Aise kaise jaane doon! Episode – 62

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Recap: Naina screams at Karan and he breaks down.. she feels sad that he still hasn’t forgotten his first love. Meghna cries but Kunal cheers her. Karan then sits to feed Naina
Episode 62

Karan: open your mouth madam!
He asked,ready to feed her.
Naina opened her mouth as he placed it in her mouth.
Suddenly she felt a small pain on the wound on her head as she tried to chew. Karan noticed it and moved forward. He used his left hand to massage her head a little and then kissed her forehead.
Naina felt numb.
Her eyes popped out.
Karan smiled: see now the pain will disappear!
They looked into each others eyes. But soon the spell broke as they heard coughs.
Kunal and Meghna were watching them.
Meghna: Arey we are still in the room!
Kunal laughed at it while Karan and Naina blushed.
Kunal: I think we should go back home. These guys need to have the food peacefully.
Meghna: yes you are right! We need to give them space. Otherwise the situation will turn awkward!
Kunal and Meghna giggled. And waved bye.
Nairan: Arey… where are you both going?
But before they could complete the entire sentence they had already gone.
Karan continued to feed her.
Naina stopped him and pushed his hands to his mouth forcing him to have food.

Both of them smiled at each other.
Time had passed by as he sat down to talk to her.
In the evening, he decided to go and freshen up while the nurse walked in to dress Naina up.

While on the other side at the Chauhan Mansion. Meghnal return home.
Sakshi and Khyati jumped in front of them with an idea.
Sakshi and Khyati: why don’t we welcome Naina bhabhi by decorating the house?
Meghna and Kunal looked at each other.
Meghna : Actually I don’t think that is required.
Sakshi: It might give her positive feels. And she may also feel that all of us do care about her.
Meghna: I’m sure she would understand that all of us do care for her. We needn’t let her know our love through the party.
Nirmala walked in the scene.
Meghna laughed.
Nirmala: I will help the kids with the welcoming of the choti bahurani. It is definitely required. She should know how special she is.
Meghna smiled at agreed to help them.
Sakshi went back to her room, that’s when her phone rang. She picked up the call. It was Varun
Sakshi: hello?! Varun?
Varun: hey Sakshi…. what were you doing? Yaar I tried phone around 101 times. Why weren’t you picking up the call. Is everything alright?
Sakshi sat down on the bed sadly. She didn’t know from where to start. Yet she recited the entire story.
Varun: ooh my god! So where are you now ? Can I come to the hospital?
Sakshi:I’m at home. You must go and meet Naina.
Varun: are you coming anytime soon?
Sakshi: I can yaar.. probably I can try and make a visit tomorrow morning before office.
Varun: then tell me when you leave. We’ll go together!
Sakshi smiled and kept the phone as she agreed to it.
Khyati on the other hand threw her self on the bed and was looking at the ceiling blankly.
That when a message popped up. She lazily pick up her phone and stretched it out up.
displayed on the screen. The phone slipped from her hand and fell on her face.
Khyati picked up the phone. She rubbed her face and sat up straight. She took out the phone once again and checked the message.
V: there is a good news.. I’m coming to Jaipur to meet my sisters…. and YOU… Can’t wait already!
Khyati blushed a message from Vishal, cheered her boring day to a bright one. Now she was ready to sleep peacefully.

Karan walked out of the hospital washroom and locked its door. He was drying his hair. He slowly looked up at the bed to look at Naina. The nurse was dressing her wounds. She was applying the medine on her bare back. Karan screamed and turned away. Naina too screamed in shock. The nurse too jumped and screamed.
Karan: Sorry
Naina stopped and replied
Naina: it’s okay!
The nurse shouted at the both of them.
Nurse: Noo! Nothing is okay! Aren’t you both married?

Naina and Karan looked embarrassed.
They nodded.
The nurse called out for Karan like a teacher.
Nurse: come here!
Karan looked down at the floor, his eyes fixed only on the floor while Naina covered her back.
The nurse face-palmed.
Nurse: oh god! Okay fine! Mr. You must listen to me. And please look up. She has already covered herself. Karan slowly looked up.

Naina watched him as his eyelids rolled up. He felt embarrassed.
Nurse started explain about how he must apply medicines as dress the wounds.
Naina continued to watch him. He had already turned pink due to embarrassment. And he looked like a young boy being scolded by his teacher.

The nurse turned to leave and Karan turned to look at Naina with a pinch of embarrassment. She was staring at him. He raised his eyebrows asking her what she was looking at at.
She smiled and nodded nothing and looked away.
Karan went and laid on the side bed and dozed off to sleep.

In the morning…..
Naina got up first. She wanted to go to the washroom so tried getting up. That’s when Karan opened his eyes and saw her struggle. He immediately got up and walked towards her. He pushed aside the blanket and helped place her legs down the bed. He suddenly felt awkward, she too felt the same.
The hospital clothes were short. It was a simple and plain blue dress which simply managed to reach just above her knees and when you sit it get shorter.
He looked down, then at her and then away from her. She looked away immediately as she noticed it.
Naina: I want to use the washroom…
Karan: Yeah.
He said as he held her left hand to help her get down.
She kept her foot down on the floor but then she didn’t feel stable. She slipped before she could place her legs properly.
Karan held her around her hips immediately and her left hand firm.
An unusual feeling passed them as their eyes locked. They’ve always heard about the butterflies in the stomach and they got to feel it today…. the butterflies of love! It was the second time he felt this but for Naina this was the very first time she had ever felt like this for a person.
Karan pulled her up with his right hand. She hit his chest. Their heart rates increased as the seconds passed by. He left her left hand and slides his left hand behind her.
But then before he could do something he is scared of regretting, he released her from his hold and held her left hand helping her walk towards the washroom.
It wasn’t the right time. Moreover he didn’t know if she actually likes him or not.
Karan: you’ll manage from here?
He asked as they reached the door.
Naina nodded and left his hands.
She felt embarrassed and awkward. Had she done something wrong?


Precap: Sakshi gets ready to go to the hospital with the breakfast. Varun to plans to got the hospital..

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