Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 13th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 13th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

LD imagines Radha hugging her. Radha asks what he is thinking about. He leaves Radha’s hand and says sorry. Suhasini and Sadhna come there. Sadhna applies a balm on her hand as it got burnt. Radha thinks that it’s the right time to give the divorce papers to LD as her mother is busy. She signals LD to come to her. He comes to her and she tells him to meet her at her room. LD tells that his family will send her back to Mumbai if he goes to her room. LD tells that today he will have to find out what she has to say. Radha goes to her room and tells that she will finish everything today and then call her father. LD takes a plate of kachori in his hand and enters Radha’s room. He sees her changing.
He turns around and is about to go out. Radha tells asks him for help without seeing him. LD prays to Lord Krishna to help him. He goes near her and opens the button. Radha tells him to close the button now. She turns around and sees LD. She asks him what he is doing here. She asks if he doesn’t know to knock before entering. LD tells that he didn’t see anything and it happens sometimes. LD asks Radha why she told him to come here. Radha gives him the paper and tells him to read the paper after going to his room.
LD comes out of Radha’s room and collides with his father. Govind takes the paper from his hand. Radha comes out and takes the paper and tells that it’s hers. LD says sorry to his father. He asks how many times he will say sorry. He tells him to take control of his life now.

Sadhna tells Radha that she will have to go the market to buy vegetables. Radha asks how she can go alone to buy vegetables. LD tells that he will go with her. Radha thinks that she will be able to talk to LD and agrees.

Suhasini tells Radha to help Shamli till LD gets ready. She thinks if she could modernize this house and does some advertising for a renowned company in her imagination.

She comes back to her sense and Shamali tells that she was dreaming with her eyes open. Radha tells that she will make changes in this house if she stays here. LD tells Radha that at least she thought about staying in this house. He tells that he will pray to Lord Krishna so that her dream gets fulfilled. Radha tells LD that one shouldn’t dream about something that can’t happen and tells him to stop thinking about the same. Shamali hears them.

Episode Ends

Precap : Suhasini and Sadhna is at the market area. LD comes to them and asks where is Radha. He goes to look for Radha.

Update Credit to: Tanya

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