Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with SurYa dream dance. Suraj comes to reality after the dream and move apart. Chotu comes and pushes them together again. All others start dancing around them. Chavvi steals the necklace and leaves from there to hide it.

Bhabho has the anklet boxes and states she is happy to see them all and wants to gift her daughter and daughter-in-laws. She asks all the husbands to put the anklets on their wives ankles. Vikram and Mohit refuse. Bhabho asks for Suraj and Dilip’s opinion. Dilip says there is nothing wrong in doing it and shows how much they love their wife. All look at Suraj and he says he agrees with Dilip. He explains it further relating to karwa chauth vrath. Bhabho asks him to put anklet on Sandhya’s ankles. Suraj is hesitant. Sandhya says she will wear it herself but Suraj takes it and puts in on Sandhya’s ankles. He also recognizes it and remembers how Bhabho made him select that. Dilip also does. Meena says Suraj is doing all this because of his love for Sandhya and not because Bhabho asked him to do. Emily acknowledges it and expresses her worry to Mohit about what if Sandhya stays in the house and everyone gets to know he is working in Ankur’s company. All clap after the ankles are being worn. Suraj gets a call and he goes out to attend it. Taisa praises Suraj as Shravankumar and who does whatever Bhabho wishes. Sandhya is very happy.

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Meena’s mother tells it is time for gift and she wants to be the first as she is her mother. Meena is worried about being embarrassed by her mother and tries to avoid it. Bhabho asks Emily and Sandhya to bring gift from her room. Chavvi asks for Bhabho’s cupboard key and she remembers it is with Suraj and goes to take it. Bhabho holds her flank and seems to be having some discomfort.

After a while, all had given gifts. Meena is very happy and speaks about her hand being heavy with gifted bangles. Taisa teases her. Again Meena’s mother wants to give her gift and Meena prefers to first take Emily’s mother’s gift. Emily’s mother gifts silverware blessing Meena’s child to be born with silver spoon. Suraj comes there and asks Sandhya to come to the room as he wants to talk to her. They leave from there.

Meena’s mother again builds up curiosity for her gift and then finally opens the box and shows it to others proudly. All start laughing at her. Meena is embarrassed.

Suraj enters the GG room. Sandhya is standing at the door and looking at the room. Suraj asks her to come in. She slowly comes in and notices everything in the room, photos, hand prints. She is overwhelmed looking at their handprints on the wall.

Meena’s mother finally sees the empty box and shocked. She starts searching her bag where the necklace had gone. Chavvi mocks her saying she might have forgot it in their house itself.

Sandhya is still looking at their room, the mirror, bangle stand, dolls, etc. Suraj says everything is same in the room and Sandhya admits it saying everything is same.

Precap: Sandhya is speaking to Suraj overwhelmingly and Suraj turns sideways and looks at their shadows which looks like Sandhya is close to him.

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  1. Babasa should be ashamed about her own daughter who steals and lies every step. Chhavi has done anything to make her father proud of her.

  2. Diya baati rocks ….lovely serial suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi

    1. Sooraj and Bhabhasa are the worst persons at this time. Both dis-respect Sandhya Ji.

  3. Best serial ever diya baati

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