Laut Aao Trisha 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratik reads news about Neha professing that Kushan is behind Trisha’s kidnap. Amrita comes and asks why did he trust Neha so much and she betrayed him always. She holds his collar. He shouts at her, but walks out seeing Trisha. Trisha says Amrita that she knows everything and hugs her.

Kabeer sees newspaper in which Trisha and Kushan’s pics are printed and says his officer that news papers people print everyone’s pic but not who caught them. He says he wants the kidnapper to think case is shut and made mistake, so that he can catch him.

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Aditya sees Trisha playing puzzle game and asks if he can try. She says she needs his help in meeting Kushan. He says it is not possible and he cannot risk her life. She asks him to keep him in her place and imagine, how will he feel if he comes to know his dear one has betrayed him, she wants to ask Kushan why did he do this. She says he says only medicine as not enough and one has to face reality also, she wants to ask Kushan why he did it.

Kabeer gets Amrita’s call who is weeping. He asks if everything is fine. She asks if Neha is also involved. He says yes, she is under his arrest and has confessed to her crime. She asks if she disturbed him. He says he is a police officer and his work is to help people. She says she called him as a friend and is confused what Bobby did to be killed, why kids are punished for elder’s mistake. He gets emotional and consoles her.

Meghan remembers happier times spent with Bobby and gets emotinoal. Lavanya sees her crying an consoles her. Meghan says she cannot forget Bobby and dad. Lavanya says she knows. Meghan says dad did not do any mistake, then why is he being punished. Lavanya says god is seeing everything and he will punish culprits. She gets call from office to attend business meeting and leaves.

Aditya calls Kabeer and requests him to permit Trisha to meet Kushan as it is important for her therapy. Kabeer hesitantly agrees. At mentaly assylum, Trisha meets Kushan and asks why did he do this. He identifies as Pratik’s daughter and stangulates her neck, saying Pratik killed his son and he will not leave her. Aditya and Kabeer rescue her. Trisha falls unconscious on Aditya’s shoulder.

Meghan comes to Amrita’s house and asks if Trisha and Aditya have gone out. She says they have gone to mental assylum as Trisha wanted to know Kushan why he did it. Meghan gets sad. Amrita consoles her and says this would not have happened, but reality should be accepted and she is always there for her. Meghan hugs her and cries and says in that house, Bobby’s memories are there and if she can stay in her house. Amrita says she knows it is difficult, but she has to think what Lavanya is going trough and she needs her support, says this house is always open for her and she can come anytime, but she has to be with Lavanya this time. Pratik is about to leave house. Meghan asks him to drop her home on the way. He agrees.

Lavanya drinks alcohol and says it is for her dearest brother Pratik who will reach his destiny and will rotten in hell. Pratik and Meghan are on the way in car. Lavanya thinks after some time, Bobby and Kusan’s revenge will be taken. Amrita calls her and asks how is she. She says what a question and says she is very happy. Amrita says she did not mean to hurt her. Lavanya says she is really happy and asks why did she call. Amrita says Meghan came home today and was very sad. Lavanya says whatever happened, she will be sad obviously. Amrita says Meghan wanted to stay here, but she knows she would not like it, so she refused to let her in and asked her to come when Lavanya allows. Lavanya says that will not be needed and if at all happens, she will control her daughter as she has her own house. She asks if Meghan left from there. Amrita says yes and Pratik is dropping Meghan. Lavanya is shocked to hear that and cuts call. Amrita suspects something is wrong. Lavanya then calls her goon to stop him from harming Pratik’s car, but he is on his way following Pratik’s car. Pratik’s driver stops car and gets out it. Goon thinks car broke down at the right place. Lavanya calls him repeatedly, but he does not see it. Pratik’s driver says engine is hot and cannot be started.

Trisha gets flashback about her kidnap by Kushan and he trying to kill her repeatedly. She wakes up worriedly. Amrita gives her water and asks waht she saw. Kabeer asks if she remembers anything. Aditya says she is in a shocked state after meetig Kushan and should rest. Trisha says she is fine and after meeting Kushan, all her doubts cleared, she remembers everything now. She says he knew about Neha and Pratik from before and she saw Neha and Pratik together, she was shocked as Neha had promised not to have affair with Pratik again. She called Kushan who told that Pratik will bring Neha and will divorce Amrita, he suggested to act as being kidnapped, she did as he said but later realized that Kushan has kidnapped her in real.

Lavanya is very tensed and she repeatedly tries to call her goon, but in no avail. Goon blasts car with remote control. Lavanya thinks she will kill even her daughter now by mistake and it is all because of Pratik. She shouts repeatedly that she killed her daughter.

Precap: Trisha worriedly wakes up from sleep and calls mamma. Amrita wakes up hear her sound. Kabeer’s office gives him gun’s forensic report. Kabeer says Lavanya is also involved in kidnap.

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    You have missed few points………….
    1) Prateek had a talk with neha in jail. He said that how she betrayed her.
    2) in office prateek also said that there would be distributions of swaika group. You also have missed it.

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