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The episode starts with ishu going out of Raman’s office.
Ishu smiles: thank God… Baar baar Bach gayi…!!! How did shagun came here…? What If shagun saw me like this…. don’t know how she will react. I will go home nd shld first change my avtar..!!
She goes home.. nd changes her dress from sari to skirt. She keeps her mangalsutr in a box nd locks it. Jst then calling bell rings… Ishu goes nd opens the door… Nd gets shocked seeing aakash there.
Ishu: akhi .. ..!!!?? ??
Aakash: surprised ishu…??!!!!
Ishu: u came here..??!!
Aakash: yeah… Ishu… I came here for u… I can’t wait till u come India… So came now.
Ishu: ??? OMG… Im so happy akhi…!!!!
She hugs him nd cries.
Aakash: shh.. don’t cry… I ve come to u… Not to see u like this.
He consoles her rubbing her hair
Ishu: love u akhi ..!! I missed u so much…!!!
Aakash: missed me??
Ishu: a lot.. I missed everyone of u… Appa Amma.. shagun.. uncle aunty Everyone.
Aakash: ha vaise u ve another surprise I think.
Ishu: what ?
Jst then shagun came shouting “ishhhuuuuu…!!!!”
Aakash: lo agayi..!!
Ishu ran out to find shagun climbing the steps nd came near her.
Ishu: shagun…??!! (She acts as if she is surprised)
Shagun ran to her nd hugged.
Shagun smiles: I’m so happy at last I met u….!!!!
Ishu too smiles: luv u yaar..!!! Thank u for coming here both of u.
Shaakash smiles seeing each other.
Raman came there climbing steps.. carrying luggage.
Raman: yaar shagun u made me a coolie…??
Aakash: yeh tho uski aadat hai.. kabhi main toh kabhi tu…!! (It’s her habit.. if sometimes u then sometimes me.)
Raman gets shocked seeing aakash. Ishu laughed. Shagun notices aakash nd goes to him with a smile.
Shagun: how r u akhi…???
Aakash surprisingly: I’m gud… How r u… I think u r not fine… U didn’t taunt me back..??
Shagun: that’s becoz I missed u a lot… Tomorrow​ u can get that.
Aakash smiles nd hugs her.
Raman: Abey akhi.. when did u come…?? This much suddenly??
Aakash: voh… My meeting nd my work is over so i thought of coming to ishu. After all it has been 3 yrs seeing her.
Raman: acha… (Slowly) Meri to band bajgayi…!!
Ishu hears nd gives a look to him.
Aakash: what did u say??
Raman: nothing… I was asking, u didn’t come for me…?? Only for ur Sis??
Shagun: oh come on Raman..!
Raman: arey till now u were calling me Bhai… Now again Raman??
Shagun: ha till now I need to call u so that u will take me to ishu.
Aakash nd ishu laughed.
Raman puts a pout face: hmm u guys don’t care abt me… Akhi… U said u r my bst frnd… But do u at least remember what’s today…???
Aakash: I know yaar what’s today.
Raman: what..?? U remember?? ?
Aakash: ha Raman.. thanks u made me remember… Today is ipl final na.. come let’s watch.
He goes inside nd puts on the TV. Raman puts a pout face… Ishgun laugh.
Shagun: see Raman.. I’m the only one.. who remember ur birthday.
Raman: yeah shagun.. u r my lovely sis. (He hugged her) thank u baby loved ur surprise.
Ishu: even I remember… I thought of coming to u by the mean time u guys came. Anyways… HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAMAN…!!!
She hugged him.. he smiled.
Raman: thank you…(slowly) darling.
Ishu smiles: vaise come ​let’s get in.
Shagun: ha.
Raman: by the way u don’t say him.. let him get to know by himself.
Ishgun: okay. But what if he didn’t remember??
Raman: leave it to me… I’ll manage him.
Ishgun laugh.
They went in nd sat on sofa.. aakash watching IPL… Shagun accompaning him.
Aakash: yaar ishu… Let’s ve some snacks na.
Ishu: yeah I’ll bring​ some.
Shagun: ishu.. also any drink??
Ishu: what whiskey??
Shagun: shut up yaar..any juice or cola!!
Ishu smiles: kk.
She goes to kitchen.
Raman: I’ll get some water.
He follows her. Ishu arranges some chips in a plate. Raman hugs her from back.
Ishu: Raman..??!!
Raman: shhh..??
Ishu: what’s this yaar… They may see us.
Raman: they r busy with the match yaar.
Ishu: raman.. leave na.
Raman: u jst say me… Why didn’t u wish me first.. u forgot.?
Ishu: no raman.. I know that today is ur birthday… Nd I’ve planned a surprise too. But by then these came. I even came to ur office.
Raman: yeah Vidyuth told me. But y did u go back without meeting.
Ishu: I was in a sari wearing mangalsutr nd sindoor how can I come there..??
Raman: acha.. pati keliye patni pahunchi office??
Ishu smiles: hmm.
Raman: vaise where’s my surprise???
Ishu: I’ll give u but not now.. all alone.
Raman: alone ki baat mat karna… They won’t leave us privately.
Ishu: even they love each other na.. they need privacy.
Raman: hmm u got a point, even they will want to romance like us, k then I’ll wait for ur surprise.
Ishu: but now let me go
He leaves her.
Raman: k then go.
Ishu smiles at him nd goes taking some snacks nd juice for them. He follows her. Ishra gets shocked seeing aakash nd shagun romancing in the hall.
Raman: chi chi chi… Akhi.. shagun..??!!! What’s this yaar..??
Shaakash went apart.
Ishu laughs: akhi… Just ve some sense na.. we r still here.
Aakash: voh nothing I was jst removing dust from her eyes.
Shagun: yeah that’s it.
Raman: chal jhooti.. we know everything.
Aakash: even I know everything Raman. (In a lil serious tone)
Ishra gets tensed.
Raman: what do u know??
Aakash came near him: I know ur secret… How dare u???
Raman looks at ishu. She looked so tensed.
Aakash: what r u looking at her?? How can u think like that??
Raman: yaar.. what r u talking abt??
Aakash: don’t u know what I’m talking abt??
Raman: no. I don’t know.
Ishu: voh actually….
Aakash: u don’t say ishu. He knows what I’m talking abt.
Raman: will u say me or not.
Aakash: how can u think that what’s today.. ??
Ishra had a sign of relief.
Raman: becoz u didn’t speak up.
Aakash punches him: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAALE…!!!
Raman holding his stomach: ah…!!! Aisa koi wish karta Hai…???
Aakash: main Hoon na… Aisa hi wish karoonga. Party kaha Hai bey???
Raman: dedoonga…!!!  Pehle freshen up hojaye phir shaam ko bahar jayenge ghoomenge. (I will give… But first u guys get fresh then eveng we’ll go nd njoy)
Shagun: yeah done.
Raman: come with me akhi’… I’ll drop u in my flat.. nd go to office ve a last meeting this afternoon. Then I’ll get free from work.
Aakash: u ve a flat here??
Raman: it’s Vidyuth’s flat yaar. I’m staying with him.
Aakash: oh that guy. K let’s go. – bye ishu.. bye shagun.
Ishgun: bye.
He took his bag nd went with Raman. The girls had a long talk.
Raman’s birthday treat… Ishu’s cute surprise to Raman.. Aakash nd shagun’s nok jhok
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