Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

epi start with raman adi playing chess.. romi ask him to win over raman.. ishita sees this from outside the room.. thn she goes to prepare food for adi.. there she remebers all incident how adi said tht step mom story and how mrs balla scolded her. simmi coems there and ishita ask her to giv the food to adi. simmi asks ishu giv her. but ishita refuses. raman watches it and thinks again ishita is blaming her for adi state.

in iyer home amma is worried and feel bad for ishita. she says to appa. tht y mrs balla blaming ishu. appa says no girls will do wht ishu did( bringing shagun home and taking care of adi). he says ishu is unique. appa askj amma not to talk abt this matter to mrs balla(thts blaming ishu for adi state) ishita comes there ask curry leaves etc.. amma ask ishu to stay to talk. raman follows ishu .but interupted by appa . appa says raman tht there is pooja in temple. where u can ask manat. raman and adi play video games. and adi wins the game and jump in exitment.

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raman says he has to go to temple.

adi ask wht temple. raman explains tht there is pooja and he is going to ask manat. adi thinks its for him and says i will also come. raman says but shld wear south indian dress/. adi says k. raman gets call from mihir. he says today i will ot come to office. but mihir say ashok has come and talking abt contract.
raman says he will come.

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in office
ashok ask mihir to sit and hav talk. will u not giv coffee. mihir say there is nothing to talk and raman is coming and ur coffe will be given
all in conference room(pathak suraj ashok. raman mihir). raman say here is ur contract . but beofre u get sign this file. pathak says tht it contains tht adi isnot ur son and u dont hav to take any decision in adi life. ashok says tht u promised tht u will giv contrat.raman says whts a eal u never kept u promis from birth left shagun etc.

if u sign u will get contract ifnot no. raman gets adi call.he says will come soon. whn raman leaves suraj say will sign but need one more contract. says ashok he is begging us give it.
raman says i will many contract for u for my children how u know abt relation love. after ur work whn u go home and whn ur children hug u ur day will end happy and whn u r wife loves u more and talk with love.

raman taunts ashok how u will know all this u get all second hand na shagun my son my ruhi .. and mihirs s mihika.ashok siogns the file. raman leaves. in between thy showed mrs balla buying vege .. pammi aunty phones her and enqquires abt adi. mrs balla says ishu gave wrong tab.. amma was there ..s he came to inivte mirs ball for temple.. after hearing mrs balla complaining abt ishu.. thy hav fight .. ruhi see this. adn thinks ihsma will feel bad. adn goes. appa and mr ballatake thm from there.

ruhiis adi room writint adi name in medicine.. mrs balla comes there and sk wht r u doing ruhi.. she says helpins ishima so tht adi doesnot go to hospital again.. mrs balla says good.
thtn raman comes with south indian dress for adi.. ruhi says boys will go to ramans room to chg and girls will chg ramns room . raman helps adi to wear dress .. and thn raman comb his hair .. adi does same seeing him.. thy hav laughthnthy reach tample..mrs balla says wht saree is this. i cant manage it.. mrs iyer helps her in setting saree.

mr balla and mr iyer says how long thy be soft lets see..mrs iyer gives flower for mrs balla. and both keep flowers in their head.raman and adi comes. and meet ishu..

adi say wht does hse doing in tample.. she will know today after the pooja who is important.. ishita complement adi. raman say some thing( i forgot yar sorry). ishu replies appreciating ur self..thn pooja starts. pandit ask raman to call the person form whom he asked manatadi thinks its him and ask ruhi to take photo while papa doing pooja. ruhi is puzzled. and adi forward his hand . raman ask ishita to come.. adi face chged.( but he deserve this).

precap.. in home ruhi sayd to raman tht she took lots of photo of him and ihima.. he ask her to show. adi get angered and ask to ruhi to giv his phone as he needs to make a call.adi calls magin and ask did u see the photo(he sent raman and ihsita photo) shagun says i will coem soon..

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  1. Aur romantic mashap wala bhi acha h
    Ese bhi dekhna….

  2. Yaar hum sirf ek fight expect kar rahe the yeh romancechhod kar fight kyo karne lge….

  3. Yeh log Shagun ke saamne fight kar rahe hai to kahi aisa to nahi ke yeh sirf Shagun ko dikhane ke liye fight kar rahe hai……..
    & Akirq abhi to me terrace par hu to baad me video dekhungi….

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    lekin unhe shagun k samne ladne ki kya zarorat thi. ….

  9. Haa Mizun dekha maine SBB me wo hi dikhaya…..IshRa shopping jaa rahe the baad me fight karne lage…….unka topic yeh tha ki Raman kehta hai ki Mihir India me rahega & Ishita kehti hai nahi rahega…….are yaar inn dono ke paas puri duniya ke liye time hai par

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  12. Bas ab kuch hi palo ka intjaar…

  13. when raman helps adi to wear south indian dress..& they both are combing their hairs together……….this is really beautiful & too good scene…..

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