was after Poorvi. Bhanu scolds him and says how can you blame Arjun’s character. Neelima defends Poorvi and scolds Arjun. Arjun and Poorvi are shocked. Poorvi says no, you all are misunderstanding. Sujatha asks Porvi not to worry and says you are blaming Arjun, they don’t have any relation, as Arjun’s marriage is fixed with Tanu, his engagement is today. Poorvi and Arjun are shocked.

Bachcha Singh says yes, they would have got engaged if this drama did not happen. The media covers it. Arjun asks Sujatha what is she saying. She asks him to obey his dad, as media is here, Poonam has ruined his respect, don’t do anything, else what will he say to society. She says trust me, I m saying you to get engaged, not marry, do as I say, say yes to get engaged. She tells everyone that Arjun is ready for engagement. She brings Tanu and makes them exchange rings infront of the media. Poorvi cries seeing this. She leaves and comes home. She cries. Gauri smiles seeing her and taunts her about her true love, what happened, did everything end, Arjun left you too.

She says Arjun cheated me and you have hurt me too, tell me now where did your love go. Poorvi says please, don’t tell anything this time. Neelima comes and is shocked seeing Poorvi crying. She asks what happened. Why are you crying? Lakshya asks the same. Neelima says I saw you were upset seeing Arjun getting engaged, but Gauri should be upset. Gauri says Arjun and I don’t love each other. The truth is we broke up, and Arjun and Poorvi love each other. They are shocked.

Arjun comes home and argues with everyone. He says he did engagement with Tanu for media, and he does not accept this. Sujatha says elders fix marriages in our house, and you won’t get any girl like Tanu. Arjun says let her go to hell. Bachcha Singh scolds him and asks him to have fun with Poorvi and leave her. Arjun says I can’t hear a word wrong against her, I love her, I will marry her. Arjun argues with Bachcha Singh and says he loves Poorvi and he does not accept this fake engagement with Tanu, which he did just for media. Bachcha Singh scolds him. Nirbhik and Watan also scold Arjun, and remind him how Neelima insulted them and made Poonam marry Karan. Arjun says did you all see Poonam, did we think about her, what she wants, she loves Karan. Bachcha Singh raises his hand and Arjun holds his hand, shocking everyone.

Poorvi says you broke all my dreams Arjun, just leave from her and don’t come in my life ever. Gauri looks on and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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